Ancel X7HD Update: Everything You Need to Know

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    Every heavy duty truck scanner mechanic will tell you that the Ancel X7 HD is not an average scanner. It’s a high-end scanner for trucks, buses, and heavy machinery and works wonders. If you have an 18-wheeler, the X7 HD will come in handy.

    However, you must keep your scanner updated to get the best out of your X7 HD. Ancel provides updates for all their products online. The updates improve the tool's efficiency and add more functions to the tool. Here’s how to update your X7 HD scanner.

    How to Update it

    The Ancel X7 HD is a tablet-style scanner supporting Android. You can update it in two ways. You can update it through the tablet itself or by PC. Before updating, you must sign up to using your Ancel ID. If you don’t have it, create one right away. You’ll need a USB cable for the scanner if you will be using the PC to update the X7 HD and a stable WiFi connection for both modes.

    After signing into your account, you can view the model of the scanner. You can upgrade it by following the easy steps. You can also get the info about the version information, release time of the software, upgrades and learn about the updates. You get two-year free software updates after activation. Once the period expires, you get charged for annual updates.

    You can also update the current OS version of the Ancel X7 HD, but first, you must check manually if there’s a new version. The OS will prompt you for updates, which you can check on settings. While you can update the OS and the functionalities of the Ancel X7 through the tablet, updating the software using the PC is the most preferred way and more straightforward.

    Step 1: Connect the Device to Your Computer and Sign In

    The device comes with a USB cable that you also use to charge it. Attach the cable to the PC through the USB port and connect the device to the other end of the cable. Turn on your PC, and your scanner’s screen will light up to indicate a successful connection.

    Once you connect your device, the next step to do is signup on However, if you already have an account with Ancel, sign in and be directed to the home page.

    Step 2: Download and Install the Software

    On the top right side, click “Download.” Search the update software of the Ancel X7 HD. Once you find it, download it. Click it and install the update tool on your computer. Immediately, find the software on your PC and open it.

    Step 3: Updating the Tool

    The connection mode of choice should be USB, and the software will read your software’s serial number. Once it does, click on “Device Upgrade.” You must type your email address for your registration code to show automatically. Hit submit, and another page will pop up. Hit “Select All” and then “Download,” and all the updates will start downloading.

    The files will download until they are 100% downloaded. The upgrades will have installed in the background. Once done, click “Quit” and disconnect the USB cable. Connect the tool back to the computer and launch the update tool. If the version is the same as the latest, your device got the much-needed update.

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    What Makes the X7 HD Awesome

    The Ancel X7HD is an Android-based diagnostic tool for commercial vehicles and machinery. The 10-inch tablet scanner is convenient for everyone looking for an all-function heavy-duty code reader for buses, trucks, and industrial machinery. Moreover, It works with all brands and systems and comes packed with different functions.

    Being an Android device, the Ancel X7 can perform other Android functions like downloading applications and social media, boasts a beautiful UI interface, is easy and smooth to use, offers a fantastic experience, and supports Android 8.1. The device also supports online and offline DTC queries. You can talk to the support team through Teamviewer for assistance with codes you didn’t understand or any technical issues you might encounter.

    The Functions of the X7 HD

    The X7 HD can perform the basic function of reading diagnostic trouble codes, which every scanner can. It can also clear the codes which limited scanners can be able to. It can also read the ECU info, a function available on high-end scanners. The selling point of the X7 HD is that it’s specifically built for trucks, buses, and heavy machinery, but the functions make it quite a worthy shot. It’s one of the most expensive scanning tools, but judging by what it can do, it’s worth the money.

    Scan Tool For Diesel Trucks

    One of its most unique functions is the clear learning value function, which resets the memory of how a truck is being driven.  The tool can also read live data, which is a feature of most high-end scanners. The X7 HD’s functions don’t end there. It can read freeze frame data and automatically detect the vehicle's model and related information. The auto-detection of the VIN means you won’t need to enter your vehicle’s details before initiating the code reading process.

    The Benefits of Updating Your X7 HD

    Ancel usually encourages tool owners to update the software and firmware of their scan tools to improve their performance and access added enhancements. The updates are released once or twice a year and are hard to miss. Updates on the X7 HD improve the live data parameters of the tool and expand its functions, including new active test capabilities.

    The updates also expand your tool’s coverage and allow it to work with newer models. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a new scanner because the older one is incompatible with newer systems. For the Ancel X7 HD, you get two years of free updates. You’ll be requested to pay annually for the updates after the period elapses.


    The Ancel X7 HD was not my first of its kind, but it has proven to be the best. However, I had its OS updated, and two firmware updates are in. If you want a convenient HD scanner, there can’t be a better one. To order it, visit the official Ancel website.

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