What are the Benefits of an OBD 2 Scanner

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    Having your own Ancel OBD2 scanner will allow you to monitor your vehicle and diagnose any issues should they arise. Unfortunately, if you've never owned an OBD 2 code reader yourself, it can be difficult to understand exactly how it works.

    If you’re eager to find out what you’re missing, here are the benefits of owning an OBD2 scan tool.

    What is an OBD2 Code Reader?

    An On Board Diagnostic code reader, or OBD code reader for short, is a tool that plugs into your car to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).

    With an OBD code reader, you can perform simple maintenance tasks such as reading and displaying error codes so you can find out exactly what kind of issue your car is facing. OBD code readers can also reset the “check the engine light” signal from your car.

    There are more sophisticated versions of code readers that come in the form of a more comprehensive OBD 2 scan tool with extra features and functions that can do much more than simply read codes.

    Not only can a more advanced OBD 2 scanner detect and display error codes but they can also provide in-depth advice and troubleshooting information to help you deal with the detected errors and provide information and data in real-time.

    Not only that, but OBD 2 scanners can detect more specific errors that are tied to specific car models or manufacturers. They ultimately have a wider range of car compatibility compared to the most basic code readers. Some newer model vehicles don’t work with an older OBD code reader, but do work with a newer OBD 2 scanner. That’s why you should get an up to date OBD 2 scan tool if you can.

    The Benefits of Owning a OBD 2 Scanner

    The next time you find yourself asking is it worth buying an OBD2 scanner, keep the following main points in mind:

    They Save You Money

    By far one of the best things about having your very own OBD2 scanner is the amount of money you will save in both the short term and the long term.

    The first reason you’ll save cash is because these tools can help save you a trip, if not multiple visits, to the local car mechanic. If you can diagnose and fix your own car troubles at home, assuming they’re simple enough, that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars since you won’t have to pay someone else to do it for you.

    You’ll also be saving on time and gas money since you don’t have to travel back and forth from the car shop.

    The second main reason owning an OBD2 scanner saves you cash is because they aren’t even expensive in the first place.

    A lot of people think these complex devices must cost hundreds of dollars, but in fact you only need to pay around $50 to have one that does everything you would need from an OBD2 scanner. They’re cheaper than replacement tires or a full tank of gas, so why not get one?

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    You Can Spot Car Troubles faster

    Plugging in your OBD2 scanner is quick and simple, and it allows you to stay on top of your car’s health at any time. Even if you’re on the road and detect a weird sound, all you have to do is pull over and plug in your scanner to see what the issue is.

    Having the ability to know right away when your car is facing an issue will add a level of convenience and peace of mind that can’t be found anywhere else.

    Your DIY Repairs Will Become Even Better

    If you’re the type of person who enjoys working on your car by yourself, an OBD2 scanner will only improve your car maintenance sessions.

    It’s one thing to tinker around under the hood to look for any problems, but when you have a scanner that will tell you exactly what and where the issue is, your DIY repairs will reach new levels of efficiency and precision.

    Wide-ranging Compatibility Across Multiple Vehicles

    The convenience of OBD2 scanners really comes into play for people who own more than one car. As mentioned before, OBD2 scanners work with multiple models and manufacturers from different years and countries. That’s why you should aim to get a scanner that works with all of your cars.

    If you can do that, you’ll not only avoid having to take multiple cars to the shop at the same time, but can kill two birds with one stone by diagnosing and repairing all of your cars all at once. This is something that will truly come in handy during the winter or anytime of the year when your cars are ready for their annual check-up.

    What is the Best Car Scanner Tool?

    If you’re convinced that owning an OBD2 scanner is the way to go and want to know which one you should get, you can’t go wrong with Ancel.

    Ancel makes some of the best value OBD2 scanners available today. They’re all reasonably priced but still manage to be cutting-edge.

    With the right Ancel scanner, you can get real-time live data displaying graphs that show the status of your car and engine. The high-quality screens also make it easy to read.

    A great OBD2 scanner to get for first-timers would be the Ancel AD410. It works in multiple languages, has great car compatibility and is easy to learn how to use.

    Motorcycle Scanner Tool

    You could also opt for the Ancel AD410 Pro, which comes with an enhanced car battery testing function and more language support. So if you need to share your tool with speakers of another language, they might prefer that option. Or if English is not your native language, you might find it easier to use the AD410 Pro since you may be able to set it in your native language.


    The benefits of having your own OBD 2 scan tool are numerous. Investing in one is a great idea, and the Ancel AD410 is an ideal choice. It’s built to last and will give you plenty of functionality that you can use to monitor the health of your vehicle for years to come.


    What is an OBD2 code reader?

    An OBD2 code reader is a tool that plugs into your car to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and can perform tasks like displaying error codes and resetting the "check engine light" signal.

    How can owning an OBD2 scanner save you money?

    Owning an OBD2 scanner saves money by allowing you to diagnose and fix simple car issues yourself, avoiding costly trips to a mechanic. Additionally, OBD2 scanners are affordable tools.

    Why is wide-ranging compatibility across multiple vehicles beneficial?

    Wide-ranging compatibility of OBD2 scanners allows you to use the same tool for multiple car models and manufacturers, saving time and providing convenience for diagnosing and repairing multiple cars.

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