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Smoke Machine Evap Leak
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Smoke Leak Detector For Cars

ANCEL S3000 Car Smoke Leak Detector EVAP Automotive Pipe Leakage Analyzer Diagnostic Tool pressure gauge built-in air pump

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    Capable of diagnosing multiple automotive systems

    car sealing
    throttle shafts
    engine block
    turbo test system
    crankcase system
    intake system
    exhaust system
    fuel tank system
    EVAP system
    EGR system
    cooling system

    and so on

    Without Damaging Your Car

    Made of thick metal, compact and durable
    Intelligent protector,automatically turn off the power supply under extreme
    Temperature to ensure the safety of operators and equipment

    Adjustable Air Flow Meter and Pressure Gauge

    Equipped with a pressure gauge
    Observe the change of the gauge value and find tiny leaks easily
    Control the amount of smoke easily
    Does not rely on an additional air pump

    Built-in Air Pump

    Does not rely on an additional air pump
    Time-saving benefits, versatility
    Improved accuracy, and cost-effectiveness

    Complete accessories

    Comes with a wide range of accessories and adapters
    Intake Bladder
    Smoke Delivery Hose
    Adapter Cone
    Intake Bladder Replacement Rubber
    Power Cord
    Hook up

    Widely Used

    Automobiles, motorcycles, snowmobiles
    ATVs, light trucks and speedboats
    All models (12V on-board battery)

    Smoke machine leak detector

    S3000 evap smoke machine automotive can easily check car sealing, throttle shafts, engine block, turbo test system, crankcase system, intake system.
    exhaust system, fuel tank system, EVAP system, EGR system, cooling system, various pipe fittings leakage problems.
    The smoke generated will pass through your vehicle's pipes to help you detect the exact location of the leak.

    No Damage to Your Car

    ANCEL S3000 smoke machine leak detector is made of thick metal, compact and durable.
    Powered by an on-board battery, heating baby oil or mineral oil produces non-toxic fumes that will not cause harm to the human body.
    The S3000 car smoke machine has a smart protector, which will automatically turn off the power in extreme temperatures to ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.

    Adjustable air flow meter and pressure gauge

    ANCEL S3000 automotive smoke machine leak detector equipped with a pressure gauge to help you observe the change of the gauge value and easily find small leaks.
    Meanwhile the adjustable flow meter can help you easily control the amount of smoke. With a built-in air pump and smoke generator,
    the smoke machine leak detector does not rely on additional air pumps, making it a great choice for vehicle maintenance.

    High performance, quality construction

    Compared to other simple smoke leak diagnostic testers, the ANCEL S3000 smoke machine not only has a built-in air pump,
    but also has a pressure gauge and an adjustable flow meter. The compressor generates air pressure from 0.8 to 14.5 psi,
    allowing smoke to be easily introduced into the tested sealing system, speeding up the leak detection process.

    Complete Accessories

    Durable materials, small size, light weight and detachable, you can attach it to the car at any time without taking up space.
    At the same time, ANCEL S3000 evap smoke machine leak tester equipped with a large number of accessories and adapters that allow you to test fuel pipes or vacuum pipe systems with different diameters.
    It is compatible with a variety of car models and is great for home workshops and car repair shops.

    Wide Range of Applications

    ANCEL S3000 smoke machine produces plenty of smoke in 30 seconds, which can help you quickly, easily, and confidently pinpoint the location of a leak.
    S3000 is used to detect leaks in piping systems in automobiles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, light trucks and speed boats, suitable for all models(12V vehicle battery).

    Product Operation Steps

    1.Fill 20 ml test oil to the detector
    2.Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected with detector
    3.Connect detector with DC 12V battery, device starts to work
    4.The pipe will be filled with smoke,Check the leak points

    Leak Status Indication

    There are three lights:
    No Leak
    Small Leak
    Massive Leak
    You can easily get the prompt from the light, and learn about the situation of your vehicle

    Product Button Introduction

    Oil Refill Port
    Oil Level Gauge
    Sytem Pressure Gauge
    State Indication and Air Control
    State Indication and Smoke Control
    Flow Dial
    Velcro Strap
    Flow Meter
    Smoke Outlet Port
    Power Socket

    Safety and Environmental Protection

    The automotive smoke machine leak detector is made of thick metal, compact and durable,the materials used are safe and environmentally friendly.
    Powered by an on-board battery, heating baby oil or mineral oil produces non-toxic fumes that will not cause harm to the human body.
    It has a smart protector,which will automatically turn off the power in extreme temperatures to ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.
    The product itself and the smoke it produces are not harmful to the environment and are safe and environmentally friendly

    What's in the box?

    ANCEL S3000 x 1
    Carton x 1
    Intake Bladder x 1
    Smoke Delivery Hose x 1
    Adapter Cone x 1

    Intake Bladder Replacement Rubber x 1
    Power Cord x 1
    Funnel x 1
    Hook up x 1
    Manual in English x 1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    good quality

    I am a mechanic and I run my own shop , I bought this thing to help with e vap issues in the shop , I have not had a car in with e vap codes yet but I will , I connected it up and tried it out , and It worked exactly as described , and the accessories that come with it and the unit itself are nice quality , im pleased with this purchase

    Best affordable automotive tool

    Machine works awesome, use it for lot of testing for Evap testing as well as enclosed systems such as intakes and even turbo piping. Highly recommend as a hobby or for professional use

    Amazon Customer

    Works well good price also

    Sherry patterson
    super easy !

    This Complete Smoke Machine is nothing short of a game-changer when it comes to identifying boost leaks in turbo systems. Its robust design and intuitive operation allow both professionals and enthusiasts to pinpoint leaks with laser-like accuracy. The machine generates a dense, visible smoke that, when introduced into the intake system, makes even the most elusive leaks instantly recognizable. Durability meets performance in the Smoke Pro, making it an indispensable tool in any automotive diagnostic arsenal. Whether you're fine-tun reliable and effective turbo maintenance with a a high-performance turbocharged engine or conducting routine maintenance, its efficiency in producing results is truly remarkable. Highly recommended

    Worked finding a boost leak on my BMW N55 engine

    I have been chasing a boost leak for a while and needed a smoke test confirmation. This worked perfectly finding a leak at my intercooler seal. If you have an N55 engine I would recommend removing the air filter/box and also removing the intake pipe with Maf sensor. On first startup it can spit a very small amount of oil on the maf as the balloon seal is right next to it. The other option would be to temporarily wrap something around the maf like a microfiber to protect it without actuality touching it. For giggles I tried this on a depleted battery c. Symptoms: 1. Air will work on/off but the smoke will not turn on. 2. The unit will pulse on/off as well as motor rpm fluctuations up/down. 3. Unit will spit oil when using a dead battery because the motor is kicking on/off. 4. Light will not be fully illuminated or blinking.