The Rider's Guide to Suspension System Troubleshooting

    Suspension System Troubleshooting | ANCEL OBD2 Scanner

    Every rider knows the importance of a well-maintained motorcycle, and central to this is the suspension system. A motorcycle's suspension system is crucial for not only comfort but also for safety and performance. It ensures that the tires maintain contact with the road and helps in absorbing shocks from road imperfections. However, like any mechanical system, it can face issues, and knowing how to troubleshoot these problems is essential for any rider.

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    Common Suspension Issues and Their Symptoms

    Sagging Suspension

    • Symptom: The bike feels lower than usual or leans more in corners.
    • Cause: Worn out springs or incorrect preload adjustment.

    Harsh Ride Quality

    • Symptom: You feel every bump on the road more than usual.
    • Cause: Overly stiff springs or incorrect damping settings.

    Diving Front End

    • Symptom: The front end dips more than usual under braking.
    • Cause: Worn out fork oil or seals, or incorrect damping settings.

    DIY Troubleshooting Steps

    Checking and Adjusting Preload

    • Tools Needed: Wrenches, motorcycle stand.
    • Process: Measure the sag and adjust the preload accordingly to maintain proper balance.

    Inspecting Fork Seals and Oil

    • Tools Needed: Socket set, screwdrivers, seal puller.
    • Process: Check for oil leaks around the fork seals. Replace seals or fork oil if necessary.

    Evaluating Rear Shock Condition

    • Tools Needed: Flashlight, inspection mirror.
    • Process: Inspect the rear shock for leaks or damage. Consider replacement if damaged.

    When to Seek Professional Help

    While many suspension issues can be addressed with some mechanical knowledge and the right tools, there are times when it's best to seek professional help. Complex issues like internal damper failures or complete suspension overhauls are best left to the experts.

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    The Role of a Motorcycle Code Reader in Suspension Troubleshooting

    In today's era of advanced motorcycle technology, tools like the ANCEL MT700 motorcycle code reader have become invaluable. This device helps in diagnosing electronic-related suspension issues, such as those involving electronically adjustable suspensions. By reading and interpreting fault codes, the ANCEL MT700 can point you towards specific suspension components that might be malfunctioning.

    Using the ANCEL MT700

    • Connect to Motorcycle: Plug the reader into the motorcycle's diagnostic port.
    • Scan for Codes: Let the device scan and retrieve any fault codes.
    • Interpret Codes: Use the guide to understand what each code means in relation to the suspension system.

    Maintenance Tips for Prolonged Suspension Life

    Regular maintenance can prevent many suspension issues. This includes:

    • Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect the suspension for leaks, damage, or wear.
    • Fork Oil Change: Change fork oil as per manufacturer's recommendation.
    • Cleaning and Lubrication: Keep the suspension components clean and well-lubricated.

    Upgrading Your Suspension System

    For riders looking to enhance their motorcycle's performance, upgrading the suspension system can be a game-changer. Consider aftermarket shocks or fork kits for improved handling and comfort.

    Choosing the Right Upgrades

    • Research: Understand your riding style and what you need from the suspension.
    • Budget: Determine your budget for upgrades.
    • Compatibility: Ensure that the upgrades are compatible with your motorcycle model.


    Troubleshooting and maintaining your motorcycle's suspension system is key to a safe, enjoyable riding experience. Regular maintenance, coupled with the use of an OBD2 Scanner like the ANCEL MT700, can help keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape. Remember, when in doubt, consult a professional mechanic to ensure your bike's suspension is functioning optimally.

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