ANCEL FX5000 Your Ultimate All-in-One Diagnostic Tool for All Brands

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    All Systems Diagnosis

    Allows you to thoroughly scan and diagnose all systems in your vehicle,
    including engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and more

    Compatibel for All Brands

    Universal compatibility for all brands.
    With the ability to connect and diagnose any vehicle, regardless of make or model,
    It offers versatility and convenience for all car owners and mechanics.

    3 Service Function

    Easily perform these crucial services to keep your vehicle's ABS system, oil change schedule,
    and electronic parking brake in optimal condition, ensuring safe and reliable driving experience.

    Live Data

    Real-time "Live Data" is a crucial feature of this OBDII scanner. Providing instant access to current vehicle data,
    it allows for on-the-spot diagnostics, monitoring and analysis of engine parameters, helping identify issues quickly and accurately.

    Lifetime Free Update

    Ensuring your scanner stays up-to-date with the latest diagnostic capabilities, fixes, and enhancements without any additional cost,
    keeping your scanner cutting-edge and providing continuous access to advanced features for the lifetime of your ownership.

    All Systems Diagnosis

    The FX5000 is equipped with advanced diagnostic capabilities that allow it to perform comprehensive analysis on various on-board systems in a vehicle,
    including ECM, ABS, airbag, SAS, DPF, EVAP, TPMS, BMS, EPB, and more. It is capable of providing original equipment (OE)-level analysis,
    which means it can accurately diagnose issues with these systems just like the original manufacturer's diagnostic tool. With the FX5000,
    you can easily pull and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), turn off related warning lights, check freeze frame data, and view live stream data in detailed text or merged graph format.
    This comprehensive diagnostic tool is designed to help you diagnose, repair, and maintain a wide range of car makes and models from around the world.


    ABS BLEED is a critical function offered by some OBDII scanners that can greatly benefit car owners.
    This function allows the car owner to perform an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) bleeding procedure, which is necessary after certain repairs or maintenance tasks such as replacing brake components or brake fluid.

    By using an OBDII scanner with ABS BLEED capability, car owners can ensure that their ABS system is properly bled and functioning optimally.
    Properly bleeding the ABS system helps to remove air bubbles that may have accumulated during repairs or maintenance, ensuring that the brakes work efficiently and effectively.
    Air bubbles in the ABS system can cause reduced braking performance, increased braking distances, and even brake failure, which can pose a serious safety risk to the driver and passengers.

    Performing an ABS BLEED procedure with an OBDII scanner can also help car owners avoid costly trips to the dealership or mechanic, as they can now perform this critical maintenance task themselves.
    This can save both time and money, while also ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle's braking system.

    In summary, ABS BLEED is an important function offered by OBDII scanners that allows car owners to properly maintain and ensure the optimal performance of their ABS system.
    It helps prevent potential brake issues, enhances safety on the road, and offers cost-effective maintenance options.


    The OIL RESET function is a feature offered by some OBDII scanners, which allows car owners to reset the oil change maintenance reminder light or service interval indicator after an oil change has been performed on their vehicle.
    This function is typically used to clear the oil change notification that appears on the dashboard of modern vehicles, indicating when the next oil change is due according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.

    The OIL RESET function is important because it helps car owners keep track of their vehicle's oil change intervals and ensures that the engine is properly lubricated with fresh oil,
    which is essential for optimal performance and longevity of the engine. Regular oil changes are crucial for maintaining the health of the engine, as they help to remove dirt, debris,
    and contaminants from the oil, preventing them from building up and causing engine wear and damage. Resetting the oil change reminder using an OBDII scanner ensures that car owners do not miss or delay oil changes,
    which can help extend the life of their engine and avoid costly repairs in the future.

    Using the OIL RESET function on an OBDII scanner is typically a straightforward process. The car owner would connect the scanner to the OBDII port in their vehicle, access the oil reset function from the scanner's menu,
    and follow the prompts to reset the oil change maintenance reminder. It's important to consult the vehicle's owner's manual or the scanner's user manual for specific instructions on how to perform the oil reset for a particular make and model.

    In summary, the OIL RESET function offered by OBDII scanners is a valuable tool for car owners, allowing them to easily reset the oil change maintenance reminder, stay on top of their vehicle's maintenance schedule,
    and ensure proper engine lubrication for optimal performance and longevity. It promotes responsible car ownership and helps car owners avoid potential engine damage caused by neglecting oil changes.


    The ANCEL FX5000, equipped with the EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) reset function, is a valuable tool for modern vehicle maintenance and repair.
    The EPB is an increasingly common feature in modern cars, replacing traditional handbrakes with an electronic system that requires special attention during maintenance and repairs.

    The EPB reset function on the ANCEL FX5000 allows for proper calibration and resetting of the electronic parking brake system after maintenance or repairs, ensuring that it functions correctly and safely.
    Here are some reasons why the EPB reset function on the ANCEL FX5000 is important:

    Safety: The EPB is a critical safety feature in modern vehicles, as it helps prevent unintentional vehicle movement when parked.
    Resetting the EPB correctly after maintenance or repairs ensures that it engages and disengages properly, reducing the risk of accidents caused by a malfunctioning parking brake.

    Functionality: The EPB reset function on the ANCEL FX5000 helps restore the normal operation of the parking brake system after repairs or replacement of components such as brake pads or calipers.
    Proper calibration of the EPB system ensures that it performs optimally, providing effective and reliable parking brake performance.

    Efficiency: Without the EPB reset function, technicians may need to rely on trial and error or guesswork to manually calibrate the electronic parking brake system, which can be time-consuming and may result in incorrect calibration.
    The ANCEL FX5000's EPB reset function streamlines the process, saving time and ensuring accurate calibration, leading to efficient and effective repairs.

    Cost-effectiveness: Incorrectly calibrated EPB systems can lead to premature wear of brake components, such as pads or rotors, resulting in unnecessary repairs and increased costs.
    The ANCEL FX5000's EPB reset function helps prevent these issues by ensuring proper calibration, extending the lifespan of brake components and ultimately saving on repair costs.

    In conclusion, the EPB reset function on the ANCEL FX5000 is an essential feature for modern vehicle maintenance and repair.
    It ensures the safety, functionality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the electronic parking brake system, making it a valuable tool for automotive technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike.

    Live Data

    The ANCEL FX5000 with its Live Data function is an invaluable tool for both car owners and garage technicians alike. Live Data refers to the real-time information collected by the diagnostic scanner from various sensors and components in a vehicle's engine and other systems.
    This data is then displayed on the scanner's screen, providing crucial insights into the current status and performance of the vehicle.

    For car owners, the Live Data function of the ANCEL FX5000 can offer several benefits. Firstly, it allows car owners to monitor their vehicle's performance in real-time, providing a clear picture of how the engine and other systems are operating.
    This can help detect any potential issues early on, such as abnormal sensor readings, fuel system irregularities, or other performance anomalies. By identifying problems early, car owners can take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs down the road.

    Additionally, the Live Data function provides car owners with valuable information for DIY troubleshooting. It allows them to access and interpret critical data points, such as engine temperature, fuel trim levels, oxygen sensor readings, and more.
    This information can help car owners pinpoint the root cause of a problem and make informed decisions about whether to attempt a DIY fix or seek professional assistance.

    For garage technicians, the Live Data function of the ANCEL FX5000 is an indispensable tool for diagnosing and repairing vehicles.
    It provides real-time access to a wealth of information, allowing technicians to quickly and accurately identify problems, troubleshoot issues, and make data-driven repair decisions.
    This can significantly streamline the diagnostic process, reduce guesswork, and save time and effort in identifying and resolving complex vehicle issues.

    Furthermore, the Live Data function enables garage technicians to perform advanced diagnostics and analysis, such as monitoring live sensor data during road tests or test driving the vehicle to replicate the conditions under which a problem occurs.
    This can help technicians diagnose elusive or intermittent issues that may not be apparent during static testing, leading to more accurate diagnoses and more effective repairs.

    In summary, the Live Data function of the ANCEL FX5000 is of utmost importance for car owners and garage technicians alike.
    It provides real-time access to critical vehicle data, enabling proactive monitoring, effective troubleshooting, and informed decision-making, ultimately leading to more efficient repairs, improved vehicle performance, and potential cost savings.

    All Systems

    What's in the box?

    ANCEL FX5000 Host x 1
    Carton x 1
    OBDII Main Line x 1

    USB Cable x 1
    User Manua x 1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Works as expected

    I cannot say too much about it yet, as I only used it a single time. It was easy enough to use, read and cleared code no problem. I will do an update after I have more time using reader.


    I liked the ease of using the part and the price.
    Many garages ask silly mo ey for a diagnosis.
    The FX 5000 was able to do the diagnosis for a similar if not lower cost
    I was able to sort my car issue for a significant saving.
    Unlike auction sites, this product was purchased hased from the manufacturer.
    This meant that the delivery time was longer than I would have liked , but 10 days was acceptable for the saving

    Rick Barker

    I do you have one of these I think it's good for the DIY works pretty well as far as EPB function data code reading and erasing however only complaint is user manual is very vague how to operate when it comes to live data

    Easy to use. Works perfectly with 2006 Ford 6.0-liter diesel.

    This reader worked perfectly with a 2006 Ford F-350 6.0-liter diesel. The brief instructions on the package were correct, and it was easy to follow the on-screen instructions. The reason for the check engine light was clear and obviously correct (I had just allowed the batteries to run low), and it was easy to turn off the check engine light.