Which Automotive Scanner is Right for You?

    Full system automotive scanner to know you car

    At ANCEL, we offer an incredible array of automotive onboard diagnostic tools to provide insights into your vehicle performance. This includes scanning for vital systems that could be risking your vehicle's safety and longevity, such as engine issues, transmission, onboard computer components, airbags, breaks, warning alerts, and more. Automotive OBD scanners can also monitor the level of urgency for these common issues, letting you know exactly when it's time to repair or replace certain vehicle components. This makes for a more efficient and reliable ride and peace of mind knowing which systems could be causing problems or will in the future.

    These onboard diagnostic scanners plug directly into your vehicle's OBD2 Port, providing real-time data that could save your car or truck from costly damage and, in extreme cases, your life. A major system failure while you're on the road could lead to serious accidents, which are entirely preventable with regular OBD scanning.

    While a trusted mechanic can scan your vehicle for safety and performance issues at your next tune-up, you can also save time and money by purchasing your own OBD scanner. Troubleshooting common issues with an automotive scanner is quicker and easier than you might think – if you have the right model.

    If you're in the market for an automotive OBD scanner, deciding which model is best for your needs can be difficult. So today, we'll compare two of our most popular products: the ANCEL X7 and the ANCEL V6 PRO+. While both offer key automotive diagnostic options, a few differences could influence your decision.

    ANCEL X7 Full System Automotive Scanner 

    This is one of our best-reviewed automotive OBD scanners, with 4.97 out of 5 from all our customers. The ANCEL X7 offers all system diagnoses, a versatile OBD2 device covering all major vehicle systems. Common issues that the ANCEL X7 automotive scanner can check are transmission systems, electrical, HVAC, battery, brakes, ignition, and all electrical systems.

    Please refer to the product page to get a full list of all automotive systems that the ANCEL X7 OBD2 scanner can monitor.

    Included with Purchase

    • ANCEL X7 10.1 Inch Android Tablet Scanner
    • Bluetooth VCI Box
    • Connection Cable
    • Protective Carrying Case
    • OBD2 Diagnostic Cable
    • USB Cable
    • US, EU or UK Plug
    • ANCEL X7 User Manual

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    10.1 Inch Touch Screen

    The ANCEL X7 OBD2 touchscreen displays your vehicle's onboard diagnostic results on an easy-to-read Android tablet. All OBD2 results are clear and concise, making performance results simple.


    After connecting the ANCEL X7 to your vehicle's OBD2 port, the device pairs seamlessly with the scanner via Bluetooth. So you can receive results and updates without tangling chords.

    Print Results

    If you discover a serious systems issue while using the ANCEL X7 automotive scanner, your onboard diagnostic device can print a full report to share with a mechanic or review later. These reports can be vital records of your vehicle's performance over time.

    IMMO Keys

    An IMMO or immobilizer key is a common security feature in most modern vehicles. The immobilizer system can stop a stolen car, making it an essential anti-theft system that must be checked regularly using an OBB scanner like the ANCEL X7.

    Please note that the ANCEL X7 does not support IMMO scanning for Ford vehicles. For this reason, the ANCEL V6 PRO+ may be a better option for Ford drivers. See more information about the V6 PRO+ below.

    Reset Services

    Outside of IMMO keys, the ANCEL X7 can also reset your oil system, injectors, electronic parking brake, diesel particulate filter, anti-lock braking system, steering angle sensor, battery management system, tire pressure monitoring system, throttle position sensor, and more.

    ECU Coding

    The engine control unit, or ECU, programming controls the modules in your vehicle's engine. These modules can be reprogrammed or re-flashed to upgrade performance or fix ongoing problems. You can also update your ECU software with the ANCEL X7 to improve engine activity.

    Car Scanner | ANCEL
    ANCEL X7 Full System Automotive Scanner Immobilizer Key Programming

    ANCEL V6 PRO+ Bluetooth Bidirectional Scan Tool 

    While the ANCEL X7 is a powerful OBD2 vehicle systems tool, the ANCEL V6 PRO+ has a few more features that might be essential for your use. In particular, the ANCEL V6 PRO+ provides onboard diagnostic support for over 120 vehicle makes and models, some of which aren't covered by the X7. That means over 10000 vehicles that can be diagnosed and improved with the V6 PRO+ automotive scanner. As a professional-grade OBD scanner tool, the V6 also offers slightly more in-depth results.

    Check out the product page to get a full list of all automotive systems that the ANCEL V6 PRO+ OBD2 scanner can monitor. 

    Included with Purchase

    • ANCEL V6 PRO+ Car Scanner
    • Bluetooth Big VCI Connector
    • USB Charging Cable
    • USB Adapter with 2 Connectors
    • Protective Carrying Case
    • OBD2 Diagnostic Cable
    • US, EU, or UK Plug
    • Cleaning Cloth

    8.0 Inch Touchscreen with Long Endurance Battery

    Results from the ANCEL V6 PRO+ automotive scanner are displayed on a sturdy hard touch screen monitor. Built to last, it has an ultra-durable and scratch-resistant cover. The device is also equipped with an HD camera to record and monitor your vehicle's condition during testing.

    The V6 PRO+ also has one of our highest-performing batteries, for long-term endurance battery life in OBD2 scanners. With an 8000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, you'll be able to work more and charge less.

    Larger Capacity ROM

    In comparison with the V7, the V6 PRO+ has a bigger memory for storing more automotive scanner data. This allows the user to keep track of potentially years of OBD scanner information, which can create a fuller picture of the overall mechanical health of your car over time. Comparing vehicle inspection data directly on the V6 PRO+ device makes analyzing vehicle system information instant, quick, and easy.

    Bluetooth 5.0 Pro Wireless VCI or Lined USB Connection

    Using Bluetooth 5.0, the ANCEL V6 PRO+ connects to your vehicle quickly and with enhanced stability. With the wireless VCI or lined USB connection, the OBD scans are as accurate as possible and prevent connection interruptions that could contaminate the automotive scanner results.

    Android 10.0 OS

    With this top-of-the-line, ultra-fast Android processor, the ANCEL V6 PRO+ provides ultra-fast connection and operations. Getting accurate results as quickly as possible will save you time and money when performing OBD2 scans on your vehicle.

    Key Fob Programming

    The ANCEL V6 PRO+ Bluetooth device can add, remove, replace, and reprogram your vehicle key fobs – usually an expensive and frustrating process. This service comes with the V6 OBD2 model, without additional subscriptions or fees.

    This key fob reprogramming provided with the V6 is a slightly elevated component of the V7 IMMO theft prevention system discussed above. However, above and beyond the basic IMMO key security features of the V7, the ANCEL V6 PRO+ offers the ability to program several smart keys and blades.

    All Systems Diagnosis

    For a full OBD2 system check, the ANCEL V6 PRO+ automotive scanner provides diagnosis for all available modules in your vehicle – a full system scan. A step above the standard V7, the V6+ offers the user over 25 specialized functions, such as coding, resetting, and programming.

    using car scanner to check the problem of car

    Active Test

    The ANCEL V6 PRO+ and ANCEL X7 OBD scanners both provide Active Test (or Bi-Directional Control.) With this feature, you can access detailed information from whichever system or module you’re interested in. This data is then relayed directly back to the device and displayed almost instantly.

    2-Year FREE Update

    Get access to all the latest upgrades with two free years of software updates with the ANCEL V6 PRO+ and ANCEL X7 OBD scanners. This includes adding new vehicle models, the latest identified bugs and fixes, and bonus functionalities. The two year free update period begins from the date of your system activation.

    Getting your own OBD scanner

    For the safety of your family and other vehicles on the road, it's essential that you frequently monitor the functionality of your lights, steering, locks, and other core systems. A personal OBD scanner is a fantastic option if you intend to make vehicle diagnostics and repairs yourself, upgrade or reprogram certain vehicle systems, or simply keep track of vehicle performance over time.

    Hopefully, we've outlined the key values and benefits of both the ANCEL V6 PRO+ and ANCEL X7 automotive scanners. There's a reason these two models are among our best-sellers and highest-rated OBD products!

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