Where Can I Buy a Code Reader for My Car

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If you’re wondering where you can buy a great, dependable OBD2 code reader, look no further. This article will discuss OBD2 scanners, how they work, which one to buy, and where to get it.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about where to buy a code reader for your vehicle.

Why it’s Important to Have an OBD II Code Reader

A good OBD2 code reader is something that all car owners should have. Having one could potentially save you a lot of cash, and prevent some unnecessary trips to the auto shop.

This means that you can catch some problems before they become so serious that you even need to have repairs done, or some problems could be due to a faulty sensor. Other problems could even be fixed your self if you have a bit of knowhow when it comes to automobiles, or if you're willing to learn.

Then, you can simply watch tutorial videos on the internet to learn how simple and basic repairs or maintenance can be done on your specific make and model.

Having Your Own Tools is Key

You would of course need to have access to some tools in order to perform your own check-ups or repairs, but whatever tools you don’t have can either be rented or bought used if you’re looking to save some money. However, if you plan to start working on projects or do some of your own maintenance in the future, it’s a good idea to invest in your own tools.

To start with, an OBD2 code reader is a vital tool to have—especially for used car owners that can expect to encounter issues at some point in the future. And having your own at home means you’ll always have it on-hand.

Anytime you need to check your vehicle, you will simply be able to take out your OBD 2 scanner and run a quick diagnostic.

Perform Checks Regularly to Prevent Serious Issues

You should use your OBD II scanner to perform regular health checks on your vehicle, even when the CEL (check engine light) is not active. This will allow you to spot issues before they snowball.

There are two types of DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes), ‘pending codes’ and ‘stored codes’.

Pending codes are potential problems that your car’s OBD 2 system is showing as in development. These are things that don’t necessarily need to be addressed immediately, but that if left alone for a while, could worsen to the point of being a serious problem.

Stored codes are those that are bad enough now to trigger the CEL to come on. Stored codes are problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Your OBD code reader will differentiate between these two kinds of codes, and even provide certain manufacturer-specific data as long as it’s compatible with your vehicle.

Consider Getting a Universal Code Reader

It’s best to get a universal code reader, and especially one that’s compatible with your vehicle’s manufacturer specific codes. You can even use your code reader on the vehicle of your friends and family members.

Then, if anyone ever needs assistance and you have your OBD II code reader with you in your car, you can simply plug it into theirs and get a reading on what the problem is.

What’s the Difference Between Various OBD 2 Code Readers?

Not all OBD II code readers are made equal. The cheapest options may not have the functionality or the compatibility you need in order to use it effectively on your vehicle or others.

A cheaply made, low budget OBD scanner will not include the features needed to diagnose all of the potential issues that can arise. They’ll only include some of the most basic code reading capabilities, and most in that budget range can’t be used with a wide variety of different car manufacturers.

The LeeKooLuu OBD scanner is a good example of a cheap option that you should avoid. It’s too basic, and doesn’t have the durable build quality needed for years of use. Its extremely low price (below $20) may be temping, but you get what you pay for.

On the other hand, a highly recommended option would be the Ancel AD410. Let’s take a closer look at its features and why it comes so highly rated.

 Ancel AD410 OBD Code Reader

The Ancel AD410 is a great mid-range model that has robust functionality and excellent overall build quality. Although it’s not necessarily a budget option, it’s not expensive either, and strikes a great balance between features and price point.

The AD410 offers pretty much all of the features you could need in terms of conducting diagnostics on your vehicle. This, of course, includes the ability to erase DTCs, define them, and gather key performance data—even in real-time by the ECU. This includes things like the engine’s temperature, O2 sensor readings, and more.

The device includes a DTC index with definitions of all of the corresponding DTCs that you may encounter. Then, you can get an on-the-spot diagnosis of what exactly is wrong with your vehicle if the CEL comes on.

It also provides:

  • I/M readiness reports
  • OBD II freeze frame functionality
  • VIN, CID, and CIN information
  • The ability to print reports, and more

If you’re looking for a code reader that offers it all for a good price, the AD410 is an excellent choice. You can buy it now from Ancel’s website. There, you’ll also find a great selection of other products that match virtually any budget range.


Getting an OBD 2 code reader is a great idea. And now that you know where to get one—Ancel’s web-store—you’re all set and ready to get one for your vehicle.

Then, you’ll have one of your own to monitor your vehicle’s health with and prevent any issues before they can render your car out of service unexpectedly.

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