Common Motorcycle Error Codes and What They Really Mean

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    When your motorcycle starts making unfamiliar sounds or acting strangely, it's not just an inconvenience, but a clear sign that something might be wrong. But how do you know what's wrong? This is where motorcycle error codes come into play.

    What Are Motorcycle Error Codes?

    To put it merely, motorcycle mistake codes are your motorcycle's way of interacting with you. It's like a language that your motorcycle talks when something's not quite best.

    These error codes are created by the motorcycle's onboard computer system, referred to as the ECU (Electronic Control Device). When the ECU senses an issue, it tosses an error code. This code after that obtains displayed on your motorcycle's dashboard, or sometimes, can be reviewed utilizing a specialized diagnostic device.

    But why are these mistake codes so essential, you might ask yourself? Well, these codes supply valuable understandings right into potential issues with your motorcycle. They can save you time, cash, and stop a minor issue from escalating into a significant one. A lot like the check engine light in your vehicle, it's your motorcycle informing you it needs focus.

    Usual Error Codes and Their Definitions

    Let's currently dive into the heart of the matter. Right here's a failure of some common motorcycle error codes, their definitions, and how to troubleshoot or repair them. It is very important to keep in mind that the particular codes and also their meanings can differ relying on the make and also model of your motorcycle, so always describe your proprietor's handbook for the most accurate details.

    Mistake Code 12: This is generally associated with a malfunctioning crankshaft sensing unit. The crankshaft sensor is an essential element as it monitors the engine's speed and also piston position. If this sensing unit stops working, your motorcycle may not start or may experience misfiring.

    Error Code 19: This code usually suggests there's a problem with the ignition pulse generator. This part is accountable for indicating the ECU when to discharge the spark plugs. If it malfunctions, your motorcycle may not begin in any way.

    Mistake Code 33: This code usually indicates a trouble with the ignition coil, which can result in bad engine performance and even engine failure.

    Troubleshooting and Managing Error Codes

    For every issue, there's a service, right? Thankfully, that's true for motorcycle error codes as well.

    For issues with the crankshaft sensing unit (Code 12), you 'd wish to look for visible damages or loosened connections first. If whatever looks great on the surface, the sensor could need replacing.

    With an ignition pulse generator concern (Code 19), examine the electrical wiring and also adapters for any type of damage. If the wiring is alright, the generator itself could require to be replaced.

    For an ignition coil trouble (Code 33), check out the coil as well as its electrical wiring. Frequently, a harmed wire or bad link can be the wrongdoer. If not, you may need to replace the coil.

    Keep in mind: It's constantly advised to get specialist help when taking care of engine components, particularly if you're not certain with your mechanical skills.

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    Ancel and Motorcycle Code Reader Ancel Mt700

    Step into Ancel OBD Scanner, a brand known for high-quality diagnostic equipment. Their product motorcycle code reader Ancel MT700 is an indispensable tool for any type of cyclist. This handheld device can read and clear error codes on many modern motorcycles.

    This tool not only enables you to identify and understand problems in a timely manner, but also helps you make informed decisions regarding the repair and maintenance of your motorcycle. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned cyclist, the Ancel MT700 is a tool that will make your life easier and your ride smoother.

    Diving Deeper into Motorcycle Error Codes

    To really understand the art of comprehending motorcycle mistake codes, it's beneficial to have a fundamental understanding of the parts entailed. The ECU, for example, is the brain of your motorcycle. It continually keeps an eye on a variety of sensing units within the engine and also other systems to make sure optimal procedure.

    Each sensor corresponds to a particular function. As an example, the throttle setting sensing unit monitors just how much you're turning the throttle, while the coolant temperature level sensing unit ensures your engine does not get too hot. These sensing units feed data back to the ECU, as well as if something appears off, the ECU flags it, generating an error code.

    A Deep Study Ancel MT700 Features

    Ancel MT700 is a powerful tool with features that really set it apart. In addition to checking and eliminating error codes, the tool offers full ECU diagnostics, real-time infographics, and even battery voltage screening. It's also compatible with a wide range of motorcycles, including major brands like Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Honda, and Yamaha.

    Additionally, the Ancel MT700 sustains all OBD2 protocols, consisting of the newer CAN-BUS system, making it a future-proof choice. Its easy to use interface and also clear, backlit screen make it easy to use, also for those not so tech-savvy.

    Understanding Error Codes Enhances Security

    Lastly, recognizing mistake codes isn't practically maintaining your motorcycle-- it's additionally regarding safety and security. A misfiring engine or damaged brakes can pose considerable risks when traveling. By immediately resolving the concerns shown by the error codes, you can ensure not just the longevity of your motorcycle but likewise your security and that of others when traveling.


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    Understanding and addressing motorcycle mistake codes can feel like an intimidating task. However, with the ideal knowledge and devices, you can detect and also fix lots of common issues on your own. Remember, at the heart of every error code is a possibility to read more regarding your motorcycle and also ensure its optimum efficiency. Outfit on your own with a trustworthy analysis device like the Ancel MT700, and also turn the mystery of error codes right into a solvable problem.

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