Who Makes the Best OBD2 Scanner

obd2 car scanner

In a world where competition is a fair game, you’re likely to see many businesses trying to get their piece of cake. Competition is good for the consumer. First, there’s a surplus, and competitors try to edge each other with lower offers and quality stuff.

The same applies to the scanning tools market. Many manufacturers have developed their own OBD2 scanners, offering different functions. Some scanners are Bluetooth powered, while some wired ones don’t rely on the car’s power to turn on. Every manufacturer is trying to edge the others, so who makes the best OBD2 scanner?

Who Makes the Best OBD2 Scanner

There are several reasons why an OBD2 scan tool can be useful to you, even though you are not a professional mechanic. A basic one will pull out codes from your car’s computer, and you’ll need to check them online or on your owner’s manual. More advanced ones will translate the error codes, and you won’t need to look them up yourself.

Some manufacturers target particular models of cars, such as Volkswagen group of cars, Toyota, or Ford. So, while shopping for an OBD2 scanner, you might benefit more from one specifically made for your car brand. Most scanners perform the basics like emission tests, reading error codes, and monitoring data about your engine. More advanced ones can erase codes too.

There are hundreds of scanners capable of performing essential functions. You could be wondering who makes the best of them all, but first, we need to know which is the best OBD2 scanner. I might not know which scanners you have used before, but I have used several. Finally, I landed on the Ancel AD410. I’ve been using it for about a year now, and I wish I had found it earlier. That answers your question. Ancel made the AD410!

What Makes the AD410 Stand Out

The Ancel AD410 is a low-budget corded scanner, but its capabilities make it the most affordable tool in its class. This is the tool to buy if you want to find the code errors that turned on the check engine light and help fix your car. The scanner cannot fix the car itself. That’s the job of your mechanic. What the scanner does is identify what the mechanic needs to fix.

The AD410 comes with a cable attached to it. The cable provides the scanner with power from the car after you turn on the ignition. The scanner allows you to access previous data scans and see how your car has been holding up. The live data option provides previous readings and current in real-time.

Th scanner also gives you a brief description of the codes it scanned from your car. You, therefore, won’t need to run to your owner’s manual or scanner or inline to find what the codes mean. It also turns off the check engine light. Besides, the Ancel AD140 supports most European, American, and Asian-manufactured vehicles.

What the AD410 is Not Able to Do

The scanner is limited to the essential functions most car owners will likely be looking for. Its primary function is to clear engine codes. Even though it gives brief descriptions of the codes, unlike the competition within that budget, which provides you with the codes and leaves you to interpret them by yourself, the AD410 does not provide detailed information.

Most scanners that provide more detailed information are used by professionals and cost hundreds of dollars. A good example is the Ancel V6. The AD410 does not read airbag codes, ABS codes, oil codes, stability codes, and any other code except those that trigger the check engine light. Except for those minor misses, the AD410 is an excellent scanner for that budget.

The Ancel BD200 Bluetooth Scanner

A friend of mine purchased the Ancel BD200 about two months after I bought the AD410, and I realized how good Ancel scanners are. The Bluetooth module looks more capable with a lot of functions. It looks like the manufacturer slashed the production costs and added more functionalities. The BD200 works by pairing to your phone via Bluetooth and sharing the codes with you through the Ancel app.

The scanner is easy to carry around. Once you scan your car, pull the module out and put it in your pocket or the compartment. The app also guides you on how to use the module. The BD200 is the best scanner for beginners. What’s more, there’s a lot the Bluetooth scanner can do. It’s one tool that’s closer to a professional scanner.

The Ancel BD200 is a fantastic engine code reader capable of reading crucial data such as fuel pressure and engine load. It also reads freeze frame data which allows you to understand the health of your vehicle’s engine. It performs all the basics like checking engine system faults, reading and clearing codes and turning off the check engine light.

The scanner also tests battery voltage. Sometimes the car fails to start because of a battery issue. The scanner will check your battery in real-time and help you understand whether the battery needs replacement. A damaged battery would mean more problems during winter.

Why I Think Ancel Makes the Best OBD Scanner

There are tens of companies that manufacture OBD2 scanners. Despite the competition, Ancel has been able to stand out with its high-quality, easy-to-use, and tough scanners. They are also affordable and packed with features every car owner would be looking for. I bought cheap scanners, which turned out to be more problematic than the check engine light, and I have them stored as waste.

The Ancel AD410 made the difference. Since buying it, I’ve always known the problems with my car before they are too big to handle. Before buying it, I had my doubts, but the reviews on Amazon reassured me. My friend keeps saying how great his Bluetooth scammer is, and if I ever upgrade, it would be to the Ancel BD200.


From my personal experience, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the same. I have mentioned Ancel scanners within a specific budget, which other competitors cannot compare to. I would recommend Ancel scanners to anyone who asks. If you want an OBD2 scanner, check on the Ancel website.

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