How to Use the Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine

    ANCEL AJ400 Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine

    Keeping your fuel injectors clean is key to maintaining your vehicle’s performance. The fuel injector cleaning machine is a tool that helps remove gunk and test for issues. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to use it.

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    Simple guide of using the fuel injector cleaning machine

    Steps to Use the Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine

    Step 1: Get Everything Ready

    First, make sure your fuel injector cleaning machine is set up and plugged in. Park your car in a ventilated area and turn off the engine. Wear gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself.

    Step 2: Hook Up the Machine

    Find the fuel injector rail in your car and disconnect the fuel line. Attach the adapter from the cleaning machine to the fuel rail. Make sure it's tight and secure to avoid leaks.

    Step 3: Add the Cleaning Solution

    Pour the recommended cleaning solution into the machine’s reservoir. Follow the instructions on the solution’s bottle for proper mixing.

    Step 4: Start the Cleaning Cycle

    Turn on the machine and start the cleaning cycle. The machine will pump the cleaning solution through the injectors. This usually takes about 30 minutes. It will run the engine at different speeds to clean thoroughly.

    Step 5: Keep an Eye on Things

    Watch the machine while it's running. Look out for leaks or any odd behavior. If something seems off, stop the machine and fix the problem before continuing.

    Step 6: Disconnect the Machine

    When the cleaning cycle is done, turn off the machine and disconnect it from the fuel rail. Reconnect the fuel line on your car and make sure everything is tight. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes to check if everything is working right.

    Step 7: Test the Vehicle

    After running the engine for a few minutes, take your car for a short drive. Pay attention to how it runs. If the engine is smoother and more responsive, the cleaning was successful. If you notice any issues, consider repeating the process or consulting a professional.

    Step 8: Regular Maintenance

    To keep your fuel injectors in top condition, use the cleaning machine regularly. Depending on your driving habits, you might need to clean the injectors every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Regular cleaning helps maintain fuel efficiency and engine performance.

    Fuel Injector Cleaner | ANCEL
    Ancel AJ400 GDI EFI TSI Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner Ultrasonic Resistance Test Clean and Test 4 Injectors Simultaneously

    ANCEL AJ400 Ultrasonic Fluid Injector Function

    The ANCEL AJ400 is a handy ultrasonic fuel injector cleaner with multiple functions to make cleaning and testing easier. It’s great for four-cylinder cars and has a pressure gauge for precise testing.


    The ANCEL AJ400 offers 11 main functions:

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Idle Speed Test

    Medium Speed Test

    High Speed Test

    Accelerating Test

    Variable Speed Test

    Leakage Test

    Idle Spray Volume

    Medium Spray Volume

    High Spray Volume

    These features let you test under different conditions, helping you spot and fix issues. The ANCEL AJ400 is excellent for removing carbon deposits, testing for leaks, cleaning spark plugs, and checking injector firing.

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves to agitate the cleaning solution, effectively removing stubborn deposits from the injectors. This method is highly efficient and ensures that the injectors are thoroughly cleaned.

    Idle Speed Test

    This function tests the injectors at idle speed, ensuring they are delivering the correct amount of fuel when the engine is not under load. It helps diagnose issues like rough idling or stalling.

    Medium and High Speed Tests

    These tests simulate engine operation at medium and high speeds, checking the injectors’ performance under different conditions. It helps identify problems that may not be apparent at idle.

    Accelerating and Variable Speed Tests

    These functions test the injectors’ response to acceleration and variable speeds, ensuring they can deliver the necessary fuel when the engine demands more power.

    Leakage Test

    This test checks for any leaks in the fuel injectors, which can lead to poor performance and fuel wastage. Identifying and fixing leaks can improve fuel efficiency and engine power.

    Spray Volume Tests

    These tests measure the amount of fuel sprayed by the injectors at idle, medium, and high speeds. Consistent spray volume ensures that the engine receives the correct amount of fuel for optimal performance.

    Glass Tube Assembly Replacement Glass Tube Steps

    Step 1: Secure the Glass Tube Assembly

    Place the glass tube assembly upright on a table. Secure the bottom to keep it steady. Use a hexagonal wrench (M6) to remove the screw holding the upper cover.

    Step 1: Secure the Glass Tube Assembly

    Step 2: Remove the Upper Cover

    Take off the upper cover and remove the broken glass tube carefully.

    Step 2: Remove the Upper Cove

    Step 3: Install the New Glass Tube

    Put the new glass tube into the assembly. Make sure it snaps into the card slots on the upper and lower covers. Adjust the scale orientation of the glass tube for accurate readings.

    Step 3: Install the New Glass Tube

    Step 4: Reattach the Upper Cover

    Put the upper cover back on and tighten the screw. Make sure the glass tube is centered and not offset. Keep the screws tightened evenly to prevent imbalance.

    Step 4: Reattach the Upper Cover


    Check if the glass tube is centered during tightening.

    Keep the screws tightened evenly.

    Handle the glass tube carefully to avoid breaking it.


    Using a fuel injector cleaning machine like the ANCEL AJ400 can help keep your engine in top shape. Follow these steps for thorough cleaning and testing of your fuel injectors. Regular use of this machine will help your engine run smoothly and efficiently.

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