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    You'll definitely come across several options when looking for the best bidirectional scan. I know that for sure because I’ve used many of them. I can confidently say that the Ancel V6 Pro/Pro+ will be the last one you’ll ever buy.

    The Ancel V6 is just the perfect tool, with excellent features, that will help you conduct some basic repairs and budget your maintenance expenses. There’s so much it can do, and a favorite in most repair shops. In this review, we’ll explore the features of this gadget and why this tool should be in your toolbox.


    Ancel V6 Pro and Pro+ are the same, but Pro+ is an improved version. The Bluetooth VCI box is the only upgrade on the Pro+. The rest of the features are the same. This OBD2 Scanner is excellent and can be used up to 10 meters away from your car via Bluetooth technology.

    The bidirectional scan is a tablet-style diagnostic tool for professionals and vehicle owners who wants to DIY. The product can help you find and fix the issues in your car without having to go under the vehicle or open the hood. What’s more, it’s appealing and versatile. And it’s incredibly usable and interesting to use.

    The V6 Pro+ is an extremely powerful device that sends commands to your vehicle's module and completes specific tests and functions. It can perform cooling fan, fuel injector, window, door lock, light, and headlamp tests, among others. It also saves you time and money replacing or cloning your car keys.

    Vehicle Coverage

    The Ancel V6 Pro/Pro+ ODB2 scan is compatible with many vehicle models and makes manufactured in 1996 and after. It covers over 10,000 vehicle models, and your car is highly likely on that list. Over 78 car brands from Europe, Asia, and America are compatible with the Ancel V6 Pro. Besides that, the device gets frequent software updates, making it more capable and well-equipped to deal with the newer models.

    Vehicles manufactured in 1995 or earlier are OBD1 compatible and don’t support the V6. The scanner is only available and compatible with ODB2 vehicles only. There’s not much difference between the ODB1 and ODB2 except for the Bluetooth feature in the latter. The readings and functions are the same. However, Ancel V6 is quite a fast scanner – it works like a rocket. No ODB1 or ODB2 scanner can be as fast.

    The Ancel V6 can be quite a costly scanner, especially if you are unsure whether it’s compatible with your car. You should check some customer reviews. You can also check Ancel’s website and find the complete list of all vehicles compatible with the device.

    v6 pro bluetooth bidirectional scan toolFeatures of the Ancel V6 Pro/Pro+

    What makes Ancel V6 a simple scanner to use is its incredible features. It’s sturdy and responsive. It’s just like an android tablet in your hands, only that it performs more complex roles than an average smartphone. Here are some of the features worth looking out for.

    Runs on Android 10: The V6 Pro+ was released in August 2022 and runs on the stable Android 10 operating system, which is simple and fast. Any beginner that has used an android device before can use the scanner.

    Bluetooth 5.0: Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, the latest Bluetooth firmware, comes with upgraded functions like improved connectivity.

    8000mAh Battery: Such a massive rechargeable lithium battery helps the tablet run for longer.

    Massive Internal Storage: The ROM of this device is large enough to store all vehicle detection information. You can access the vehicle inspection report with just a few taps and use the data to analyze your car.

    8” Screen: Ancel is aware that the scanner can fall while you are working in the repair shop. Not only does it have an extra-tough cover, but it also has a durable and scratch-free touch screen.

    2-Year Free OTA Updates: You get constant updates, bug fixes, functionality, and a new vehicle support list whenever available. After the free update period runs out, you can still use the device as it is.


    There are a lot of functions the Ancel V6 can perform. We are going to discuss them below.

    ABS System Service

    The diagnostic device can check your Anti Lock Braking System. It can detect whether your ABS needs bleeding for a firm brake pad. It can also read error codes originating from ABS. The device helps with brake fluid control. It makes ABS issues easy to find and cheaper and faster to repair.

    Oil Reset and Engine Warnings Service

    The V6 can perform resets of the Oil Life system, turn off the engine warning light and calculate the oil change intervals.

    Tire Pressure Monitor Service

    The Ancel V6 can monitor tire pressure, sense a puncture, and it’s able to reset the warning light for the pressure sensor.

    Electronic Parking Brake Service

    It assists with deactivating and activating the brake control system, maintaining it, helps with fluid control, and setting brakes.

    Steering Angle Sensor Service

    The V6 can read and help calibrate the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS). It will help clear the sensor fault memory.

    Injector Coding

    Leaking and dead injectors might fail to show even if you disable the injector. The tool will help bring those problems to light.

    IMMO Anti-Theft Alarm Service

    The Ancel V6 Pro/Pro+ can reset your vehicle's alarm system. The system also allows you to reset the key if the previous keys have been stolen or lost.

    Diagnostic Features

    Diagnoses the brake system: If you notice unusual noise whenever you push the brake pedal or unresponsiveness, the V6 will be able to detect the root cause of that problem.

    Diagnoses the fuel system: If the “Check Engine” light is illuminated and the vehicle won’t start, the tool will help detect the problems.

    Diagnoses the light system: If you notice dimming or blinking lights, there could be a problem with your light system, which the V6 can detect.

    Diagnoses the wiper system: A chattering wiper can be annoying. The wiper might also fail to work when you need it the most and cause poor vision, which might lead to an accident. This tool will help resolve that.

    Diagnose the transmission system: The transmission system is crucial to your car’s performance. The tool will help you determine what could make your vehicle difficult to shift.

    Diagnose the emission system: The tool will detect whether the harmful gases emitted from your car’s exhaust are due to age or low-quality gas.

    Wrapping Up

    The Ancel V6 Pro/Pro+ is one of the best bidirectional scans you can ever get your hands on. Once you use it, there’ll be no turning back. What’s in the plastic box? You get the V6 Pro tablet, the VCI module that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth after plugging it in. You also get the manual, a clean cloth, a plug, the ODB2 cable, the charging cable, and the USB charging adapter.


    What is the main difference between the Ancel V6 Pro and Pro+?

    The upgraded Bluetooth VCI box is the main difference between the V6 Pro and Pro+.

    What are some notable features of the Ancel V6 Pro/Pro+?

    Android 10 operating system, Bluetooth 5.0, large internal storage, and an 8-inch durable touch screen.

    What diagnostic functions does the Ancel V6 Pro/Pro+ offer?

    ABS system service, oil reset, tire pressure monitoring, electronic parking brake service, steering angle sensor service, injector coding, and more.

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