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    A valuable item that will benefit you as a car owner for many years is an OBD2. You would undoubtedly require one, but how much would you be willing to spend on one? Many car owners are curious!

    Scanners let you diagnose the small problem by reading diagnostic codes, such as those from the check engine light. Additionally, before you go to the repair, it can assist you in understanding the issue. The scanners' prices range despite how necessary they are.

    What Does a Scanner Cost?

    On average, a good scanner with excellent reviews costs $30. The price of an obd2 car scanner increases with its quality and level of sophistication. The more advanced Ancel scanner has more features than the less advanced model. The Ancel AD310, which costs less than $30, is the most cheap. The AD410 costs roughly $60 and includes extras like a battery load tester.

    Any OBD scanner selling for under $20 is suspicious. The majority of scanners receive and show information using an ELM327 interpreter. Since the scanner costs $12.14 or more, if it is sold for less than $20, it is either used, being sold at a loss, or not using the real ELM327. The incorrect error codes will be displayed if it's not authentic!

    Scanner Price Band

    The average price of a cheap scanner is $30, although professional scanners can cost up to $500. To access advanced functions that are accessible for free on more expensive scanners, certain affordable scanners could have hidden subscription fees. The expected price range and features for scanners are listed below.

    Sub-$60 range

    Costs for an effective and simple OBD2 scanner range from $30 to $60. These scanners can retrieve some trouble codes and carry out a variety of scans. Some scanners in this price range demand that the user pay for upgrades. Most of them have a Bluetooth-enabled module but are not portable. On their phone or tablet, the user can examine the error codes and the results of the emission test. Some even ship with a tablet that has apps already installed.

    Approximately $100 to $200

    These scanners are more sophisticated and have a variety of features, like live data. They also manage the airbag systems and monitor the ABS. The majority of scanners in this price category employ Bluetooth technology but offer functionality on par with top-tier scanners. As a result, despite having equal capability, they are less expensive than their wired equivalents. Nevertheless, there are some vendors that offer mid-range wired scanners at that cost.

    Over $200

    The OBD2 scanner in this price range or higher provides more value for the money. In other words, it offers a wider range of functions that were formerly exclusive to mechanics. The ABS monitoring, SRS, sophisticated code reading, and transmission reading are just a few of the many features that are offered. This category of scanners includes certain bidirectional scanners, which read and input codes. Others have built-in tablets with preinstalled apps and are Bluetooth or WiFi enabled.

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    What to Think About When Purchasing Scanners

    To make sure you find a scanner that will work for the job while staying within your budget, you should take a few factors into account. The things to think about before purchasing an OBD2 scanner are listed below.

    Why Are You Purchasing It?

    The kind of job you wish to do with the scanner should be your first priority. You only need a scanner with the ability to read codes if you want one that can read the check engine light. You need a more sophisticated OBD2 scanner if you frequently work on your cars or if you evaluate cars. You need the best scanner if you work as a technician. A scanner will cost more the more functions it has.

    Type of Connection

    It's amazing that most OBD2 scanners connect via a wired connection. Depending on your needs, some employ a wireless connection, which is also great. Each has benefits, and the sort of connection is what actually affects the cost.

    By drawing power from the car, using a wired-connected scanner eliminates the need for extra batteries. Some have batteries built in so they can scan codes when the car's battery is running low.

    You require the wireless scanner if you prefer to read codes remotely. A wireless scanner transmits data from the module to your smartphone or PC using Bluetooth or WiFi. You can use an app on your smartphone to simply read all the codes thanks to this.

    Automotive Compatibility

    Not every car model is compatible with every scanner. Before spending money on a scanner, make sure it can be used with your vehicle. Make that the scanner is compatible with any other vehicles you may own or plan to purchase. The majority of Ancel scanners are compatible with models made in the USA, Asia, and Europe, but you should always check before placing an order.

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    The distinction between affordable and expensive OBD2 scanners

    You should get a less expensive scanner because you are on a tight budget, but opting for the lowest one available for around $20 won't be beneficial in the long run. A read-only readiness monitor, check-and-reset, and real-time running figures are features of the most basic models. Even though the less expensive scanners can complete these duties, there are some functionalities that you'll want and that call for an upgrade.

    With a more expensive scanner, you can do the majority of tests at expert level. They are simple to set up and offer errors and justifications. Additionally, they do I/M readiness checks and provide excellent accuracy. Additionally, they offer real-time data, identify sporadic issues, and show graphs that visually reflect before and after data. Scanners with these characteristics are a little more expensive, but they are still worthwhile.


    OBD2 scanners are fairly inexpensive, and the majority of automobile owners already have them. They are easy to use, and you save money because the mechanic won't scan your automobile if you already did it. Scans often cost $100, according to mechanics. There are several Ancel scanners with all necessary capabilities that cost less than $100. They also support the majority of automobile models produced after 1996. For assistance ordering an Ancel scanner, get in touch with us.


    What is the price range for OBD2 scanners?

    Price range: OBD2 scanners can range from under $20 for basic models to over $500 for professional-grade scanners.

    What factors should be considered when purchasing an OBD2 scanner?

    Factors to consider: Purpose (basic or advanced features needed), type of connection (wired or wireless), and compatibility with your vehicle model.

    What distinguishes affordable and expensive OBD2 scanners?

    Differences: Affordable scanners offer basic functions like code reading, while expensive scanners provide advanced features, such as expert-level tests and real-time data, but at a higher cost.

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