Why the Ancel VD500 is a Sleeper Hit Car Tool Scanner

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    Ancel has a lot of Good obd2 scanner products that are quite popular among newcomers and expert technicians alike, but there’s one model that isn’t getting quite enough attention lately – the Ancel VD500. Out of all the tools they have that combine and balance affordability and advanced functions, the VD500 might be the one that does it best. Here’s what makes this excellent tool so interesting and why you might consider buying one for your home garage or auto shop.

    Ancel VD500 Overview

    Classified as a multifunction diagnostic scanner, the Ancel VD500 was designed to be primarily used with Volkswagen vehicles. While the VD500 can still function with non-VAG cars, it will lose some of its functionality with them, such as ABS, STS and providing transmission codes. As a result, it is highly recommended that owners of Volkswagen cars be the one to purchase this scanner.

    This specialized compatibility helps explain why the Ancel VD500 isn’t as popular as the ancel ad410, but it also helps explain why this scanner is so good. It is fine-tuned to work with VAG cars, meaning that despite its ease of use, you can access all the information you want on a VAG car. Such information includes reading the car’s unique EVU and VIN info.

    The Ancel VD500 is very easy and straight-forward to use, like Ancel’s other code engine readers. The menus are simplified, there are only four buttons, and the screen has a backlit so that it can be read easily in light or dark.

    Like other Ancel products, many people choose the Ancel VD500 OBD 2 scanner to deal with the oil reset or check engine light signals. It’s also a great tool for checking and erasing trouble codes, another popular function amongst beginner DIY enthusiasts.

    But there are more advanced gems that the VD500 has, making it a car scanning tool worth paying attention to.

    Ancel VD500 Advanced Functions and Diagnostics

    Speaking of checking error codes, the Ancel VD500 has an interesting function called the DTC Error Code and Code Definition menu. It’s essentially an error code database that is built into the device.

    Once you’ve performed a simple scan and receive your error codes with a scanning tool, you would normally have to type them into an online search engine to find out their meaning. This can be a bit of a nuisance if you are far away from a computer.

    But with the ancel vd500, all you have to do is type in the error code into the scanning tool itself. It will provide you with the code’s meaning immediately, making your error code checking far more efficient and convenient.

    If you’re interested in more advanced functions, the Ancel VD500 still has you covered. Once again, this is a Volkswagen-aimed scanning tool, so some of these functions are exclusive to that brand of cars.

    For functions the VD500 can perform on any car, it can check the engine light, scan the transmission system, perform an oil service reset and calibrate the ABS brake system.

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    But if you’re a Volkswagen owner, you have access to much more than just these systems. The Ancel VD500 can do an oil service reset, throttle position reset and perform an all systems diagnostics on several aspects, including:

    • ESP
    • Airbag SRS
    • ABS
    • Transmission
    • SAS
    • TPMS
    • IMMO
    • Auto Air Conditioning HVAC
    • EPB Brake Pad
    • Center Lock System
    • Throttle Adaptation
    • Vehicle Immobilizer

    One neat function some people underestimate is the Ancel VD500’s ability to turn off warning lights. Turning off these lights is vital after any repair session, much like erasing error codes. You want the light to be off so that should another problem arise, you will want the light to turn on once again. The VD500 can deal with this in a very fast and efficient manner. Whether you are a mechanic by trade or a hobbyist, this will save you some time.

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    The Ancel VD500 can also view freeze frame data, provide I/M readiness, an on-board monitor test and an EVAP system test should anyone want to get more technical with their analysis and diagnostics.

    And of course, like many Ancel auto scanners, the VD500 can be connected to the internet to receive free lifetime firmware updates. This is a great way to dramatically expand the lifespan of your device, making it a lifetime investment instead of something that will need replacing in a year or two.

    Simply use the included USB cable and connect it to your PC. Download the firmware install package and you’ll be well on your way to upgrading your Ancel VD500. Firmware updates help these devices work with newer VAG models, as well as improve the software to make its functions run even faster.

    As a simple but appreciated bonus, Ancel also includes a durable anti-shock and anti-slip grip cover for the Ancel VD500. This makes the scanning tool easier to hold, harder to drop and helps it stay protected. Should you accidentally lose hold of the VD500, the silicone case will keep it secure. With oil on your hands, this is a great feature to have.


    Overall, this is Ancel's scanning tool for Volkswagen owners. It's hard to beat the Ancel VD500 for retrieving vital and specific information about your vehicle or performing the most efficient diagnostics a Volkswagen can receive. Considering its ease of use and price, this is a vw scanner tool not to be missed if you're a Volkswagen owner.

    And if you work in an auto shop that deals with Volkswagen frequently, then this scan tool would surely be a great new tool to have around. You’ll be able to come up with relevant metrics that you can bring up and show to the owner of the vehicle.

    The VD500 is definitely a good buy and should add a lot of value for the people who could use a tool like it.


    What are the key features of the Ancel VD500 car scanner?

    The Ancel VD500 is a diagnostic scanner primarily for Volkswagen vehicles. It has simplified menus, a backlit screen, and can check engine lights, perform oil service resets, and erase trouble codes.

    What advanced functions does the Ancel VD500 offer?

    The Ancel VD500 has an error code database, performs all systems diagnostics on Volkswagen cars, and has functions for oil service reset, throttle position reset, ABS brake system calibration, and turning off warning lights.

    Why is the Ancel VD500 valuable for Volkswagen owners?

    The Ancel VD500 provides specific information, efficient diagnostics, and can turn off warning lights for Volkswagen vehicles.

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