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    The presence of the check engine light can be quite distressing, but with the appropriate code reader or scanner, you can put your worries to rest. Among the professional obd2 scanner available, the Ancel AD310 stands out as an exceptional choice. Not only is it remarkably affordable, but it also boasts durability and user-friendliness.

    If you're fortunate enough to own the Ancel AD310, you're likely aware of its invaluable usefulness in times of need. However, to ensure optimal performance with enhanced speed and efficiency, it's crucial to update your Ancel AD310. Wondering how to go about it? Allow us to guide you through the process.

    Step 1: Establish an Ancel ID

    To initiate the update for your Ancel AD310, you must first possess an Ancel ID. Simply sign up using your email address on the official Ancel website,, and create your unique ID. Upon completion, a confirmation link will be sent to your email. Be sure to check your Gmail inbox or spam folder for this email and click on the link to activate your account.

    An Ancel ID grants you access to all the programs and features associated with your Ancel AD310. Notably, it allows you to receive free updates for your scanner and facilitates interaction with other Ancel users.

    Step 2: Join AncelAssist

    AncelAssist serves as the program responsible for updating your scanner. Your Ancel ID can be utilized in conjunction with AncelAssist. Launch the AncelAssist application on your computer, or if you haven't yet, download and install it. Sign in using your Ancel ID and enter your password.

    Remove the memory card from the side of the scanner and insert it into a card reader. Connect the card reader to the appropriate port on your computer. Click on the "Activate" button on your computer and input the serial number. The serial number can be found on the back of the scanner as well as on the memory card. Alternatively, you can locate it by navigating to "Settings>About" after powering on your device.

    Alternatively, you can update your Ancel AD310 without removing the memory card by utilizing a USB cable. Connect your scanner to the computer using the USB cable, select "Update," and press the enter key on your scanner. AncelAssist will automatically detect and load the serial number of your tool.

    Step 3: Updating Your Scanner

    To update your scanner, you must install the AncelAssist PC application on your desktop or laptop. Additionally, an internet connection is required to download the update file. After inserting the memory card into the card reader or connecting your scanner to the computer via the USB cable, click on the "Download" option within the AncelAssist application.

    All necessary updates for your scanner will be displayed. Select the desired updates by ticking the checkboxes, indicating your preference, and click the "Update" button at the top. The download process will commence, and once all the items have been successfully updated, a confirmation message will be displayed. Click "Okay" to confirm and then click "Back" to complete the procedure.

    Why Updating Your AD310 is Essential

    New car models are being manufactured regularly, equipped with advanced features surpassing their predecessors. Consequently, cars today receive numerous updates, making it necessary to update your scanner at least once a year. Over time, the software in your AD310 may become sluggish, potentially impeding its ability to read certain codes. By keeping your Ancel AD310, or any other scanner you use, updated, you can stay abreast of the ever-evolving automotive technology. A single update can introduce over 30,000 new fault codes.

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    You might be tempted to forego the update, believing that your current software is functioning adequately. However, when faced with a situation where your scanner fails to read a specific issue, you'll find yourself forced to visit a mechanic for assistance. In such instances, an outdated scanner proves ineffective. Hence, it is highly recommended to update your scanner, as the latest software often overcomes limitations present in the previous version.

    Software updates are typically released every six months or annually. These updates can be downloaded from Ancel's official website if you own the AD310. The size of the update software varies depending on the package and its capabilities. Ancel offers free software updates across all their scanners.

    What Makes the AD310 Outstanding

    Professional scanners tend to be expensive and are primarily found in auto repair shops. But do you really need to invest in an expensive tool to read codes on your car? Not necessarily! The Ancel AD310's most remarkable feature is its affordability. Priced at less than $50, it may sound too good to be true. However, it truly delivers outstanding code-reading performance despite its budget-friendly price.

    Obd2 Auto Scanner

    A decade ago, scanners were considered costly investments, akin to purchasing a crucial spare part for your vehicle. Car owners had to plan and budget for such purchases. Moreover, these expensive scanners provided only a fraction of the capabilities offered by the AD310 today. Fortunately, the landscape has changed, and scanners, particularly those from Ancel, have become highly affordable. Every car owner should consider owning one.

    While Ancel offers other inexpensive scanners, let's focus on the AD310. The device is equipped with four buttons: up, down, enter, and exit. These buttons facilitate seamless navigation of the screen and code reading. What truly sets it apart from other OBD readers is its exceptional capabilities. Once it identifies the codes, you don't need to search online or consult a manual to understand their meanings. The AD310 provides detailed explanations right on its display.

    This feature proves particularly useful when encountering situations with limited or no internet access. You won't have to rely on external sources to comprehend the meaning of the codes. Although it doesn't graph the information, the AD310 does provide live data. With its remarkable features and limitless capabilities, the AD310 becomes an indispensable companion when diagnosing your car's systems.

    Wrapping Up

    Undoubtedly, the Ancel AD310 ranks among the most affordable scanning tools available in the market. You can easily order it from Ancel official website. If you already own this remarkable device, updating it is strongly recommended. A software update equips your scanner with enhanced capabilities, ensuring optimal performance.


    How often should I update my car's software?

    It is recommended to update your car's software at least once a year.

    What are the benefits of updating my car scanner?

    Updating your car scanner allows you to access new fault codes and diagnostic capabilities, ensuring compatibility with the latest car models and improved performance.

    Why should I consider owning the Ancel AD310 scanner?

    The Ancel AD310 scanner is affordable, user-friendly, and provides detailed code explanations, making it an excellent tool for car diagnostics.

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