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    Bidirectional Obd2 Scanner

    The Ancel FX2000 is a flexible and high-quality Bluetooth car scanner that can identify a wide variety of car problems, from simple engine faults to more complex problems with transmissions, ABS, airbag systems and other components.

    It can read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from a car's on-board computer, providing valuable details for quick problem diagnosis and resolution. If you're a car enthusiast or mechanic, that's why the Ancel FX2000 is your go-to tool.

    Essential Functions and Features of the Scanner

    Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

    The scanner may access a car's onboard computer to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). These codes offer helpful details about what is causing a specific problem in the vehicle.

    Live Data Streaming

    You may monitor real-time data from numerous sensors in the automobile, such as engine speed, coolant temperature, and oxygen sensor readings, using the live data streaming feature. This function can assist you in making diagnoses for issues that may not be obvious from DTCs alone.

    Component Testing

    Testing of various car components: The scanner can turn on the cooling fan or fuel pump to check how well they work. This process might assist you in determining whether a specific component is defective.

    Freeze Frame Analysis

    When a DTC is set off, the scanner can take a picture of how the car was running when the issue occurred. This function can aid in a more accurate diagnosis of the issue's root cause.

    Readiness Testing

    The Ancel FX2000 can test a vehicle to see if it is ready for an emissions test. It verifies that the required systems are watched, and no defects are found.

    Battery Check

    The scanner is also capable of determining the voltage level of the battery and identifying any problems with the charging system.

    User-Friendly Interface

    The Ancel FX2000 has a large color screen that displays information clearly, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through menus and access diagnostic functions.

    Advanced Diagnostic Functions of the Ancel FX2000

    Enhanced OBD-II mode 6

    This function offers more comprehensive diagnostic data than regular OBD-II mode 3, including fuel trim and oxygen sensor performance information.

    Advanced-Data Graphing

    The scanner can show data in a graph style so that you may examine trends and patterns in sensor data more thoroughly.

    Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Service

    The Ancel FX2000 can diagnose and reset the electronic parking brake on automobiles with this system, known as the electronic parking brake (EPB) system.

    Calibration of the steering angle sensor (SAS)

    The scanner can carry out calibration procedures for the steering angle sensor on vehicles with ESC systems.

    Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration

    On diesel vehicles, the scanner can start the DPF regeneration process, which can help clear the filter of accumulated soot and improve engine efficiency.

    Transmission Diagnostics

    The FX2000 offers advanced transmission system diagnostics, allowing you to swiftly and accurately identify transmission issues in your vehicle. This feature lets you read and clear transmission fault codes, view live data, and conduct various diagnostic tests to pinpoint problems within your vehicle's transmission system.

    SRS System Diagnostics

    The FX2000's advanced SRS system diagnostics feature allows you to swiftly and easily identify potential safety hazards, enabling you to address them before they escalate. This feature is especially beneficial for those who prioritize safety, as it lets you read and clear SRS fault codes, view live data, and perform a variety of diagnostic tests to detect issues with your vehicle's airbag system.

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    Common Mistakes to Avoid when Using Advanced Diagnostics

    Skipping the Calibration Process

    A calibration process is necessary for some advanced diagnostic tasks, such as calibrating the steering angle sensor to obtain accurate data. Skipping or conducting the procedure incorrectly can produce inaccurate diagnostic results and possible safety concerns

    Misreading Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

    Although a car scanner like the ancel fx2000 might offer helpful information in the form of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), it's critical to read the codes correctly. An inaccurate diagnosis and potential vehicle damage can result from misinterpreting the codes.

    Not Performing Component Testing

    Advanced diagnostic procedures, such as component testing, can reveal important details on the condition of specific vehicle components. By skipping these inspections, potential problems that could further harm your car could be overlooked.

    Neglecting to Update the Scanner

    Automakers regularly update the onboard computers in their vehicles, and failure to update your scanner can lead to inaccurate diagnostic results and out-of-date information.

    Not Checking Compatibility

    As was already noted, the Ancel FX2000 is not compatible with all vehicles, and using it on an incompatible vehicle could lead to inaccurate diagnostic results and possible vehicle damage.

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    Why Choose the Ancel FX2OOO


    The Ancel FX2000 can identify various auto problems, from straightforward engine difficulties to more complicated issues with the transmission, ABS, airbag system, and other components.

    User Friendly

    The Ancel FX2000 is simple to use, especially for individuals without a background in cars. It includes a sizable color screen that displays information, and its user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to access diagnostic features and navigate menus.

    Advanced Features

    The scanner provides several sophisticated diagnostic features, including component testing, freeze frame analysis, live data streaming, and more.


    The scanner functions with most automobiles produced after 1996 that have an OBD-II system, making it compatible with various cars.

    Value for Money

    The Ancel FX2000 is an economical alternative for professional mechanics and do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts due to its competitive pricing compared to other high-end diagnostic instruments.

    Customer Service

    The exceptional customer service offered by the company is another justification for choosing the Ancel FX2000 scanner. Customers with concerns or problems with their scanners can turn to Ancel for dependable technical help because of the company's dedication to their pleasure.


    An excellent diesel truck diagnostic scanner with a wide range of cutting-edge features and capabilities is the Ancel FX2000 scanner. It is a valuable tool for professional mechanics and do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts due to its simplicity and compatibility with most vehicles.

    The Ancel FX2000 scanner is a reliable and functional tool for maintaining or repairing your vehicle. It can diagnose and troubleshoot simple and complex auto problems, including the reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, running diagnostic tests, and live data streaming.


    What are key features of the Ancel FX2000 scanner?

    The Ancel FX2000 scanner can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, perform live data streaming, conduct component testing, analyze freeze frame data, and provide advanced diagnostic functions.

    Why choose the Ancel FX2000 scanner?

    The Ancel FX2000 scanner is versatile, user-friendly, compatible with most vehicles, and offers advanced diagnostic features.

    What can the Ancel FX2000 scanner diagnose and troubleshoot?

    The Ancel FX2000 scanner can identify various car problems, including engine faults, transmission issues, ABS problems, and airbag system malfunctions.

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