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    BMW E39 Diagnostic Tool | ANCEL OBD2 Scanner

    The ANCEL BM700 for BMW vehicles, especially the E39 model, goes beyond mere OBD2 Scanner functionality; it is the epitome of a quintessential tool for unlocking your car's potential capabilities. Tailored specifically for BMW, this device provides the comprehensive diagnostic capabilities necessary to maintain optimal vehicle performance. It excels at pinpointing and correcting problems, ensuring every component of your E39 is operating at its best. Its intuitive interface combined with deep insights makes it an invaluable companion for BMW fans. Whether troubleshooting engine anomalies, electronic challenges or routine maintenance, the BM700's precision and convenience are unparalleled. Regular use can strengthen your vehicle's ability to withstand potential problems, extend its lifespan, and maintain its peak performance. The BM700's value escalates as you begin enhancing your E39 for superior performance, with your modifications vigilantly monitored for efficacy and vehicle safety. Fundamentally, the ANCEL BM700 provides the basis for nurturing and maintaining a high-quality, reliable BMW E39.

    Engine Tuning

    Enhancing the performance of your BMW E39 requires engine tuning. This process of fine-tuning the engine management system can significantly enhance horsepower and torque, thereby improving the vehicle's overall performance. It includes calibration of various engine components, including fuel injection, air intake and ignition timing. Using a BMW Scan Tool like the ANCEL BM700 ensures these adjustments are made to your vehicle's specifications, ultimately resulting in an engine that is not only more powerful and responsive, but also runs more efficiently. In addition to pure power enhancements, engine tunes can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, making your E39 not only faster, but also greener. Plus, it can be custom-tuned to suit your driving preferences and performance desires, whether you need confident throttle response for spirited driving or smoother power delivery for your daily commute. Engine tuning is more than just faster; it personalizes your vehicle to resonate with your unique driving spirit.

    Suspension System Enhancements

    Revamping the suspension system of your BMW E39 is critical in transforming its handling and stability. While the factory suspension is competent, it can be substantially elevated with aftermarket components aimed at heightened performance. This could involve the installation of lower, stiffer springs, high-performance shock absorbers, and broader sway bars. Such upgrades mitigate body roll, bolster cornering stability, and amplify the vehicle’s responsiveness. A performance-oriented suspension setup enables your E39 to navigate sharper turns and higher speeds with aplomb, offering a more thrilling and immersive driving experience. Additionally, these modifications can be fine-tuned to match your driving style and your vehicle’s specific requirements. Whether navigating urban thoroughfares, highway cruising, or indulging in track days, a well-upgraded suspension ensures your E39 remains poised and adept in diverse scenarios. This is not solely about escalating speed; it’s about elevating the joy and confidence in driving. The appropriate suspension configuration metamorphoses your E39 from a luxurious sedan to a consummate driver’s car, with handling traits rivaling contemporary, more expensive models.

    Enhanced Braking Systems

    For a high-performance vehicle like the BMW E39, the significance of an advanced braking system is paramount. As you amplify your vehicle's performance, it's essential to ensure that the braking system is proportionately upgraded. This involves integrating larger, more effective brake discs, high-performance brake pads, and potentially advanced brake caliper setups. These enhancements not only diminish stopping distances but also refine the consistency and sensation of the braking system, offering heightened control and assurance at elevated speeds or under challenging conditions. Furthermore, these high-performance braking systems are adept at managing the augmented heat and strain associated with spirited driving, diminishing the likelihood of brake fade during intense usage. This is particularly salient for enthusiasts who revel in pushing their E39 to its limits on serpentine roads or during track events. Additionally, an enhanced braking system contributes to overall vehicular dynamics. By balancing acceleration, handling, and braking, you achieve a more cohesive and responsive driving experience. The reassurance that accompanies a reliable, swift stopping capacity cannot be overstated, rendering this upgrade not just a performance enhancement but a fundamental safety measure.

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    Lightweight Components

    In the pursuit of optimizing your BMW E39's performance, the role of lightweight components is pivotal. Reducing your vehicle's total mass is a potent strategy to boost speed, handling, and fuel efficiency. Substituting heavier parts with lighter alternatives, such as carbon fiber or aluminum for elements like the hood, trunk lid, and wheels, significantly enhances the car's power-to-weight ratio. Lighter wheels, in particular, lessen unsprung mass, leading to more rapid acceleration and nimbler handling. Additionally, a lighter vehicle exerts reduced strain on the engine, brakes, and suspension, allowing each system to operate with greater efficacy. This not only enhances performance but also extends the lifespan of these vital components. Furthermore, weight reduction positively impacts fuel consumption, rendering your E39 more cost-effective to operate. It's crucial to recognize that weight distribution is as important as the weight reduction itself. By focusing on lightening key areas such as the extremities and upper sections of the vehicle, you also lower the center of gravity, further improving stability and handling. In essence, investing in lightweight components offers a multifaceted approach to elevating your BMW E39’s performance, making it quicker, more agile, and more exhilarating to drive.

    Tire and Wheel Upgrades

    The selection of appropriate tires and wheels is integral to realizing the full potential of your BMW E39. These components, being the sole interface between your vehicle and the road, play a pivotal role in your driving experience. Transitioning to high-performance tires is a foremost measure in enhancing grip, handling, and braking. These tires, crafted with specialized tread designs and rubber formulations, provide superior traction in varied conditions, including dry roads, wet surfaces, or occasional track use. When choosing tires, it's important to contemplate your typical driving environment and performance objectives to select a set that aligns with your needs. In conjunction with tires, wheel upgrades can significantly influence your vehicle's performance. Lightweight and robust wheels not only augment the aesthetic appeal of your E39 but also contribute to improved handling and acceleration. Lighter wheels translate into more responsive steering and suspension feedback, enabling precise and confident cornering. Moreover, the appropriate wheel size and width can enhance your vehicle's overall balance and stance, improving both its performance and visual appeal. Together, the right tires and wheels can revolutionize your E39's driving dynamics, delivering a tangible enhancement in performance and driving pleasure.

    Customizing the Exhaust System

    Tailoring the exhaust system of your BMW E39 is a venture that goes beyond mere performance enhancement; it's about enriching the entire driving experience. An aftermarket exhaust system offers multiple benefits, including augmented power, superior exhaust flow, and a more pronounced acoustic profile. By diminishing backpressure, a performance exhaust facilitates more efficient engine respiration, yielding increased horsepower and torque. This enhancement in engine efficiency may also lead to slight improvements in fuel economy under specific driving scenarios. Moreover, the acoustic character of your E39 can be profoundly transformed with a custom exhaust. An aptly chosen system produces a deeper, more resonant sound, underscoring the vehicle’s performance essence and adding an auditory delight to each acceleration. When selecting an exhaust system, factors such as material quality, design, and compatibility with your specific E39 model should be considered. Durable stainless steel systems offer longevity and resistance to corrosion, ensuring sustained performance. The design of the exhaust, encompassing the type and quantity of mufflers and resonators, will influence both performance and sound, so select one that aligns with your preferences and complies with local noise ordinances. In summation, a custom exhaust system is a pivotal upgrade for any E39 owner aiming to elevate their car's performance and driving enjoyment.


    In summation, maximizing your BMW E39’s performance demands a comprehensive approach, integrating engine tuning, suspension enhancements, and advanced braking systems. Each component plays a vital role in transmuting your vehicle into a more potent, responsive, and delightful machine. The linchpin of these enhancements is the regular maintenance and precise diagnostics facilitated by instruments like the ANCEL BM700. This specialized scan tool ensures that your E39 consistently operates at its pinnacle, assisting you in monitoring the health of your vehicle and the effectiveness of your upgrades. With the ANCEL BM700, you possess the confidence to elevate your BMW E39 to new echelons, underpinned by reliable diagnostics and maintenance.


    Q1: How does the ANCEL BM700 aid in BMW E39 modifications?

    The ANCEL BM700 is pivotal for diagnosing and overseeing the condition of your BMW E39, particularly post-modification. It verifies that enhancements are compatible and functioning optimally, sustaining peak performance.

    Q2: Can engine tuning augment fuel efficiency?

    Indeed, engine tuning can enhance fuel efficiency by refining engine parameters for more effective combustion and power delivery.

    Q3: Is it imperative to upgrade the braking system with increased performance?

    Undoubtedly. As you bolster the power and velocity of your E39, an advanced braking system is essential for safety and to maintain equilibrium in vehicle dynamics.

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