Automechanika - Riyadh Saudi Arabia 2024

Automechanika - Riyadh Saudi Arabia 2024

From April 30th to May 2nd, 2024, Ancel took part in the Automechanika Riyadh Auto Parts Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The event was filled with hope and excitement as we entered this new market.

ANCEL At Automechanika 2024 Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Before the event, the Ancel team invited our customers and promoted the this act on social media to ensure its success. We were eager to impress with our expertise and show the quality of our products.

ANCEL At Automechanika 2024 Riyadh Saudi Arabia

As a well-known brand in the Middle East, Ancel attracted a lot of interest from attendees. Our DS700 and ANJ600 sparked many conversations among visitors. Local dealers and industry professionals wanted to understand how Ancel could make a big impact on the market. Most of our target customers are from the Middle East, with some from Europe and East Asia.

ANCEL At Automechanika 2024 Riyadh Saudi Arabia

After the exhibition, the Ancel team visited customers to show the perfomance of product and highlight Ancel's strengths. These efforts aimed to build strong connections and trust with our customers. 

Ancel aims to offer better services and get more dealers all over the world. By following best practices and focusing on growth, Ancel plans to help advance the company and the industry.