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    Reading car error codes is an important part of the assessment and diagnosing of car problems. That’s why it is very important to select a car diagnostic tool or scanner that will properly read and display car codes for you.

    With that said, Ancel is a car scanner brand that gets a lot of buzz these days, and they’re widely regarded as a reputable company. But will they read all of your car codes? Are they compatible with your vehicle?

    Here’s everything you need to know about Ancel and reading car codes.

    What is Ancel

    Ancel is a telecommunications company that was founded in 2013. They specialize in a variety of devices designed to scan the condition of automobiles, including professional scan tools, truck scanners, battery analyzers and of course universal car diagnostic tools.

    These diagnostic tools are the ideal companions to car repair and car maintenance. Ancel products are used not only by car mechanics around the world but just regular car owners as well, the kind that are fans of DIY skillsets.

    Which Ancel Devices Read Car Codes

    Most Ancel devices are capable of reading car codes. In fact, reading car error codes is really the most bare-bones function that car diagnostic scanners can do. They are capable of many more functions, but for many car owners, reading car codes is all that is necessary.

    Whether you need a scanner that works with trucks, motorcycles or a regular vehicle, Ancel has a car scanner that will work perfectly with it.

    In fact, in order to help the average joe, Ancel has car scanners that are specifically designed to prioritize code reading. This makes them uncomplicated devices that are not only easy to use but extremely affordable as well. With this mindset, Ancel makes the ability to read car codes easier and more accessible than anyone else.

    Is My Car Compatible with Car Codes

    One thing to keep in mind before buying a car code reader or OBD2 scanner is the issue of car model compatibility. Not all cars work with all scanners.

    Part of the reason for this is because the OBDII system was only put in place a couple of decades ago, and as a result, not all cars around the world were installed with the same system at the same time.

    That means that depending on where your car comes from and when it was made, it will be useable only with specific car code readers and car scanners. To make sure a scanner is right for you, check its compatibility and cross-reference it with your car to see if they will work together.Where to Buy OBDII Scanner?

    Ancel’s line of car code readers have great compatibility with a variety of vehicles from all around the world, but no scanner has perfect compatibility. This is especially the case with older cars from Korea or Japan. If this description matches your vehicle, be extra sure when checking the compatibility before buying.

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    How to Use an Ancel Scanner with My Car

    Using any OBDII scanner, including Ancel scanners, is quite simple. All you have to do is plug the scanner into your car’s scanner port. This port is called the Diagnostic Link Cable port, or DLC for short. You can find it close to your car’s dashboard, typically beneath it on the left hand side close to the driver’s door.

    Once connected, your Ancel car scanner will automatically begin the scanning process. It will hook up with your car’s on-board computer and access the data memory to scan for any issues and accompanying codes.

    It’s a good habit to plug in your Ancel scanner to perform a diagnostic scan whenever you see the Check Engine Light on the dashboard turn on. This is a sign that something with your car requires attention.

    Once your Ancel scanner finishes the diagnostic scan, it will display a car code on the screen. It is also often referred to as an error code. This code begins with one letter and then ends with a series of numbers. With this code, you can look the issue up online to see what exactly the code is trying to tell you.

    Different car codes correspond to different parts of the car. The car code could be expressing an issue with your car’s fuel systems, transmission, ignition, airbags, engine, battery or braking system.

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    Which Ancel Scanners Should I Purchase

    As mentioned previously, many of Ancel’s scanners are deliberately designed to be simple devices that prioritize car code readings to make them as affordable as possible. How to Read OBD Codes? If code reading is all you need in a scanner, you should heavily consider the Ancel AD310.

    This has been Ancel's bestselling unit for years. It’s simple and easy to use, no-hassle and to the point. This is the ultimate car code reading device if that’s all you need to do.

    However, if you want a car code reader that has some extra functions, the Ancel VD500 is a great choice. It also acts as an oil scanner reset device and offers more in-depth data analysis on other factors.

    You might also want to consider Ancel’s BD200, a Bluetooth scanner that works by connecting with your smartphone via the Ancel app. This is a great alternative for people who want to read their car codes from their phone instead of a separate device.

    It offer all of the same performance and car code reading abilities as any other Ancel product, but with the convenience of having everything consolidated within your personal phone. This allows you to read your car codes and access other functions on a high-quality touchscreen you’re already accustomed to.


    Are Ancel car diagnostic scanners compatible with all car models?

    Ancel car diagnostic scanners have great compatibility with a variety of vehicles, but it's important to check compatibility with your specific car model before purchasing.

    How do you use an Ancel car scanner to read car codes?

    Simply plug the Ancel scanner into your car's Diagnostic Link Cable (DLC) port, and it will automatically perform a diagnostic scan, displaying a car code on the screen that can be looked up online to determine the issue.

    Which Ancel scanners are recommended for reading car codes?

    The Ancel AD310 is a simple and affordable option focused on car code readings. The Ancel VD500 offers extra functions like oil scanner reset and in-depth data analysis. The Ancel BD200 is a Bluetooth scanner that connects to your smartphone for convenience.

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