ANCEL FX8000 Your Ultimate All-in-One Diagnostic Tool for All Brands

ANCEL FX8000 Your Ultimate All-in-One Diagnostic Tool for All Brands

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    All System Diagnosis

    Allows you to thoroughly scan and diagnose allsystems in your vehicle including engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and more

    6 Service Function

    BMS Register

    Launguages Support

    English, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Polskiltalian, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Turkish

    Live Data

    Real-time "Live Data" is acrucial feature of this to current vehicle data, it allows for on-the-spot diagnostics, monitoring and analysis of engine parameters, helping identify issues quickly and accurately

    Compatibel for All Brands

    Universal compatibility for all brands. With the ability to connectand diagnose any vehicle, regardless of make or model, It offers versatility and convenience for all car owners and mechanics

    Lifetime Free Update

    Ensuring your scanner staysup-to-date with the latestdiagnostic capabilities, fixes, and enhancements without any additional cost,keeping your scanner cutting-edge and providing continuous access to advanced features for thelifetime of your ownership

    All Systems Diagnosis

    Designed to meet the needs of automotive repair shops and DIY enthusiasts alike, the FX8000 provides comprehensive diagnostic capabilities for every system in your car. From the engine and transmission to the ABS, SRS, and more, this powerful tool can quickly identify and troubleshoot issues with precision and ease.

    Equipped with advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, the FX8000 offers a seamless diagnostic experience. Its extensive coverage ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, making it a versatile solution for automotive professionals and enthusiasts.

    But what sets the FX8000 apart is its exceptional value for money. Packed with features found in high-end diagnostic tools, this affordable scanner delivers professional-level performance at a fraction of the cost. It empowers technicians and DiYers with the ability to perform accurate diagnostics, saving time and money in the process.

    Whether you're a seasoned autormotive technician or a passionate DiYer, the FX8000 All Systems Diagnosis Automotive Scanner is your trusted companion. Unlock the full potential of your vehicle and make confident repairs with this indispensable tool. Choose the FX8000 for unrivaled diagnostic capabilities and unbeatable value.

    Upgrade your diagnostic experience with the FX8000- the ultimate choice for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike.

    BMS Register

    The FX8000 is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that goes beyond traditional scanning capabilities. It empowers you to register and manage your vehicle's battery system with ease and precision. Whether you're replacing a battery or performing maintenance, the BMS Register feature ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.

    With the FX8000, you can effortlessly register the battery to your vehicle's control modules, allowing for accurate voltage monitoring, improved battery life, and enhanced overall system performance. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a hassle-free battery management experience.

    This powerful scanner is designed to be user-friendly, providing step-by-step guidance through the battery registration process. Its intuitive interface and clear instructions make it accessible to both automotive professionals and DIY enthusiasts. You can now take control of your battery management without relying on expensive dealership visits.

    The FX8000's BMS Register support offers peace of mind, knowing that your battery is correctly integrated into your vehicle's electrical system. By ensuring proper communication and synchronization, you can maximize battery efficiency, reduce the risk of electrical issues, and extend the lifespan of your battery.

    Don't compromise on your vehicle's battery performance. Invest in the FX8000 Automotive Scanner with BMS Register support and unlock the full potential of your battery system. Take charge of your battery maintenance like a pro and experience enhanced reliability and longevity.

    Upgrade your battery management capabilities with the FX8000 - the ultimate choice for efficient and seamless battery registration. Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle's battery is optimized for peak performance.


    The FX8000 goes beyond standard diagnostic capabilities, offering you the ability to perform ABS brake bleeding with ease and precision. Whether you're replacing brake fluid or conducting maintenance, the ABS BLEED feature guarantees optimal braking performance and safety.

    With the FX8000, you can efficiently and effectively bleed the ABS system, removingany trapped air and ensuring proper fluid circulation. This helps maintain the integrity of your brakes, preventing issues such as spongy pedals or reduced braking power. Say goodbye to air bubbles and hello to a smooth and responsive braking experience.

    Designed with user convenience in mind, the FX8000 guides you through the ABS bleed process step by step. Its intuitive interface and clear instructions make it accessible to both automotive professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Now you can take control of your ABS system maintenance without relying on costly trips to the dealership.

    The ABS BLEED support of the FX8000 offers peace of mind, knowing that your ABS system is properly maintained. By ensuring proper fluid exchange and eliminating air pockets, you can maximize braking efficiency, reduce the risk of brake failure, and enhance overall driving safety.

    Don't compromise on your vehicle's braking performance. Invest in the FX8000 Automotive Scanner with ABS BLEED support and take control of your ABS system like a pro. Enjoy confident and reliable braking performance every time you hit the road.


    Our diagnostic tool goes beyond conventional diagnostics by incorporating an intuitive OIL RESET function. With just a few simple steps, you can reset your vehicle'soil change reminder system, ensuring timely maintenance and optimal engine performance.

    Here are some compelling reasons why our diagnostic tool with OlL RESET is the perfect choice for you:

    Time and Money Saver: By resetting your oil change reminder system accurately, you can avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic or dealership. This eliminates additional service costs and saves you valuable time.

    DIY Maintenance: Our diagnostic tool empowers you to take control of your car's maintenance. You no longer have to rely on others to reset the oil change reminder. With our device, you can effortlessly perform this essential task yourself.

    Increased Vehicle Lifespan: Regular oil changes are crucial for preserving the longevity of your engine. By resetting the oil change reminder system promptly. you ensure that your vehicle receives the necessary maintenance, ultimately extending its lifespan.

    Comprehensive Compatibility: Our diagnostic tool supports a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Whether you own a sedan, SUV, or truck, our device is engineered to provide accurate and reliable oil reset functionality across various automotive brands.

    User-Friendly Interface: We understand the importance of simplicity and ease of use. Our diagnostic tool features an intuitive interface, guiding you through the entire oil reset process effortlessly. You don't need to be a tech expert to operate it!

    Invest in our automotive diagnostic tool with OIL RESET today and experience the convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind it offers. Keep your vehicle running smoothly, increase its lifespan, and take charge of your car's maintenance like never before. Don't miss out on this indispensable tool for every car owner!


    Our FX8000 diagnostic tool goes above and beyond traditional diagnostics by incorporating an advanced SAS RESET function. With this feature, you can effortlessly reset your vehicle's Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), ensuring precise steering and optimal driving experience.

    Here are some compelling reasons why the FX8000 with SAS RESET is the ultimate choice for discerning consumers:

    Enhanced Safety: The SAS plays a crucial role in your vehicle's stability and safety systems. By resetting the SAS accurately, you can restore proper alignment and ensure accurate detection of steering inputs, enhancing overall safety on the road.

    Cost Savings: Traditionally, SAS resetting requires a visit to the mechanic or dealership, incurring additional expenses. With the FX8000, you can perform the SAS RESET yourself, eliminating costly service fees and saving both time and money.

    DIY Convenience: Empowering car owners with the ability to reset the SAS, the FX8000 allows you to take control of your vehicle's maintenance. No more waiting for appointments or relying on others - simply connect the device and reset the SAS with ease.

    Comprehensive Vehicle Compatibility: The FX8000 is compatible with a wide range of car makes and models. Whether you own a compact car, a luxury sedan, making it suitable for various automotive brands.or an SUV, our device provides accurate and reliable SAS RESET functionality, making it suitable for various automotive brands.

    Advanced Features and Functionality: Alongside the SAS RESET capability, the FX8000 offers a host of other advanced diagnostic features. From reading and clearing trouble codes to conducting comprehensive system scans, this device is a comprehensive solution for all your automotive needs.

    Intuitive User Interface: We understand that user-friendliness is paramount. The FX8000 boasts an intuitive interface and user-friendly design, ensuring a hassle-free experience for every car owner, regardless of technical expertise.

    Upgrade your ABS system maintenance capabilities with the FX8000 - the ultimate choice for efficient and precise ABS bleeding. Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle's braking system is optimized for safety and reliability.

    EPB Replacement

    The EPB Replacement feature supported by the FX8000 automotive diagnostic tool is a game-changer for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. It provides a seamless and convenient solution for replacing brake pads on -vehicles equipped with electronic parking brake systems. Here's a brief overview of this essential functionality and its importance:

    EPB Replacement Functionality:
    The EPB Replacement feature of the FX8000 enables users to replace brake pads on vehicles with electronic parking brake systems in a hassle-free manner. It guides users through the entire process, providing step-by-step instructions and ensuring accurate and precise replacement of the brake pads.

    Importance for Professional Mechanics:
    For professional mechanics, the EPB Replacement feature is of utmost importance as it allows them to efficiently perform brake pad replacements on a wide range of vehicles. It eliminates the need for manual adjustments and complex procedures, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. With the FX8000, mechanics can confidently handle EPB maintenance tasks, providing reliable and professional services to their customers.

    Importance for DIY Enthusiasts:
    For DIY enthusiasts, the EPB Replacement feature empowers them to take control of their vehicle's maintenance and save on costly service fees. With the FX8000, DIY enthusiasts can replace brake pads themselves, without the need for specialized knowledge or extensive experience. This feature enhances their self-sufficiency and enables them to maintain their vehicles effectively, resulting in cost savings and a sense of accomplishment.


    THROTTLE RESET Functionality:
    The THROTTLE RESET feature supported by the FX8000 allows users to reset the throttle body in their vehicles. The throttle body is a critical component of the engine's air intake system, controlling the airflow and regulating the engine's performance. Over time, the throttle body can accumulate carbon deposits or experience calibration issues, leading to reduced engine efficiency. The THROTTLE RESET function helps reset the throttle body to its default settings, optimizing engine performance and resolving issues related to throttle response, idle stability, and fuel efficiency.

    Importance for Professional Mechanics:
    For professional mechanics, the THROTTLE RESET feature is of paramount importance. It enables them to diagnose and address throttle-related issues efficiently, ensuring optimal engine performance for their customers' vehicles. With the FX8000, mechanics can easily reset the throttle body, saving time and improving the overall quality of their services.

    Importance for DIY Enthusiasts:
    For DIY enthusiasts, the THROTTLE RESET feature empowers them to take charge of their vehicle's maintenance. It allows them to troubleshoot and resolve throttle-related issues on their own, without relying on costly mechanic visits. By utilizing the FX8000, DIY enthusiasts can optimize their engine's performance, improve fuel efficiency, and experience smoother acceleration, enhancing their overall driving experience.

    What's in the box?

    ANCEL FX8000 Host x 1
    Carton x 1
    OBDII Main Line x 1

    Large Ports USB x 1
    Instruction Manual x 1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    James Fabbro

    Fast . Does alot takes a little time to figure out process. Would only like to be able only delete one code at a time

    Maloka Mafalo

    ANCEL FX8000 Your Ultimate All-in-One Diagnostic Tool for All Brands

    ,Ernest L.Flora

    Use to check my CAR, better than taking to a shop.

    Very Nice Scanner for the Money

    First, The buying experience was great! was delivered in 4 days non prime and came on a Sunday USPS Sunday delivery!
    I am just a retired mechanic looking for a scanner for personal use that has 2 way functions, I have not had chance to use it much yet, but did plug it into a couple of vehicles to try it out so have not really put it to the test all of it's capabilities yet.
    Ancel seems eager to help as they have sent several emails asking how I like their scanner and how to update software and how to contact them if there is any problems. The update process was easy and had the latest software for many brands .If you have a 12v wallwort (doesnt everyone have a box of psu's laying around) it is very easy to plug in to pc and update.
    If you don't want a fancy expensive tablet type scanner that breaks the bank, this is a good option.

    I am very happy with the Ancel FX8000 so far.

    Ancel is the one to buy!!!

    I purchased the FX8000 in early 2023. I had problems updating the tool and I contacted Ancel directly, The Ancel team in tech support remotely accessed the tool (fx8000} via my lap top and it works great now.
    I would recommend the fx8000 to mechanics for the portability . To the regular joe its great for your personal car it does so much just take the time to read the instructions fully to understand the tool and what it is saying.