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The fastest and easiest way to determine whether your car is operating with maximum efficiency is by using an OBD2 Scanner. OBD2 scanner is a tool that diagnoses engine, transmission, batteries, and other issues that a vehicle may experience. Further, use it to read and clear error codes. You may complete a check or adjust your car's CPU using an OBD2 scanner.

Most vehicle users often make efficiency checks to ensure the vehicles run optimally. For this purpose, an OBD2 scanner features a live data or data stream function, which checks the complete engine and motor performance. 

It is essential to note that an OBD2 scanner is a warning system. It will not improve your car’s performance but will show you the current performance and where the problems are, if any. An OBD2 scanner is like a doctor who listens to your heart rate and diagnoses your health status. What you do with the scan results determines the car's performance. How Much Does An Obd2 Scanner Cost

How to check your Car’s Efficiency with an OBD2 Scanner

The Check Engine Light went on, and it is now time to put your OBD2 scanner into use. You must concentrate on a few things to check your car’s efficiency. Use the live scanner function to check the fuel economy, general engine performance, and check your thermal efficiency. Live data check is cheaper than visiting your local mechanic for diagnosis.

Look into the Fuel Economy

A vehicle operating on a high efficiency needs to have excellent fuel usage. An engine with too much fuel has a low fuel economy, making it expensive to run. An engine using more gas than required shows internal issues that may require an expert’s attention.

To check your car’s fuel economy using an OBD2 scanner, check the live data stream on the OBD2 diagnostic scan tool. The error displays as Fuel Trim. To better understand fuel trim, it shows as a percentage, 0.0 percent, to suggest the fuel system is working perfectly. It suggests that the engine is receiving the right amount of fuel.

If your fuel trim percentage is positive above 0.0 percent, it indicates that too much fuel is released. A negative reading, a number below 0.0 percent, indicates the fuel amount released is small. There are two more values to look out for on fuel trims; long-term and short-term fuel trim.

The values are fuel calculations, but long-term fuel trim is a calculation over a long time, while a short fuel trim calculates the rate of fuel release over a shorter period. Short-term fuel trim readings between 10.0 and 10.0 percent and a long-term fuel trim reading between 5.0 and 5.0 represent a healthy engine performance.

Check the Engine RPM

Engine revolution per minute shows the efficiency of its performance. OBD2 scanner checks the engine's RPM rate while in its idle mode. Cars with good performance have an idle speed of 600 to 1200 rpm. Trucks' optimal performance is 600 rpm, and motorbikes will reach 1200 rpm. To be sure, consult your car manufacturer through the vehicle's manual or online resources to find its optimal rpm.

A higher-than-normal rpm renders the engine inefficient since it generates more power than the vehicle needs. At the same time, too low rpm means the engine needs to create the right amount of power, making it less efficient. Common issues affecting the high or low rpm rates include vacuum leaks or idle control valves.

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Check the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP sensor)

Another factor greatly influencing vehicle engine operations is the manifold absolute pressure. MAP sensor readings check the fuel-injected engines. MAP sensors normally measure the air pressure at the air intake manifold. The car’s CPU only allows the right air/fuel ratio through. Maintaining the correct air/fuel ratio balance is important for fuel efficiency. This means the engine is not using too much or too little fuel.

When the OBD2 scanner indicates an imbalance of the ratio, potential causes could be incorrect air balance, lack of power, or failed emission tests. This data is important to pinpoint possible issues you must address for maximum efficiency.

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What an OBD2 Scanner Does

Reading and Clearing error codes

The onboard diagnostics tool lets you read and clear error codes about your car’s engine performance. The indication to use an OBD2 scanner is when CEL pops up. In addition, you read manufacturer-specific error codes connected to airbags, braking systems, and ABS.

Several things you get to see while doing a diagnostic check include,

  • Active codes like the warning light
  • What does the error code mean, and what are possible solutions
  • General car’s health state
  • Severity level of the codes
  • The overall health state of your car

Customize your car

Car fans love car coding, which allows you to unlock locked features at the manufacturer level. Coding your car gives you the ability to reset the original settings. Car coding enables you to do a few things that you could only do at the manufacturer’s access level.

  • Lock doors automatically after reaching a certain speed
  • Use the car key to move windows up or down
  • Interfere with the start/stop system
  • Customize the welcome and headlights functionality

Reading real-time data

The best way to leverage the power of OBD2 scanners is by measuring the car's current state. The scanners allow you to see the current temperature and pressure levels and may allow you to check turbo boost pressure. Should the check engine light go on, it is time to use the OBD2 scanner and know what is wrong.

Checking mileage fraud

When looking to buy a used car, use the OBD2 scanner to key sure the vehicle's readings have not been manipulated. It will help you get value for your money. A quality OBD2 scanner will give you a mileage report while allowing you to check whether it differs from the one displayed on the screen.

Guides you to perform maintenance

DIY scanning saves you a lot of money in the end. You do not have to rush to the auto shop whenever the check engine light pops up. The scanner gives you a detailed meaning of the code; some will show you potential issues you may handle on your own.

Some OBD2 scanners have a maintenance feature that provides clear guidelines for conducting essential maintenance. This means you do not have to rely on your mechanic, but you can fix the issues yourself.


The best OBD2 scanner for you depends on your needs. Still, no scanner can solve this problem. Use this information to improve the car's performance. Additionally, OBD2 Scanner is a powerful car scanner diagnostic tool that helps your mechanic repair vehicles intelligently. What OBD2 scanner is the best. Check out the scanners that meet your needs on the Ancel website.

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