How to Make an Active Test on Benz using ANCEL V6 Pro?

    How to Make an Active Test on Benz using ANCEL V6 Pro?


    Performing an active test on your Benz car using the ANCEL V6 Pro is an effective way to diagnose specific components and functionalities. You can precisely evaluate specific vehicle components with the ANCEL V6 Pro’s advanced active test feature. This exhaustive guide is here to help lead you through each step, ensuring an effortless diagnostic process.

    Step-by-step Guide

    Tool Activation

    • Turn on the ANCEL V6 Pro by pressing the power button for about 3 seconds.

    Initial Setup

    • Swipe across any part of the screen to navigate and access the main menu.

    Select Vehicle Make and Mode

    Tap on "Diagnosis" from the main menu and select the corresponding Benz car model you’d like to diagnose. (We'll illustrate using a Benz as an example in this guide.)


    Automatic/Manual Selection

    • You have the option to proceed with the test using either the automatic or manual method. Here let’s take the automatic selection as an example.



    VIN Code Reading

    • Proceed to read the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) by inputting the VIN code of your vehicle. The V6 Pro will automatically retrieve and display the vehicle information.


    Vehicle Configuration

    • Choose the steering type: Left-hand or right hand steering, depending on your vehicle.

    • Then, select the vehicle version - for example, choose “Coupe.”

    • Specify the year of production of the vehicle, for instance “up to 03/2004.”

    System Selection

    • Access “System Selection” to choose the specific system you want to diagnose.

    System Access

    • Go to the “Drive” system.

    • Within the Drive system, select “CDI2 - Common Rail Diesel Injection.”

    Active Test

    • Access the “Active Test” function in the chosen system.

    Component Selection

    Choose the specific component you want to test. For example, select “Actuation of component M55 (Inlet port shutoff motor).”


    Performing the Test

    • Perform the active test on the selected component following the on-screen prompts provided by the V6 Pro.

    • Execute the test according to the instructions displayed on the device.


    Enabling the active test function in the ANCEL V6 Pro which provides a strong advantage to both Benz owners and technicians. Precision becomes all-important as this function empowers you to pinpoint and troubleshoot specific vehicle components with precision. It's essential to consult the V6 Pro's user manual for comprehensive instructions and verify compatibility before performing any diagnostic assessments on your Benz car. Utilizing the active test function simplify the process, enabling you to efficiently identify potential issues and significantly enhance your vehicle's diagnostic evaluation.

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