Five Things You Didn't Know Your Ancel BM700 BMW Scan Tool Could Do

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    You now have the newest Ancel BM700 on the market. However, like any complex piece of equipment, chances are you're not using it to its full potential. Wondering how to maximize your BMW scan tool? Buckle up and let's dive into the world of advanced diagnostics and uncover the hidden capabilities of BMW's scan tool. Ready to explore unknown Ancel BM700 features? let's start!

    Advanced Battery Registration and Reset

    Did you know that your BMW scan tool can perform advanced battery registration and reset? That's right, and it's a pretty big deal. When you replace the battery in your BMW, the system needs to know about it. The Ancel BM700 can register your new battery with the car's onboard diagnostic system, ensuring the alternator delivers the correct charge. Isn't that neat?

    The benefits are manifold. Advanced battery registration and reset prolong the battery lifespan, maintain the electrical system's health, and improve fuel efficiency. But how do you do it? Simply plug in your Ancel BM700, select the 'Battery Management' function, and follow the on-screen instructions. It's as easy as pie!

    Bi-directional Control

    No, it's not a fancy term from a sci-fi flick. Bi-directional control is an unusual use of a BMW scan tool that can literally work wonders. In layman's terms, it allows you to 'speak' to the onboard computer system of your BMW and send commands to test various vehicle components. For example, you could activate the fuel pump, open/close windows, or even test your brake system.

    Having bi-directional control opens up a new world of proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. Navigate to the 'Active Test' function on your Ancel BM700 to start exploring. Who knew that a scan tool could do all that?

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    Service Function Resets

    Beyond the basic check engine light reset, your BMW scan tool has a slew of service function resets up its sleeve. From oil reset and brake pad reset to steering angle calibration, the Ancel BM700 can do it all. Essentially, it's like having your personal car service center at your fingertips.

    Using these features not only keeps your BMW in peak condition but also saves you a ton of money on dealership visits. To utilize these features, simply go to the 'Service Functions' menu. So, why not give it a try and keep those dealership visits at bay?

    Live Data Stream

    Ever wished you could know what's going on under the hood in real-time? With the Ancel BM700's live data stream feature, you can. The tool provides real-time feedback about the health and performance of various vehicle components.

    The live data stream is an invaluable tool for detecting abnormalities early, potentially saving you from expensive repairs down the road. To access this feature, select the 'Live Data' function and watch the magic happen. Who knew that your BMW scan tool could double as your car's personal health inspector?

    ABS/SRS System Diagnostics

    Last but definitely not least, the Ancel BM700 can diagnose issues in the ABS and SRS (Airbag) systems, features often missing in generic scan tools. If there are any faults in these critical safety systems, your BMW scan tool will be the first to know.

    By detecting issues early, you can ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and prevent possible accidents. Simply go to the 'ABS/SRS Diagnostics' option to perform a comprehensive safety check. Safety first, as they say!

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    There you have it! Five things you probably didn't know your BMW scan tool could do. From advanced battery registration to ABS/SRS diagnostics, the Ancel BM700 has a wide range of unknown BMW scan tool features that help you maximize its potential. The world of vehicle diagnostics is yours to explore, so why wait? Start your journey today and witness the magic of the Ancel BM700!

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