Ancel X7 vs. Ancel X7 HD: What Makes Them Different?

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    Ancel is one of the leading brands in the field of OBD2 code scanner. The brand is known for designing user-oriented OBD scanners with non-passive features. Their goal is to keep prices low and make scanners more affordable and accessible. The Ancel X7 bidirectional and X7 HD scanners are their most popular flagship products.

    Differentiating the Ancel X7 and the X7 HD is quite a heavy task because of the close resemblance of the two tools. HD means heavy duty, which we will understand why the term matters. Both scanners are excellent and capable of doing what they do. Let’s find out the similarities and differences between the X7 and the X7 HD.

    Similarities Between the Ancel X7 and the Ancel X7 HD

    The ancel x7 is one of the hottest topics whenever mechanics talk about professional scanners. The x7 has a bigger sister – the ancel x7hd, which was purposely designed for trucks. These are some of the best scanners, but they don’t come cheap. However, they are function-packed, making them worth every penny spent. First, both are versatile and professional Android-based diagnostic tools that work wirelessly. They help mechanics, technicians, and DIYers diagnose vehicles for maintenance.

    Both wireless scanners come with a tablet-design handheld device with a screen of 10.1 inches LCD AMOLED touchscreen with an incredible resolution. The screens are durable and scratch-free. They offer good color accuracy, the best viewing angles, viewable even under direct light, feature adjustable brightness, and allow you to read the OBD2 codes and data. In other words, the X7s have better display features than most smartphones.

    Both scanners can also perform active test. What’s the role of the function? It allows the mechanic or DIYer to send commands to their vehicle’s control modules to receive information. This feature, also known as Bi-Directional Control, is available in high-end scanners like the ancel x7 and the ancel x7hd. For example, you can check the vehicle emissions system by performing an active test on the powertrain control module.

    The Ancel X7 and X7 HD also have the ECU coding function, which allows the tools to read the engine control unit (ECU) and reprogram the control modules in the unit. The process helps to improve the performance of the vehicle or truck and fix existing issues. ECU coding helps increase horsepower, torque and your engine efficiency.

    One rather obvious feature is that both tools can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes in their respective disciplines. They all can clear and read engine, airbag, transmission, SAS, ABS, air conditioning, and suspension failure codes, amongst others. The engine system is a crucial vehicle part and affects performance significantly. The X7 and the X7 HD help diagnose issues with the engine, such as sensor issues or problems with the fuel system, to help fix them.

    Both tools have wireless capabilities and come with modules that you can plug into your car or truck’s ports. To connect to the module, you must turn on the ignition to power the module, then power on the wireless tablet-style scanner to communicate with the module wirelessly. The module is the VCI, which communicates with the vehicle’s ECU and relays the info to your scanner. They also support over 11 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Thai, Czech, Dutch, Swedish, Indonesian, Japanese, and Chinese.

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    The Differences

    Basically, the X7 and the X7 HD are designed the same, and it would be hard to differentiate the two if you had no idea of their different purposes. The most significant difference is in the hardware and what’s in the box. The X7’s box contains the tablet, the protective carrying box, the VCI box, the connection cable, the OBDII diagnostic cable, the USB cable, the US, EU, and UK plug, and the user manual. The X7 HD has all these, but instead of the OBDII diagnostic cable, it has an OBD extension cable.

    Being a heavy duty truck scanner, the X7 HD has some sophisticated components. There are modules for the most popular truck models, including Isuzu, Volvo, Man, CAT, Cummins, Benz, and Denso, one module for diesel trucks and an OBD extension cable.

    You also get battery tester clamps, US, UK, and EU power plugs and ECU jumper cables and leads. The X7 HD’s box is heavier. Also, the Ancel X7 is limited to cars and small trucks. The X7 HD is purposely built for commercial trucks and machinery. It works for buses, trucks, and machinery like caterpillars.


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    Software Updates

    The Ancel X7 and the X7 HD get two years of free updates from the activation date. Updates help fix bugs and upgrade their functions to make them compatible with new vehicles. The updates also come with new functionalities and parameters. However, you must check for updates regularly to ensure your scanner is up to date.

    Summary of the Similarities and Differences of the X7 and X7 HD


    • They are both tablet-style scanners with 10.1 inches screens and use Android OS.
    • Both can read, and clear codes and switch off the check engine light, thereby resolving the engine issues the vehicle might have.
    • They also have the ECU coding feature, which helps mechanics and DIYers reprogram the ECU to improve the performance of your engine.
    • Both tools have bi-directional capabilities, which allow the user to send commands to the control modules of a vehicle to get specific info from them.


    • The X7 is a bi-directional car scanner, while the X7 HD is a heavy-duty scanner for trucks, buses, and machinery.
    • The X7 HD has more tools for its wide coverage of trucks and buses, unlike the X7, which has an OBD2 module for all cars.

    Final Remarks

    The X7 Bi-directional scanner is a powerful tool, one of, if not the best, scanners on the market right now. It’s what professionals use. It’s the one to buy if you are looking for a scanner for your car. However, if you want a tool that works with your truck, the X7 HD would be good. Whatever your needs, Ancel assures you that either scanner will meet them depending on the discipline. Visit the official Ancel website and make an order.


    What are the similarities between the Ancel X7 and X7 HD scanners?

    Both the Ancel X7 and X7 HD scanners are versatile, wireless diagnostic tools with a 10.1-inch LCD AMOLED touchscreen. They can perform active tests, ECU coding, read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, and support multiple languages.

    What is the main difference between the Ancel X7 and X7 HD scanners?

    The main difference is that the Ancel X7 is designed for cars and small trucks, while the X7 HD is specifically built for heavy-duty trucks, buses, and machinery. The X7 HD includes additional components and modules for truck models and comes with an OBD extension cable.

    How do the Ancel X7 and X7 HD scanners handle software updates?

    Both scanners receive two years of free updates. Regular updates help fix bugs, enhance functionality, and ensure compatibility with new vehicles.

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