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ANCEL AD530 ODBII Codeleser unterstützt alle OBD 10-Modelle

$69.99 USD $59.99 USD 14 %

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    Vollständige Systemdiagnose

    Eingehende Diagnose aller verfügbaren Module

    Batterietest verbessern

    Informieren Sie sich über den Zustand Ihrer Batterie

    Grafische Darstellung von Live-Daten

    Sehen Sie sich die Wertänderungen intuitiver an


    Machen Sie die Diagnose bequemer und schneller

    Lebenslanges kostenloses Update

    Keine Upgrade-Gebühren zu jeder Zeit

    Vollständige OBDII-Diagnose

    Unterstützt alle OBD-Servicemodi, schaltet die Fehlfunktionsanzeige (MIL) aus, liest/löscht Fehlercodes und setzt den Monitor zurück, zeichnet den Live-Datenstrom auf, zeigt Standbilddaten an, testet O2-Sensor, EVAP, I/M-Bereitschaftsstatus (Emissionen) , testet die erweiterte On-Board-Überwachung und ruft Fahrzeuginformationen (VIN) ab.

    Batterietest verbessern

    Die erweiterte Batterieerkennungsfunktion ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Batterie Ihres Fahrzeugs automatisch mit zuverlässigen grafischen Echtzeitdaten zu überwachen, anstatt ein direktes Ergebnis auf dem Bildschirm anzuzeigen, wie es bei einem gewöhnlichen Codeleser der Fall ist.

    Dadurch wird sichergestellt, dass Sie auf genaue Live-Daten zugreifen und diese analysieren können, um den Batteriezustand oder die erwartete Restlebensdauer zu bestimmen.

    Die meisten Fahrzeuge werden unterstützt

    Funktioniert bei den meisten in den USA verkauften Fahrzeugen mit Modelljahr 1996 oder neuer, EU-Fahrzeugen mit Modelljahr 2000 und asiatischen Fahrzeugen mit Modelljahr 2005 oder neuer.

    Es unterstützt ALLE OBDII-Protokolle - ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW und CAN (Controller Area Network).

    Was ist in der Box?

    AD530 Scan-Tool mit OBDII-Anschluss x 1
    USB-Kabel x 1

    Benutzerhandbuch x 1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Harry Ropp

    Works great. Easy to use. Great price.

    Kevin Montiel
    Reads OBD readiness codes. Bought 2 cars and drove until monitors set for smog.

    Bought myself and wife a car each and had to do smog. Did work on both but needed to clear memory on mine. Hers showed the monitors were good to go for the smog(CA) and it passed no issue. My car I had to set all the monitors so I drove and had this to check every couple miles on the freeway until monitors set. Also does live data view and dtc check. Worth it for a wired OBD plug.

    Good Product received

    This product is the best one I have ever used for.

    Andrew D.
    Paid for itself the first day and many times over

    I own a small business with a hard driven 10-car fleet. Not a "car guy" going in, I quickly figured out that I better learn to DIY all I could or I wouldn't last long. Got this scanner for around $60 and it paid for itself in under 3 days. Day after it arrived, engine light popped up on one 9f the cars. It took me a total of maybe 20 minutes to scan the code, google it, watch a short YT video of the repair, order the $15 part on Amazon, and then change it out when it was delivered the next day. Dozens of similar scenarios since then. OBD-II code + internet = self reliance = power and options. Even if you won't DIY, getting codes and researching before walking into a shop gives you a huge advantage.

    The battery test function is better than the actual more expensive battery tester I bought before this, and the datastream capability is very useful for monitoring and troubleshooting some issues.

    Every negative review I saw here was a mistaken expectation. This scanner does have a small database of generic possible causes for each code but it's not vehicle-specific or comprehensive. Isn't supposed to be. If you want a scanner to serve you full specific detail on a silver platter, you need to spring for a beefier (and more complicated) scanner. With this one, get the code, google it along with the year/make/model of the car, and you'll
    be pointed to all the info you need. Another complained that they cleared the code with the scanner but the code came back the next day so the scanner doesn't work. Made me choke on my coffee. Newsflash, no scanner will fix whatever is generating a code. That is your job. Someone else included a photo of a clearly broken display and complained that it stopped working after 2 months. This unit is sturdy enough but if you step on it or drop a hammer on it or use it as a hammer, yeah that'll probably finish it for good. I've had mine going on 3 years. It's used a few times a month, been dropped on concrete more than a few times, and it otherwise lives full commando in my trunk or on the floor of my backseat, and it has never failed me. Highly recommend.