How Do I Use My Ancel AD310 ODB Scanner?

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    Congratulations on acquiring your very own Ancel AD310, a highly acclaimed and popular OBD2 tool. This device is known for its ability to save you both time and money on car maintenance while being incredibly user-friendly. However, if you're new to owning an obd2 car scanner, you might be a bit confused about how it works. Don't worry! Once you grasp the basic instructions, you'll find that using the Ancel AD310 is a breeze.

    Start by Familiarizing Yourself with the User Manual

    Although it may not be the most exciting read for some, going through the user manual is always a valuable tip. This applies to any new tool, including the Ancel AD310.

    The user manual serves as an excellent resource not only for understanding the different parts and functions of your new OBD scanner but also for gaining insight into the overall OBD system.

    Connecting Your Ancel AD310 OBD Scanner to Your Vehicle

    The first thing you need to learn to do is connect your car scanning tool into your car.

    Every vehicle has a port called the Data Link Connector (DLC) located on the inside. The cable attached to the top of your Ancel AD310 device is the DLC cable, which needs to be plugged into this port. Before plugging in your Ancel obd2 diagnostic scanner, ensure that your car's ignition is turned off.

    Depending on your car model, the DLC port is usually found in one of two places: either beneath your dashboard on the left-hand side or behind the ashtray in the center of your car. Once you locate it, plug in the cable. Afterward, turn on your car's ignition.

    Since this is likely your first time connecting your car to the Ancel AD310, you'll probably need to find your car's serial number and input it into the device. This step is necessary for proper registration and establishing a connection.

    Once the connection is established, the Ancel AD310 will initiate an initial diagnostic scan automatically. This scan involves analyzing various aspects of your vehicle, including the chassis, body, and powertrain.

    After completing the initial analysis, the Ancel AD310 will provide you with any error codes it has detected. Each error code is a crucial piece of information that offers insights into the health and condition of your car.

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    Learning to Interpret Error Codes

    Detecting error codes is one of the most important functions of any Ancel OBD scanner. Many people purchase an OBD scanner specifically for this reason, making it vital to learn the basics of reading error codes when using the Ancel AD310.

    Error codes fall into four primary categories: P for powertrain, B for body, C for chassis, and U for Unknown, which refers to any part of the car not covered by the first three categories.

    Following the letter, each error code consists of a series of four numbers. The combination of the letter and the numbers constitutes the error code. Your task is to look up the meaning of the code to identify the issue with your car.

    Since OBD error codes are well-documented, you can easily find their meanings online. Simply enter your error code into a search engine, and you'll receive the information within seconds.

    Getting Acquainted with the Ancel AD310 Interface, Buttons, and Menus

    One of the best features of the AD310 and any Ancel OBD scanner is its user-friendly design. It has an Enter button for confirming actions, an Exit button for returning to previous menus, and Up and Down buttons for navigating through lists. While these controls may not be as advanced as those on modern smartphones, they contribute to the Ancel OBD scanner's simplicity.

    The device features a bright LCD screen that is easy to read in any lighting condition. From here, you can access the main menu and select the desired function for your ancel obd2 scanner.

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    The main menu of the Ancel AD310 offers four primary options: Diagnostics, Language, Contrast, and Unit of Measure.

    Regarding Language, the Ancel AD310 defaults to English, but you can switch to another language if needed. Contrast allows you to adjust the brightness, while Unit of Measure lets you switch between the metric and imperial systems. However, the menu option you should familiarize yourself with the most is Diagnostics.

    Within the Diagnostics menu, you'll find six options: Read Codes, Erase Codes, Live Data, View Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness, and Vehicle Info. These functions are the primary features of your Ancel OBD scanner, and with a bit of practice, you'll become comfortable using them after a couple of attempts.

    For certain functions, the Ancel AD310 will provide specific instructions, such as leaving the key in the off position. Make sure to follow these instructions each time they appear, as they are crucial for the scanning procedure to work correctly.

    Once you become proficient in reading and erasing codes, you'll appreciate the value of the AD310. Its user-friendly interface and convenience will make you wonder why you didn't get one sooner.


    The Ancel AD310 is an exceptional and affordable code reader produced by Ancel. By owning one, you've made an excellent choice. Now that you've followed the instructions above, you know exactly how to utilize its features. You can now easily monitor your car's condition and stay on top of maintenance tasks.


    How often should I use the Ancel AD310 for car diagnostics?

    It is recommended to use the Ancel AD310 for car diagnostics whenever you experience issues or as part of regular maintenance routines.

    Can the Ancel AD310 clear error codes from my car's computer?

    Yes, the Ancel AD310 has the capability to clear error codes from your car's computer.

    Is the Ancel AD310 compatible with all car models?

    The Ancel AD310 is compatible with most OBD2-compliant vehicles manufactured after 1996. However, it's always a good idea to check the compatibility list or consult the user manual for specific vehicle compatibility information.

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