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ANCEL LD700 All System Diagnostic OBD2 Scan Tool for Land Rover Jaguar Oil Reset ABS SRS TPMS

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ANCEL LD700 is a professional diagnostic tool designed specifically for Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles. It is suitable for almost all OBD II standard protocol-compliant JLR vehicles after 1995 and bids on all the latest features with a low budget, it can also help you clear all fault codes. You can see at a glance what this OBD2 scanner can perform for you. In addition, you can always see the performance of the intelligent scanner and get all the solutions from a professional mechanic. Do not forget that it also supports engine checks for all after 1996 OBD II standard protocol compliant US, European, and Asian vehicles. It is definitely the most cost-effective and indispensable car diagnostic device you are looking for!

Why choose the ANCEL LD700?

  • All System Diagnose for JLR: In-depth diagnosis of all available systems and modules to quickly pinpoint problems to help you fix them effectively.
  • 14+ Most Popular Reset Functions for JLR: Maximize Land Rover vehicle's potential while troubleshooting. Everything is in the palm of your hands with those functions on your side.
  • OE-level OBDII Test Modes: Such as retrieving ECU information, reading codes, clear codes, data stream display, DTC lookup, etc.
  • Life Time Free Update, No Additional Software/Subscription Fees!
  • Clear the Language Barriers: Supports 12 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.
  • Online Feedback: If you encounter any issues that can not be resolved during the diagnostic process, you can report them to us using the feedback feature. Our technical team will help you professionally so you do not have to worry.
  • User Friendly: Legible and responsive 2.8'' full-color screen, flexible keypads, the simple and fast operation to help beginners get started.

OEM-Level full systems diagnosis for Range Rover and Jaguar

ANCEL LD700 Land Rover auto diagnostic tool adopts the latest VIN -based VIN technology. ANCEL LD700 works with most of all Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles. Fastly and accurately diagnose ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, TPMS, Brake System, Suspension System, BODY, and much more, so you can quickly troubleshoot the root cause, and clear the fault code after the problem is fixed.
Engine System: Effortlessly detect car faults and turn off the engine light. It can retrieve current, permanent, and pending codes in the vehicle engine system. Help you pass emissions tests and keep your car in the best condition. Save gasoline and improve performance.
Transmission System: It can help before transmission problems become a big problem. That's because most trouble codes come from your vehicle's transmission. All you need to do is troubleshoot the fault code.
SRS (Airbag System): Quickly retrieve, read, and interpret SRS system issues and monitor SRS system functionality to diagnose rapidly, and repair, the cause of the issue. Once repaired, this automotive scanner will allow the code to be cleared and the SRS system to be tested, by the PCM, to ensure that the fixes are complete.
ABS (Anti-lock Braking System): Read and clear the error code in the ABS and turn off the warning light. It retrieves ABS codes to make braking more smooth, more consistent, and safe. It also performs live data streams in the ABS that allows the user to monitor and diagnose critical ABS systems to ensure that repairs to these critical system are effective and complete.
Battery System: LD700 allows the diagnostic tools to evaluate the battery's state of charge, monitor short-circuit currents, log battery changes, activate the vehicle's hibernation mode, and recharge the battery via the diagnostic socket.
DPF System: It can retrieve/clear DPF-related codes, reset DPF lights after a filter change, micro-control injection rates, and burn off collected particulates when maximum levels are reached.
Oil System: Reset the system every time the oil is changed so that the next required oil change can be calculated. Also, reset the system if you change the oil before the service light comes on.
Immobilizer System: Use an immobilizer to keep your car safe and prevent it from being stolen.

14+ Maintenance & Reset Services for JLR Vehicles

✔️Oil Reset:

When the service lamp on the instrument cluster is up, changed the oil, then turn off the oil light and reset the service mileage.

✔️Throttle Adaptation:

After clearing or repairing the electronic throttle, re-learning and adapting the throttle sensor position is necessary to precisely adjust the throttle opening.

✔️BMS Reset:

When the battery shows aging or damage, need to re-match and register the battery, then clear the fault codes from the dashboard and reset the BMS module.

✔️Battery Registration:

When you change a new battery, you need to register the battery information, LD700 can do it easily.

✔️EPB Reset:

It performs the maintenance of electronic parking brake systems. The brake pad reset is required to turn the MIL off after replacing the brake pad.

✔️TPMS Reset:

The tire pressure monitoring system can perform real-time automatic monitoring of various tire conditions. When the tire pressure is insufficient, need to perform the tire pressure is reset after replacing the tire or sensors.

✔️SAS Calibration:

The steering angle sensor is used to detect the rotation angle of the steering wheel. This function performs calibration for the steering angle sensor to clear fault memories of the steering angle sensor.

✔️ABS Bleeding:

When the ABS contains air, the ABS bleeding function is required to bleed the brake system to get a firm brake pad.

✔️EGR reset:

It can reduce the exhaust emissions of the engine and reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides in the engine exhaust.

✔️DPF Regeneration:

The diesel filter will become clogged after a long time. Once the engine recognizes the DPF clogging, it will trigger regeneration. This function performs diesel filter cleaning to clear the blockage and reset the DPF light.

✔️Injector Coding:

Write the new injector code to the ECU after the replacement of the injector so that the cylinder can identify the new injectors to lower fuel emissions.

✔️Suspension Calibration:

This function can adjust the height of the vehicle. The following situations need to perform this function to adjust the vehicle height sensor for calibration: 1. After replacing the vehicle height sensor or control module in the air suspension system.

✔️Transmissions Learning:

The automatic transmission is equipped with a learning tool that allows it to learn how you drive and adapt to those needs. This offers better performance and helps the transmission last longer.

Note: Please send us the VIN number and the functions you need to check compatibility.

Manufacturer-Level Diagnostics ( Turn off the warning light)

Retrieve ECU Information: Read and display the control system module information detected from ECU.
Read Fault Codes: Read the fault code information retrieved from the vehicle system module to identify the fault location.
Erase Fault Codes: Clear the fault code retrieved from the vehicle system module to turn off the MIL after repairs.
Review Live Data: View live text or graphic data of the working system and get freeze frame data when the problem occurred.
I/M Readiness Monitor: The one-key I/M readiness attribute will offer you 5-second quick monitoring of your car’s engine status.
EVAP System Test: This allows you to perform a leak test for the vehicle's EVAP system. Prevent vaporized gasoline vapors from escaping the vehicle's fuel tank into the atmosphere.

Support Car Models

Multiple Languages Support

In order for you to understand each diagnostic info accurately and without obstacles, we have 100% localized in a total of 12 mainstream languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

Auto VIN Scan

LD700 automotive scanner has come with auto VIN detection, you can get a clear detection in only 5 seconds at your home. It will offer full-system diagnosis and comprehensive codes after finishing scanning and detection. So, say goodbye to your long time waiting for the workshop to detect the DTCS.
In addition, please do not forget you can also always manually input the vehicle info to diagnose.

Lifetime Free Update

The professional OBDII scanner comes with full Land Rover diagnostic software with free access for a lifetime. This also means that you are one click away from online updates. You can always get the latest JLR vehicle diagnostic software and functions without paying additional subscription fees. So you will not only save a lot of money on repair shop traps but also time on towing to a workshop.

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