What Can an OBD2 Scanner Do

obd2 diagnostic scanner

You are probably planning to buy an OBD2 scanner to run diagnostic tests on your car because of the hype. Your friends have it, and you feel like the odd one out. They most likely talk about it in your hangouts, and you think you need to know more.

We got you! Before you get that scanner, you should know what you will do and how it will benefit you and your car. It’s a very crucial tool, and if you get the right one, it can save you money down the road. What can it do?

What an ODB2 Scanner Does

Once you plug in your ODB2 scanner in the car’s ODB2 port beneath the dash, it connects to the computer with access to your car’s engine and other systems. The computer is known as the Engine Control Module or the ECU.

With the scanner connected, you’re required to turn on the ignition. Once you do, the scanner starts reading and clearing the diagnostic trouble codes. It also resets the check engine light. The check engine light is like a bug that never gets out of your head. Do you fear the worst? The OBD2 scanner will take away the worries.

The tool monitors the engine and sensor data, provides you with real-time data, customizes features of your vehicle, and performs a myriad of other functions for your car. A budget scanner will give you codes you’ll have to search online and know what they mean. A more advanced scanner, which might be slightly expensive, will tell you what the codes mean.

A good OBD2 scanner also troubleshoots things like spark-plug misfires and oil pressure and even identifies the vehicle's VIN from the computer. ODB2 scanner is a must-have tool, not just because of what it does, but also to help you avoid trouble. Some states have strict emission laws, and if you don’t have your car serviced, this will spell trouble with the law.

What Issues Does it Resolve?

They say knowledge is power. Knowing what’s troubling your car can be the first step to resolving the problem. How else would you do that? We cannot think of a more affordable way than using an OBD2 scanner. Here are all the issues it can help resolve in your car.

Reads and Clears Error Codes

The primary function of the OBD2 scanner is to read and clear basic error codes. The most popular one is the check engine light. It also reads the diagnostic trouble codes known as manufacturer-specific codes. These codes are related to your brakes, ABS, and airbags.

When running this check, you’ll find the following, and:

  • All active codes.
  • The severeness.
  • What the codes stand for.
  • The healthy of your car depending on the issues presented.
  • Erase codes after certain repairs.

Provides Real-Time Data about Your Car

You might want to know the current state of your car even when everything is running smoothly. The main concerns are your battery conditions, charging, and voltage. The information is analyzed in real-time, and the results are displayed to help you understand your battery’s health life.

Here are what the scanner checks to provide you with real-time data:

  • Provides vehicle’s identification number and retrieves calibration ID and every crucial identity info about your car.
  • Performs a battery test to detect faults and bad cells and the voltage and battery health status.
  • Checks if repairs were done correctly.

Ancel scanners with this capability also provide a graph with accurate data after determining the status of the systems to make it simpler and easier to understand.

Runs Emission Tests

The OBD2 scanner will not resolve the emission problem but will help identify the problem if it exists. Before taking the official emission tests per your state’s laws and regulations, you can perform your own using your scanner. The scanner will run through your emission control systems and detect any problem.

It will then give you an overview of your car’s emission controls that must undergo service. You can then go through your mechanic before taking the official tests. The O2 sensor test of the Ancel scanner will also tell you what’s affecting your fuel efficiency.

Helps You Run DIY Maintenance

One of the benefits of having an OBD2 scanner is that you get to save money. Professional scanning by a mechanic can cost around $100, excluding the repair and maintenance service. Not only are scanners affordable, but they also save time and money.

For most of the essential maintenance repairs that are done on our cars, we can do them at home. The scanner will help you identify those minor issues and guide you on how to make those repairs. You won’t need to rely on your mechanic for everything. For instance, having your mechanic detect low tire pressure through their scanner would be a total waste of money and time. This is a minor issue that you can do at home.

Choosing the Right OBD2 Scanner

All vehicles produced after 1996 use the OBD2 technology. What could be as fantastic as owing a new car or at least one manufactured in the 21st century and utilizing this technology? Just as you buy your car’s fragrance, replace the tires, and upgrade the components, you can show love to your vehicle by acquiring an OBD2 scanner that will allow you to identify issues in your car in real-time.

There are many scanners on the market, from different manufacturers, with different sets of features, and their prices vary. You would want to get the best scanner for your car, but what should you look out for?

Your needs, budget, and capability would determine the best OBD2 scanner for your car. You can choose a super expensive OBD2 scanner that does almost everything or a more affordable one with limited functions. You can also pick a Bluetooth reader that pairs with your phone instead of one with a long cord.

The Ancel BD200 is one of the most incredible Bluetooth-enabled OBD2 scanners and engine code readers on the market. It has all the basic features and full OBD2 functions. It’s also affordable and offers a stable connection up to 10 meters from your car.


Th OBD2 scanner is a marvelous tool. When you have one, you can drive while smiling behind the wheel. You’ll have less to worry about when it comes to your car. Ancel has a wide range of scanning tools, including the BD200. They also have the AD410 with more capabilities and the AD310, the most affordable in their catalog, both coming with cables. Visit the website and pick the scanner that meets your needs.

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