How to Update the Ancel AD410

    Engine Reader Codes

    One of the most common kinds of car maintenance people find themselves doing is resetting brakes or brake pads. It’s a relatively simple procedure in the world of car maintenance, so it can really come in handy for anyone who likes DIY. But what is the best way to do this? With an Ancel ODB scanner, of course.

    There are many great devices that Ancel offers, but if you are looking for the best Ancel ODB scanner for all of your brake needs, the Ancel VD500 is going to be your best shot. To help explain why, here’s all you need to know about the Ancel VD500 and the importance of resetting your brakes.

    Resetting Brake Pads and Check Engine Light Signals

    One of the most common sources of the Check Engine Light turning on is something related to the brakes. Because brakes get so much use with every single ride, they are more likely to be worn out and require attention than any other car part.

    Even if you already know of the issue and are planning on repairing it quickly, the check engine light can still be a nuisance that you will want turned off as quickly as possible. This is one of the many benefits of an Ancel ODB scanner. Not only can it scan for error codes of any kind, but it can easily be used to reset the brake pad system as well.

    Keep in mind that as related issues, the check engine light or reset brake pad signal can also be triggered by a failing brake switch, low brake fluid levels or a faulty brake booster.

    Using the Ancel VD500 for System Resets

    Once you have your very own Ancel ODB scanner, all you need to do is plug it into your car via the DLC port located inside your car by the dashboard. Once a connection has been established, the Ancel VD500 or any other Ancel ODB scanner will scan your car for any problems across the board.

    Because these are ODB scanning tools, they are capable of analyzing almost anything related to the body, the chassis or the powertrain of the car. Yes, this includes the brakes, the braking system and the brake pads as well.

    After the diagnostic analysis is complete, your Ancel ODB scanner will report back with error codes. If you’ve been experiencing issues with your brake pads lately, then the odds are high that your Ancel ODB scanner will give you codes related to the brakes.

    Once this step is complete, you will now have the option to reset the brakes to remove the check engine light signal. This can be useful before or after getting your car checked out, as sometimes even mechanics can forget to reset the system for you.

    While the Ancel VD500 can reset brake pads, it can reset other systems as well. There is also an oil service reset function that you can take advantage of when needed. Everyone needs to get their oil changed eventually, and just like with getting brake pads checked out, there will often be a need to reset them when needed.

    Another system that the Ancel VD500 can reset is the TPS position check. Known as the Throttle Position Sensor, this sensor is connected to both the throttle plate and the throttle body. The Ancel VD500 is capable of resetting this sensor should it ever be out of place.

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    Ancel VD500 Overview – Why it’s a Perfect Resetting Scanner Tool

    The new and improved Ancel VD500 is one of the newest models of Ancel ODB scanners just released in 2023. It is a refinement on many of the previous car scanner tools that Ancel has released over the years, making it one of the most sophisticated car diagnostic tools in its price range.

    While many Ancel devices are prioritized as car engine code readers, the Ancel VD500 is designed to emphasize reset services just as much. This makes it the ideal tool for anyone who really needs to focus on brake pad resets, not just system scans.


    With that said, there are many things that this new Ancel ODB scanner can do, making it a viable scanner you can use for a lifetime. The Ancel VD500 can read and erase codes, provide freeze frame data, O2 sensor tests, an EVAP system test and more.

    As for more specific diagnostic features, the Ancel VD500 is also capable of engine check, throttle adaptation, oil service reset, an auto transmission test, an airbag SRS system check and much more.

    Because of its many diagnostic functions, you can perform basic checkups on your vehicle in the comfort of your own car garage. This will save you a lot of time and a lot of money over the years by performing these diagnostic checks on a regular basis.

    Sometimes when you go to the mechanic for a checkup, there’s nothing wrong in the first place, so you just end up wasting time and potentially money as well. With your very own personal Ancel ODB scanner, you can check things at home. The process is quick, and if the scanner detects that nothing is wrong, you can just go about your day and have peace of mind faster than ever before.

    While just about anyone can learn how to use an Ancel ODB scanner, the benefits multiply if you have some DIY know-how yourself. If you know how to replace your own brake pads, you can do so after a scan and then reset it using the Ancel VD500 all by yourself. This makes the Ancel VD500 a fantastic tool for people with or without mechanical knowledge.


    If you need a robust yet affordable OBD 2 scan tool, the Ancel VD500 is an excellent option. It has all of the functionality you might need in order to make diagnostics and ensure your vehicle is running great. We recommend having one of these in your garage so you can use it any time you need it.


    Why is resetting brakes or brake pads important?

    Resetting brakes or brake pads is important to address braking system issues and turn off the check engine light signal associated with brake problems.

    How can the Ancel VD500 OBD scanner be used for system resets?

    The Ancel VD500 OBD scanner is connected to the car's DLC port, performs a diagnostic analysis, provides error codes related to brakes, and allows users to reset the brakes and clear the check engine light signal.

    What features make the Ancel VD500 suitable for brake resets and system scans?

    The Ancel VD500 offers brake pad reset functionality and features such as code reading and erasing, freeze frame data, O2 sensor tests, oil service reset, making it a versatile tool for car diagnostics.

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    16 thoughts on “How to Update the Ancel AD410


    Received the AD410 on 5/17/24 and the following day attempted to check for the ‘free’ updates. Search on Google takes me to ‘cannot find popup’. Ancel pro page takes me to update files dated 2022, and when run simply pop up an ‘error’.
    If seller cannot provide update information it’s going back to Amazon.

    May 18, 2024 at 21:50pm

    COMPLETE SCAM, there is no lifetime upgrade, they want you to pay for even downloading a manual,

    April 18, 2024 at 23:34pm

    Follow the link a few pages back, it takes you to the 410pro page . In the top bar their is a link for ‘downloads, both the software upgrade and the user manual is here for you to download. Once you download the update file, extract all files, (i tried to run the exe file as downloaded and it asked if I wanted to extract all, these are the 4 files shown in the little users manual you get) then you can run the exe file. Then you get the box shown on page 15 in little users manual. Once you have the unit plugged in to computer with micro USB cable, Then click on ’update’ and it will update both the library and regular software for you.

    Not sure why someone who works here couldn’t post this.

    So it does have free updates, not a scam, just follow above instructions.

    February 24, 2024 at 23:59pm

    There is no lifetime upgrade. It’s a scam.

    February 20, 2024 at 01:52am

    hi everyone i just updated my ancel ad410 if you need the info to update please message me can provide info for a small fee £3

    February 11, 2024 at 03:45am

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