ANCEL V5 BT Full-system Car Diagnostic Scanner with Bi-directional Control

Your Ultimate All-in-One Diagnostic Tool for All Brands

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    Action Test/Bi-Directional Control

    Allows you to thoroughly scan and diagnose all systems in your vehicle including engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and more

    10 Special Functions


    Supports 89 Car Brands

    Support for ABARTH, Support for ALFA ROMEO,
    Support for ASTON, Support for AUDI,
    Support for BENTLEY, Support for BUGATTI
    Support for BENZ, Support for BMW, Support for CITROEN so on.

    Bluetooth Connection(VCI)

    Wireless convenience, seamless diagnostics, and data access for efficient troubleshooting.

    2 Years Free Update

    Saves costs, ensures up-to-date diagnostics, enhances long-term usability and performance.

    13 Languages Supported

    German,Italian,Portuguese,Spanish, Japanese,Korean,Dutch,Polish,Czech,Swedish

    All Systems Diagnosis

    It offers a holistic approach to vehicle health. By encompassing all subsystems, from the engine to transmission, ABS, airbags, and more, it provides a comprehensive overview of a car's functionality. This inclusive analysis enables early detection of potential issues across various systems, allowing for proactive maintenance and timely repairs. Whether for professional mechanics or car owners, this feature is instrumental in ensuring safety, optimal performance, and preventing major failures. It transforms the OBDII scanner into a powerful diagnostic tool, empowering users with the knowledge needed to maintain a vehicle in top condition.


    Battery Register, a pivotal OBDII scanner feature, offers vital insights into a vehicle's battery health.
    Monitoring voltage levels, charging status, and overall condition, it plays a crucial role in preventing breakdowns, optimizing performance,
    and facilitating timely maintenance, ensuring a reliable and efficient driving experience while preventing unexpected battery-related issues.


    SAS Reset, a pivotal feature in OBDII scanners, addresses the Steering Angle Sensor, a key component in a vehicle's stability control system. This functionality enables the recalibration of the sensor to ensure accurate detection of the steering wheel's position. Over time, factors like wheel alignment adjustments or sensor malfunctions may lead to misalignments, affecting the vehicle's stability and safety features. By performing a SAS Reset, the OBDII scanner assists in restoring precise steering angle information, optimizing the stability control system. This feature is instrumental in maintaining safe driving conditions, preventing issues related to traction control, stability control, and other safety-critical functions.


    DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter monitors and manages diesel exhaust emissions.

    The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) feature in an OBDII scanner is crucial for monitoring and managing diesel exhaust emissions. It includes real-time data on the DPF's status, regeneration cycles, and potential issues. This is vital for complying with emission standards, ensuring optimal engine performance, and preventing costly DPF replacements. Timely intervention based on DPF insights from the OBDII scanner promotes environmental responsibility, maintains fuel efficiency, and extends the lifespan of emission control components, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing overall vehicle efficiency.


    EPB RESET: Electronic Parking Brake recalibration for enhanced braking performance.

    The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Reset feature in an OBDII scanner addresses the recalibration needs of modern electronic parking brake systems. It includes the ability to reset and reprogram the electronic parking brake after maintenance or replacement, ensuring precise functionality. This feature is essential for maintaining optimal braking performance, preventing issues like uneven braking or premature wear. It simplifies the brake servicing process, improves safety, and contributes to the overall reliability of the vehicle's braking system, making it a crucial tool for efficient and effective brake maintenance.


    Throttle Reset, a vital feature of OBDII scanners, facilitates the recalibration of a vehicle's electronic throttle control system. It addresses issues arising from throttle misalignment due to factors like stop-and-go driving or changes in air quality. By initiating a relearning process, the OBDII scanner ensures the accurate alignment of the throttle body, promoting smoother idling, enhanced acceleration, and overall improved engine performance. This functionality is especially valuable during maintenance, aiding in preventing long-term damage and optimizing fuel efficiency. Throttle Reset contributes to a more responsive and efficient driving experience, mitigating common symptoms associated with throttle misalignment and supporting the long-term health of the vehicle.

    2 Years Free Update

    The "2 Years Free Update" feature for this OBDII scanner ensures continuous software enhancements, keeping diagnostic capabilities current with evolving vehicle technologies. This benefit is crucial for buyers, providing long-term value, compatibility with new car models, and improved error code interpretation. Regular updates empower users with accurate insights into their vehicle's health, aiding in timely maintenance and cost-effective repairs. The complimentary two-year update policy reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction, fostering trust and ensuring that users receive optimal performance from their OBDII scanner throughout its lifecycle.

    Read Codes & Erase Codes

    Diagnose and clear vehicle issues swiftly for optimal performance and efficiency.

    Live Data

    Real-time insights for accurate diagnostics, enhancing troubleshooting and performance analysis.

    Memory 32G

    Data Storage for DTCs and Freeze Frame Data
    Logging and Analysis of Historical Data
    Recording Live Data Streams
    Software and Database Updates
    Convenience for Users
    Backup and Retrieval of Diagnostic Reports

    Warranty Period of 1 Year + Lifetime Technical Support

    Knowing that the OBD-II scanner is covered by a 1-year warranty provides users with peace of mind.
    Even after the warranty period expires, users can continue to receive assistance and guidance from the manufacturer's technical support team.

    What's in the box?

    ANCEL V5 BT x 1
    Plastic Box x 1
    OBDII Main Line x 1
    Bluetooth Connector x 1
    Instruction Manual x 1
    Large Ports USB x 1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    Won't even let me log in . I connect it to both wifi and Bluetooth and it won't do anything.


    Exelente llegó rápido y el soporte de ancel muy atentos y amables 🥰


    This competes with any of those expensive scanners out there! I use it for coding on my bmw and it works perfectly

    Another great tool by Ancel

    I've used several of Ancel's tools and they've all been excellent. Same story with this one, fantastic diagnostics tool with so many features. I've used it a few times now and it's always been quick, easy, and able to accomplish what I needed it to.

    Easy To Use

    Once the update and downloads were done this scanner was pretty simple to use. The screen is crisp, clear and responsive. The menu is easy to navigate and figure out.
    I hooked it up to my 2001 Chevy 2500Hd and checked for codes. I got no trouble codes on engine or transferase but did get some codes for bad solenoids in my transmission. I had no idea there were any issues with the transmission, no warning lights ect.
    guess the moral of this story is that you may think all is good, but you cannot know for sure until you hook up a scanner.
    I am pleased with this scanner, and I would buy it again.