Ancel X7 HD Vs. Ancel HD3400: The Battle of Heavy-Duty Truck Scanners

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    So many scanners in the world, but everyone talks about Ancel. What makes them the most popular? Ancel has invested heavily in technology, functionality, and durability while making their scanners inexpensive. The Ancel X7 HD is one of the most powerful heavy duty truck scanner, while the HD3400 is the affordable alternative.

    But why is the HD3400 more affordable? What can the X7 HD do that the former won’t? What draws the line between them? We will find out what sets them apart regarding the fight for the mightiest Ancel heavy duty truck scanner. Let’s get to it.

    The Similarities

    While some companies invest primarily in handheld devices, Ancel is focusing some of its efforts on tablets. The HD3400 and X7 HD are both Android-enabled tablet-style OBD2 scanners. They all use touch screens and are easy to navigate. You can quickly find features on both devices and perform tasks with ease. The screen is clear and readings can be seen even during the day.

    The X7 HD and the HD3400 also deeply read and erase fault codes on engines. They both can work on Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins, and Paccar. Therefore, if you have any of these models, you can be sure that either scanner will help you. They all perform an all-system diagnosis to direct you to the issues under your truck's or heavy machinery's hood. The HD3400 is also super capable of turning off the malfunction indicator light (MIL), something that the X7 HD is also capable of doing effortlessly.

    Both heavy-duty truck scanners also have a powerful DPF function that regenerates your resets the diesel particulate filter. However, for the scanner to perform the function, your truck or machinery should not be moving, and the brake, clutch, and gas pedal are all relaxed. The vehicle has to be in neutral and the handbrake tight. The DPF regeneration should be performed when the engine is idle, and the tank is not heated.

    The DPF regeneration is used to clear particulate matter from the dpf filter via continuous combustion oxidation mode. Your tank should not be heated up because the oxidation mode involves heating combustion, which helps stabilize the performance of the dpf filter. This function saves you money on costly filter replacements and keeps your dpf clean and nearly new.

    They also share the live data function. The function shows information on the engine speed, coolant temperatures, ECU temperature, and more via a graph. The data can be stored and played back, which is good since most scanners can only show it. They also provide a DTC lookup function, and for queries, you can request online assistance. All that is required is to sign up on the Ancel website and chat with support online.

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    For starters, the X7 HD and the HD3400 are both heavy-duty truck scanners, but the price tag is the first thing that tells you that they have different capabilities. Once you get them out of the box, you’ll see that the X7 HD has a gigantic 10.1-inch screen compared to the HD3400, which comes with a 5-inch screen. The X7 also has 2GB RAM and 32GB memory, compared to HD3400’s 1GB RAM and space of 8GB. The X7 HD takes the cup here in terms of software superiority.

    The Ancel HD3400 outshines the X7 HD with one ability. It can also read and clear codes on cars. It supports over one thousand US, EU, UK, and Asia car models. However, the number of truck models it can scan is limited. It has an OBD2 16 cable plug, diesel-6-pin and 9-pin adaptor, and the CAT-9 adaptor for caterpillars.

    The HD3400 only works on Caterpillar machinery, Paccar, Detroit, and Cummings trucks. The X7 HD, on the other hand, has a broad coverage of trucks. It works for Hyundai heavy trucks, Benz, DAF, MAN, HINO, SCANIA, FUSO, Renault, Volvo, and many more Asian and European truck models. For the American models, the X7 HD can read and erase codes for Mack, Freightliner, Paccar, Kenworth, and many more. It also works with most construction machinery, including Caterpillar, Bobcat, KOMAISU, Sunward, Yellow River, etc.

    When it comes to resetting, the X7 HD takes the lead. It can perform basic resets, oil change resets, cylinder compression tests, cylinder shut tests, EGR pulse ration tests, and ABS bleeding, among other crucial functions. For the HD3400, the only resetting function it has and shares with the X7 HD is the DPF resetting. If you are therefore considering buying one of these, you should know it’s not about the price but coverage.

    System Upgrades

    System upgrades are a hot topic in the scanner world. When purchasing a heavy truck diagnostic scanner from Ancel, you want to make sure you get updates for the tool. The Ancel X7 HD is a more powerful and more expensive scanner than the Ancel HD3400. However, it only gets upgrade updates for up to two years, after which you'll need to pay for them. On the other hand, the HD3400 comes with free lifetime updates. Updates help upgrade tools to fix bugs, work better and be compatible with new models.

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    Summary of the Similarities and Differences of X7 HD and HD3400


    • They are both tablet-style code scanners running on Android.
    • The X7 HD and the HD3400 both read and clear codes.
    • They all have the DPF regeneration function.
    • They both have the live data function.


    • The X7 HD works wirelessly by communicating with a module plugged into your truck. The HD3400 must be plugged in directly.
    • The X7 HD is more feature-packed and covers more trucks than the HD3400. The latter also works on cars a fete the X7 HD cannot.


    The ancel x7hd heavy-duty truck scanner has its bragging rights of being a function-packed tool with many capabilities and broad coverage. The Ancel hd3400, on the other hand, is more affordable and can be helpful to car owners as well. Its only shortcoming is that it only supports a few trucks. Buy it if your truck model is covered or you need it for your car. Otherwise, the x7hd is the way to go if you want a heavy-duty truck scanner with broader coverage. Check them out on the ancel site officiel.


    Why is the Ancel HD3400 more affordable than the X7 HD?

    The Ancel HD3400 is more affordable due to its fewer capabilities and limited truck coverage compared to the X7 HD.

    What can the X7 HD do that the HD3400 cannot?

    The X7 HD has a larger screen, higher RAM and memory capacity, broader truck coverage, and more advanced features like oil change resets, cylinder compression tests, and ABS bleeding.

    What are the main differences between the X7 HD and the HD3400?

    The main differences include price, screen size, RAM and memory capacity, truck coverage, and available resetting functions. The X7 HD offers more advanced features and broader coverage compared to the HD3400.

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