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ANCEL DM500 Professional instrument repair tools for calibrating car dashboard
US Version, EU Version, UK Version
ANCEL V5 BT Full-system Car Diagnostic Scanner with Bi-directional Control
US Version, EU Version


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Ancel battery tester BST600
ANCEL car scanner DS300
ANCEL bi directional car scanner DS300 wit 28 functions

ANCEL OBD2 Scanner | Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment

After a decade of development, ANCEL scanners have emerged as some of the most sought-after products in the market. Between 2017 and 2020, the brand's product range grew significantly. ANCEL covers a wide spectrum, from engine diagnostics to multi-system checks, encompassing Special Functions, Hot Reset Functions, Android 10.0 OS, Key Programming, Immobilizer Keys, Bi-Directional Control, Active Tests, ECU Coding, and other comprehensive diagnostics. They service most of the gasoline cars on the market, including well-known brands like BMW and Volkswagen. Having established themselves in the automotive diagnostic equipment sector, ANCEL expanded by introducing professional tools such as truck diagnostic equipment and automotive smoke detectors to accommodate a broader spectrum of automotive requirements. ANCEL's dedication to excellence is evident in its increased investments in professional maintenance equipment and the launch of innovative products like injector cleaning machines. As the brand continues to expand, ANCEL's unwavering commitment to leading industry innovation and enhancing vehicle diagnostics and maintenance stands firm, always prioritizing the customer experience above all else.

The Best Car Diagnostic Tool - Auto Scanner

The popularity of OBD2 scanners stems from their ability to simplify complex vehicle diagnostics, making them more affordable and user-friendly for everyday car owners. They have become the quintessential diagnostic tool for both modern car enthusiasts and professional mechanics.

As automotive technology advances, assessing your vehicle's health goes beyond just checking the oil level or tire pressure. OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics II) scanners probe into the core of your car, the engine control unit (ECU), to fully understand its functionality. Whether it's pinpointing the reason behind an illuminated Check Engine light or monitoring real-time data, these devices have become indispensable in the modern automotive toolbox.



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