What is the Best Heavy Duty Truck Scanner?

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    As a truck or hauling and transport company owner, one of the most crucial things you need is a heavy-duty truck scanner. Whether you run your garage or manage your truck alone, the scanner can be essential for reading the error codes.

    Whether you are driving a semi or a small truck, Ancel has a suitable truck scanner for you. Not all trucks use smaller vehicle scanners. Before we show you the best heavy-duty scanner, let’s see what it does and how to find one.

    What does a Heavy-Duty Scanner Do?

    All modern trucks are equipped with a diagnostic system. The system is available on the truck and trailer. The system is available through ports to plug in a scanner or code reader and access data from the engine control unit, the ECU. The scanner receives the codes and other crucial info about your truck’s health condition.

    The scanner scans codes from airbags, braking systems, powertrain data, body and chassis controllers, transmissions, instrument clusters, and engine systems. Ancel scanner tools for trucks also get frequent updates to stay on top and more effectively scan and pull error codes from your truck’s ECU.

    How to Choose the Best Heavy-Duty Truck Scanner

    When shopping for a heavy-duty truck scanner, there are many things to consider. Doing so will help you find the perfect scanner to help you efficiently resolve minor to more significant issues in your truck.

    Find Out if the Scanner Works for Your Scanner

    European and American trucks are different, not just about the designs. Every truck manufacturer has specific instructions for their trucks. Therefore, the tool you choose must be tested first or mention your truck model in its description.

    In the US, Peterbilt and Kenworth are probably the most common trucks on our highways, but they are uniquely different in how they work with scanners. They come with green diagnostic ports that you must run an adapter to find channel 1 to read data. Other trucks use channel 3.

    Ease of Use

    Go for a scanner you can use effortlessly. A code reader can be challenging to use, and you might feel like smashing it against the dash because you are getting nowhere with it. The secret to using it is dedicating a little time to learn how to use it. There are instructions and videos available online and a manual in the box.

    However, understanding how a product works before purchasing it can save you a lot of stress. A DIY tool should be simple for us. If it’s not, then it defeats the purpose. Make sure the scanner you buy is one you can learn how to use quickly.

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    The Available Functions in the Scan Tool

    Before buying an OBD2 scanner, it is best to understand its capabilities. All of these features illustrate what this tool can do for your truck. The more functions and features a barcode reader has, the more expensive it becomes. Here are the most important features you should check out.

    • Read active and inactive codes and also explain what the codes mean.
    • Read live data to help troubleshoot the fault code issues.
    • Perform advanced commands like resetting fault codes.
    • Track the fault codes history.
    • Perform road speed and cruise control adjustments.
    • Print the vehicle’s report.

    Choose a truck scanner that can perform the functions you need. To be on the safer side, get a scanner that performs the essential functions or spend more on an advanced scanner.

    Whether the Manufacturer Provides Reliable Technical Support

    While using a scanner, issues can arise. For instance, a malfunction can happen, or there can be a software hitch. If a serious issue arises, and you have no idea how to resolve it, contacting the support might be your only choice.

    Having a professional guide you through an issue or the fault codes can help you find a faster solution. Support can come through chatting with a customer agent through the main website’s chat feature, YouTube videos, and users’ platform or by contacting the support team through email or phone.

    Whether Updates are Available and Free

    Some scanner manufacturers sell the updates. Ancel does not. It’s one thing you can be sure about when purchasing an Ancel product. When buying a scanner, it should be clear whether it receives updates and how often they are released.

    A software update is crucial, especially when an improvement is made to the new software or an issue is discovered in the current one. Avoid buying a scanner that requires you to pay for updates. Tens of scanners don’t require you to purchase a software update.

    The Best Heavy Duty Track Scanner: Our Pick – Ancel HD110

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    While there are other products, wired to be specific, manufactured by Ancel, we decided to go with the Ancel HD110, a Bluetooth heavy-duty truck scanner with all the crucial functions and convenience. The HD110 can be connected to your phone and works with 9-pin diesel ECUs and 12-pin gasoline ECUs. It also works with cars so you don’t have to buy another one.

    However, the module only supports iPhones and Android smartphones and not tablets. With it, you don’t require diagnostic cables and adaptors to pull error codes from your truck. It’s compatible with most trucks in the US, including the Kenworth, Mack, Freightliner, and Peterbilt, among others. One of the most incredible features of this tool is Live Data, which allows you to view a graph of past and current code readings.

    Connecting this device and reading the codes is relatively simple. It comes with the OBD2 16-pin and the green 9-pin heads that you should plug into the port of your truck or car. Once you turn the ignition key to idle mode, the module will turn on. Pair it with your phone through Bluetooth and launch the Ancel app. The codes and what they mean will be displayed on your phone.

    Final Remarks

    Ancel got you covered when it comes to heavy-duty truck scanners. There is a variety to choose from, both wireless and wireless-enabled. There’s a scanner that’s within your budget. Check out their website and grab a scanner that meets your needs.


    What is the purpose of a heavy-duty truck scanner?

    A heavy-duty truck scanner reads error codes and provides essential information about the truck's health.

    What factors should be considered when choosing a heavy-duty truck scanner?

    Consider compatibility, ease of use, available functions, reliable technical support, and free software updates.

    What is the recommended heavy-duty truck scanner?

    The Ancel HD110 is a recommended Bluetooth scanner that works with various truck models, offers essential functions, and can be connected to your phone for code readings.

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