How to Reset the Check Engine Light with Code Reader

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    Sometimes fixing the problem that caused the (CEL) Check Engine Light to turn on in the first place won’t turn it off even after solving the issue. As annoying as this can be, there are a few workarounds.

    Here are some of the tips you can try to reset the Check Engine Light with a code reader or without one.

    Tip 1: Drive and Operate Your Car Normally and Let the Light Turn Off on Its Own

    Sometimes the reason why the Check Engine Light is still on is due to a simple glitch that will turn off on its own. While this tip won’t work for everyone, it’s the first thing you should try as it is simple to do.

    Even if the Check Engine Light stays on, all you might need to do is continue using your car as normally as before. Some models have a Check Engine Light system that has a longer delay than others. There’s no exact science to it, but it likely has something to do with your car brand, model and age.

    So use your car normally for a little while. But if the Check Engine Light is still on after three days, you should move onto the next step.

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    Tip 2: Turn your Car Engine On and Off Three Times in a Row

    The next step is another simple and quick fix attempt that you could try even before attempting step 1.

    Sometimes the Check Engine Light symbol needs a manual reset to verify that the original problem has been dealt with. It’s kind of like the mechanical equivalent of needing to restart your computer or smartphone after it receives an update.

    Insert your keys into the ignition, leaving it in for about a few seconds, then remove them. Do this two more times and see if the Check Engine Light sign goes away.

    Tip 3: Disconnect and then Reconnect your Car Battery

    If these prior two tips didn’t help your Check Engine Light issue, it means they were probably too simple. This next step is a bit more sophisticated though it only requires a little bit of mechanical know-how.

    For this tip you will require a wrench. Pop open your car hood and then use your wrench to disconnect the positive power of your car battery. You will want it to stay disconnected for 10 to 20 minutes.

    After some time has passed, you will want to start your car by placing the keys into the “On” position without reconnecting the battery. This will reset any leftover emissions data that your car’s memory is still accidentally holding onto. Turn the key into the On position three times like in step 2.

    After this, reconnect the positive energy of the car battery and then turn on the car’s ignition after about one minute. Hopefully your Check Engine Light will now be finally gone.

    If none of these tips worked for you and your car, your only remaining option is to reset the Check Engine Light with code reader or an OBD2 scanner. If you don’t have one, you will have to buy one for yourself.

    Tip 4: Reset Check Engine Light with Code Reader

    If you’ve ever asked yourself is it worth buying an OBD2 scanner, the answer is yes, but only if you plan on using it to its full potential. These machines were designed for a lot more than just resetting the Check Engine Light.

    What is an OBD Code Reader, you might ask? It stands for an On Board Diagnostic code reader. These machines are designed to detect error codes that you can then interpret via a manual to find out the exact problem your car is facing, be it an issue related to the engine, transmission, steering, brakes and more.

    If you’re looking for a code reader and are wondering what is the best car scanner tool to buy, Ancel makes some of the highest value code readers on the market today. Ancel not only has great model compatibility and high quality screens but are affordable as well.

    Now, here’s how you reset the Check Engine Light with a code reader:

    First, you will need to plug your code reader into your car via the DLC or Diagnostic Link Connector. It’s a 16 pin cable that is attached to the code reader. The inside of your car will have the connecting female end near your dashboard.

    Once connected, turn on your code reader by holding down the main power button. Some models will have it say “Enter” instead.

    Once on, the code reader will begin automatically scanning for any error codes. If any are found, you can feel free to cross-reference them in the manual and see if any are tied to the Check Engine Light being faulty.

    Once that’s complete, you can now scroll through your code reader’s menus and settings to find an erase code option. Use this to erase what’s known as the fault code. This will quickly and easily erase the source of the Check Engine Light signal and turn it off instantly.

    Which Code Reader Should You Buy?

    If you’re looking for the best OBD2 code reader, then look no further than the Ancel AD530. This OBD2 code reader has all of the features you could ever need as a car owner and more. With real-time data, you can always keep track of how your car is performing. And it also includes a function for resetting the CEL.

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, at least one of our tips has proven useful in getting you to reset the Check Engine Light, with or without a code reader.

    Please be advised that many people do not recommend that you turn off or reset the Check Engine Light manually as it can be a sign that something is still wrong with your vehicle. You should only turn it off if you know for a fact that the original problem is dealt with or if the signal itself is faulty, as advised by a car mechanic professional.If you don’t understand anything, you can go to Ancel’s blog, there are various blogs that can answer your questions


    What is the first tip to try and reset the Check Engine Light?

    Drive and operate your car normally and let the light turn off on its own.

    How can you manually reset the Check Engine Light symbol?

    Turn your car engine on and off three times in a row.

    What is the recommended code reader for resetting the Check Engine Light?

    The Ancel AD530 is the recommended OBD2 code reader for resetting the Check Engine Light.

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