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    The most incredible car OBD scanners come from Ancel. If you doubt it, maybe you should try the AD410 and see it yourself. The budget corded scanner is your friend when you need to know what triggered the check engine light.

    A car OBD scanner can come in handy when you want to know what could be ailing your car. An unmaintained vehicle tends to cost you more down the road. To avoid such, you need to have a code scanner. The Ancel AD410 provides the solution and helps identify issues before they become bigger. Here’s everything to know about the scanner.

    The First Impression

    You’re likely to have seen the incredible pictures of the Ancel AD410. That’s the wonderful work of the photographers, but the true experience is when the AD410 is helplessly sitting on your hand. The fresh scent of the gadget, just out of the box, and the feel on the hand will improve your mood. Who wouldn’t be happy to own a new electronic device? The beautiful experience of owning the AD410 will be the tip of the iceberg. The actual experience is reading error codes from your ECU and knowing what could be happening to your car.

    Let’s go back to the out-of-the-box experience. The package is simple to open. First, look, and you’ll confirm what you saw in the picture is accurate. Half of it is covered by a clear colour screen. You can easily read and interpret the icons and text. The lower part has five buttons. The buttons help you navigate, and they feel solid and well-built. The rubber buttons include the up, down, enter, and exit buttons, and I/M dedicated button.

    But there’s one pleasure a photo will never give you–the feel! You only get to experience it once the scanner is in your hands. The Ancel AD410 has incredible grips on the side, which will blow your mind. They are soft, and the small device rests firmly in the palm. You can conveniently press the buttons and direct the device to show what you want. The cables also come long and sturdy.

    What Does It Do?

    There are a lot of scanners in the market, which are beautiful for the eyes but almost empty shells. They have limited capabilities, but it’s not the same for the Ancel AD410. It’s an incredible car OBD scanner with fantastic capabilities and can do more than you can imagine. Here’s what it can do.

    The Basic Functions

    The OBD2 scanner can do what every scanner should– read and clear manufacturer-specific and generic codes. It does so accurately and quickly. It reads all codes, including engine codes, SRS warnings, airbag codes, engine codes, and other systems. It does more than reading the codes. The AD410 gives the user a brief description of the error, and it's coming from. That would save you, the DIYer, or a mechanic time to check what the codes mean online.

    After doing the repairs or writing down the issues, you can use the same tool to clear the codes and reset the vehicle. However, if you don’t have the issues fixed, the check engine light will definitely turn back on and display the same codes if you use your AD410 again. Clearing the codes also gives space to new codes whenever your car needs attention after the service.

    What happens if you delete a code by mistake and didn’t record it? The Ancel AD410 has a built-in DTC look-up library, which might sound new, but it’s one of the most incredible features of this scanner. The feature allows you to retrieve codes. The code definition can help fix and do repairs before clearing codes.

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    Other Functions that Make the AD410 Special

    The main reason why scanners were invented was for emission testing. The Ancel AD410 is a super function tool, and while it goes for about $50, it supports emission-related scanning and testing. It lets you know whether your vehicle will pass the external emission test. Emissions tests are expensive. A single session can be more costly than the AD410 itself. If your vehicle has an issue, you’ll be able to know and have it resolved.

    Another helpful feature of the AD410 is the live data feature. Live data shows your vehicle’s info in real time and lets you see your car’s performance. For example, you can step on the brake pedal while watching the ABS info on the data stream and see whether the braking system works as expected.

    The AD410 also retrieves the vehicle info, such as the VIN, CID, and CVN. The feature is usually available on more expensive scanners. This means you won’t have to enter the info manually, thus saving you time.

    Compatibility and Languages Supported

    The tool covers most post-1996 American, European and Asian vehicles. Car models from brands like Chevy, Ford, Mercedes, GM, Land Rover, Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Volkswagen, and many more are supported. The AD410 supports multiple languages.

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    Summary of What the AD410 Can Do

    • Read and erase codes
    • Can store codes through the DTC lookup library
    • Supports EVAP system test
    • Supports major car brands
    • Has a dedicated I/M button.

    Is the Ancel AD410 Worth the Money?

    Considering the AD410 can do most of what a professional car scanner can do for $50 and is super convenient and easy to use, it's worth the money. No matter what you are looking for in a car OBD scanner, whether you need to read and erase codes, or most importantly perform EVAP testing, the AD410 is the right choice.

    The AD410 is definitely your shortcut to freedom. You don't have to worry about why the CEL is on or spend your day worrying about your vehicle breaking down before you reach your destination. Also, trailers aren't cheap. However, a $50 car scanner is worth it.

    Wrapping Up

    The Ancel AD410 is one of the most incredible budget car OBD scanners on the market. I’ve used it before, and you’ll be impressed when you try it too. What’s even more interesting is that it’s an order away. Visit the official Ancel website, make an order, and the scanner will be delivered to you.

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