Everything You Need to Know About Ancel HD3400 Truck Scanner

    Semi Truck Scanner

    You'll need more than top-notch driving skills and a powerful engine to keep your truck moving on the road. One of these is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that quickly detects potential problems in the vehicle.

    Fortunately, with the Ancel 3400 Truck Scanner, an in-depth scan isn't a hassle. It ensures that your vehicle remains in tip-top condition. In addition, this heavy-duty truck scanner is packed with some incredible features, such as an automatic oil reset, EPB reset, SAS calibration, and wireless connectivity.

    However, these words alone aren't enough to define all about this feature-packed device. That's why we have decided to look in-depth at the Ancel 3400 Truck Scanner. Let's get started!

    Introducing Ancel 3400 Heavy Duty Truck Scanner

    Prepare to be amazed by the Ancel 3400 Truck Scanner - the ultimate diagnostic companion for your vehicle. With this innovative tool at hand, you can scan trucks in minutes.

    Considering its compatibility with both cars and trucks, it's the best deal you can get at $424.99. Moreover, this heavy truck diagnostic scanner also supports DPF Regeneration, which almost all the other diagnostic tools of this category lack.

    Before we dig deeper into its impressive features, let's quickly overview the benefits and drawbacks of the Ancel 3400.



    • Might get slow at times

    Features of Ancel 3400 Truck Scanner

    Here are some exceptional features of the Ancel 3400 Truck Scanner that make it worth your hefty investment:


    To begin with, the Ancel 3400 Scanner hardware comes with a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU. In comparison with Cortex A8, this unit has a smaller size and straightforward mechanism. It even consumes lesser energy.

    Moving forward, you will get a flash drive with 8GB storage for seamlessly running the scanner's operating system and software. 1GB RAM complements it well, promoting the smooth functioning of this diagnostic tool.

    The best part? Using the tool's cable, you can easily connect the scanner to your truck's engine from an OBD2 port. This lets you diagnose underlying issues with your vehicle's engine timely before they become a nuisance.

    However, you won't be able to update this heavy truck scanner over 5GHz WiFi. An older variant of 2.4GHz is crucial to attempt this process.


    When it comes to Ancel 3400 Scanner's design, every aspect offers the utmost convenience for users. For example, the giant 5-inch touch screen promotes the easy operation of this tool, even when your hands are covered with gloves.

    In addition, the scanner displays a colorful interface that appears clear even during intense sunlight. That's really cool. Isn't it?

    If we talk about this diagnostic tool's exteriors, you'd be impressed with its durability as provided by high-quality plastic. No matter how many times you use it in a day, it's meant to last for years without any wear and tear.

    Lastly, the ergonomic grips on either side of the device make it one of the user-friendly picks. With these, it's easier to hold this heavy truck scanner without fearing dropping it down as you work.

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    Full-System Diagnostic Capabilities

    Unfortunately, vehicles can get locked anywhere without giving a prior warning. And this might pose a considerable problem when any such incident occurs in the middle of the road. You can avoid this by using the Ancel 3400 Scanner, which runs full system diagnostics on various vehicles.

    With this innovative tool at hand, you can read and remove the lock code temporarily, giving you enough time to take the vehicle to a nearby repair shop. Some of the systems that this heavy truck diagnostic scanner can support in your truck include:

    • Engine
    • ABS or anti-lock braking system
    • SRS or supplemental restraint system
    • Throttle
    • Fuel and emission system
    • TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system
    • ESP or electronic stability program
    • Transmission

    PDF Forced Regeneration

    If you're using Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, or Paccar engines, the good news is that Ancel 3400 Scanner offers DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)  Forced Regeneration for this. With this filter, you can quickly start and control the entire regeneration process directly from the scanner.

    Scan Tool For Diesel Trucks

    Compatibility With OBD2 Vehicles

    The Ancel 3400 is a versatile scanner with capabilities extending beyond diagnosing issues in OBD trucks. Instead, it can also work as a 12V OBD2 scanner for your cars, offering two benefits at one price.

    Some tasks that you can perform on cars including this advanced tool include:

    • Removing codes
    • Accessing live data
    • Capturing freeze frame data
    • Displaying I/M readiness status
    • Performing O2 sensor tests

    Displays Graph with Live Data Streams

    You can easily access four data streams in the graph displayed by the Ancel HD3400 Heavy Duty Scanner. Through this, you'd be able to view a comprehensive visual representation of your vehicle's performance based on several parameters.

    Not only this, the scanner quickly updates and provides real-time details without any delays. Isn't it impressive?

    Wrapping Up

    In conclusion, the Ancel HD3400 Heavy Duty Truck Scanner, a top-notch diagnostic tool, offers a wide range of features for both professional technicians and DIY trick enthusiasts. With a plethora of advanced features, user-friendly operation, and versatility, this diagnostic tool is a must-have to keep your truck running smoothly on the open road.

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    Q1:How to activate Ancel 3400?

    You can activate the Ancel 3400 in your vehicle with just a few clicks. To begin the procedure, open Settings on the main menu and click on WiFi. Connect to a stable network and go back to Settings. Now go to activation and tap the Activate button to set up the scanner in your truck successfully.

    Q2:Is Ancel 3400 Truck Scanner easy to use?

    The Ancel 3400 Scanner is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It has an intuitive interface that allows easy navigation through the scanner's menu and functions.

    Q3:Does Ancel HD3400 Scanner come with a warranty? 

    Yes, you can avail of 1-year seller's warranty on this truck scan tool.

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    Jack Condon

    I have a request for information due to the lack of information provided in the poorly prepared HD3400 User Manual.

    1. What engines or trucks require the use of the ‘Cat 9-pin’ connector. It appears to be the same pin configuration of the J1939 plug. On page 7 & 8, it discusses the non-OBD-II interface plugs, but provides absolutely no information as to what plugs are used on what vehicles or engines.

    2. How do you determine or know when to use the J1939, 9-pin plug compared to the ‘Cat 9’ 9-pin plug?

    It would be extremely helpful to know where more specific, detailed information can be found for my HD3400 Scanner, serial number RD34-2402-3620-0131.

    Thank you, and look forward to your timely reply.
    Jack Condon

    May 6, 2024 at 11:27am

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