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    As a professional mechanic, you can only be sure to fix the real problem by reading the code with the right scanner. Whatever you're looking for in a scanner, you can find it in Ancel X6. It's one of the highest-rated professional car scanners because of its limitless features.

    From scanning to saving and erasing codes, performing I/M readiness tests, and live data, the Ancel X6 does it all. It’s definitely your faithful partner in finding the real issues affecting your vehicle or your client’s car. It is also a good scan tool for DIYers looking to take it a notch higher.

    Unboxing the Ancel X6

    One of the most incredible feelings is buying a brand-new toy. When you buy a new ride, you want to sit behind the wheel all day. It’s the same for the Ancel X6 professional code reader. It’s exciting when you first set eyes on it. There’s also the fresh smell out of the box. You’ll get used to it because the X6 stands out with its longevity and will serve you for many years.

    Immediately you pop up the case, and the first thing you see is the gadget that made you anxious. It’s not the usual handheld device but a tablet-style diagnostic tool. The Ancel X6 connects with your car via Bluetooth, saving you the headache of plugging in cables and operating within the car or just close to the door. There’s also no wire lying on the floor, and you can operate for about 32 feet away from the vehicle.

    The X6 is incredibly convenient and packed with exciting features that help you or your mechanic pinpoint issues in your car quickly and fix them right away. The scanner comes with a module that you should plug into the OBD2 port of your car, and it’ll do the rest. The X6 also has a massive 6000mAh battery with impressive battery support, allowing you to work the whole day without charging it again.

    Being a tablet, you expect it to have a touchscreen feature. The massive screen for clear and easy-to-understand text is all you need. The scanner also explains what the codes mean. The Android-powered X6 also has a storage capacity of 32GB, which gives you more than enough space to store files. The uses of the tablet are not limited to scanning your vehicle alone. It supports Android applications; you can use the X6 to access your socials.

    What Makes it Stand Out?

    The Ancel X6 is definitely what every mechanic would want, not because of its nice look but because of its ability. It boasts so many functions that most of the scanners in its price bracket don’t have. But what are these functions? Let’s find out.

    Basic Functions

    The selling point of every cheap scanner is its ability to read codes. For the slightly more expensive ones, it can also erase codes. Then more advanced people can also explain the code. The Ancel X6 belongs to the OBD2 scanner league, and it does this as a base feature and more. For example, it can save code in a lookup library and provide in-depth explanations of what the code means. However, what makes scanners unique is their speed. The Ancel X6 reads fault codes incredibly quickly and saves time.

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    Advanced Functions

    Ancel X6 is a bluetooth car scanner that meets your expectations and has unlimited functions. The device runs a full system test in seconds. It also does an engine light reset and oil reset service. While this sounds like a basic feature, the X6 is faster and more accurate. Another impressive feature is its ability to help with SRS airbag system issues. SRS is a vital feature as the technology deploys the airbags and fastens the seat belts in the event of a collision.

    The tool is capable of engaging freeze-frame data as well. The freeze frame data lets the mechanic know the car's condition at a particular point to figure out a solution and resolve the problem. However, one of the most intriguing functions you can hardly find on other scanners is the Ancel X6’s ability to close or open brake pads without touching the brake pedal. The function helps to fix brake caliper or pedal issues. You can resolve the issue while standing right beside the wheel instead of having to go into the car.

    Another exciting feature of the X6 is ECU reading to provide info about how the ECU system is performing. You can use the data to adjust the Engine Control Unit of the vehicle and improve the engine performance. Another crucial feature of the scanner is the tire pressure monitor. The ability to monitor your vehicle’s tire pressure through the tire pressure sensor is one function that sets it apart.

    Compatibility and Language Support

    The Ancel X6 is compatible with all post-1996 American brands and models. It’s also compatible with most European and Asian brands released in the 2000s. It also supports over 22 languages, including Japanese.

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    Summary of the X6 Functions

    • Reads, explains, and clears DTCs.
    • Boasts huge compatibility with post-1996 vehicles.
    • Supports real-time data stream.
    • Can read engine function codes through the engine control module.
    • Has a tire pressure monitor and performs SRS system monitoring.

    Is Ancel X6 Worth it?

    For a professional scanner, it’s definitely worth it. Most tablet-style professional scanners can cost over $500, depending on the functions and brand. Ancel scanners are more affordable, and you’ll likely come across other options with the same or fewer capabilities but are more expensive than the X6. If you are a mechanic or a DIYer who prefers professional scanners, the  300-dollar Ancel X6 will completely blow your mind.

    Wrapping Up

    In a world with so many choices, you can only take the best without blowing off your bank account. For your professional code reading needs, the Ancel X6 is your trustworthy partner that will make fixing your car seem like a downhill adventure. You don’t have to move an inch from your house to have it. Just visit the official Ancel website, make an order, and the professional scan tool will be delivered to you in a few days.

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