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Oh no! The dreadful Check Engine Light is back again! You do not have to worry every time CEL pops up. A one-off investment in a suitable OBD-II scanner and internet search could save you many bucks visiting your local repair shop. Did you know it is possible to diagnose your car’s problem yourself?

On-board diagnostics, called OBD-II, is the second-generation onboard diagnostics technology in vehicle error codes. Vehicles have a computer that monitors data from sensors everywhere, from the engine to the transmission. The sensors track how the parts function and will trigger the Check Engine Light to turn on when they detect an abnormality.

Are you considering buying an OBD-II scanner for domestic or commercial use? Then this article is for you. We will take a closer view of the top OBD-II scanners in the market. Choosing the Right OBD II Scanner for Your Needs. In addition, we will tell you what basic features to expect.

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How to Choose the Best OBD2 Scanners

If you are considering purchasing an OBD2 scanner for personal or professional use and are still determining what to look for, you are in the right place. A good OBD2 scanner will tell you what is wrong under the hood and what you must do. This is the same way your auto repair people identify your vehicle's issues. There are typically two main types of scanners in the market—handheld and Wireless. Handheld scanners have a screen attached and a cable extending to the OBD2 port. Bluetooth or wireless scanners, on the other hand, connect to a Bluetooth or tablet application to display the scan results.

With under $200, you will get great scanners on the Ancel website or other popular sources. Nevertheless, the suitable scanner must always give a mix of portability in size and weight, the ability to provide live data, and one that can interpret your car’s error codes. Here is a quick checklist.

Easy setup: Pick a scanner that is compatible with your car’s OBD2 port. It should connect fast and help you detect any problems early enough.

Faults and explanations: You are interested in learning about the error codes rather than the causes. Your scanner should be in a position to provide this information. It should give you an explanation to help you fix the problem or allow you to find a mechanic.

Graphs: A good scanner should provide a detailed graphical representation of present and historical faults data. Numbers are great, but charts give a better visual presentation.

Warranty: Get a warrant with at least 8 or 10 years of the contract. After all, you expect your car to serve you longer than this. Your OBD2 scanner period should outrun your vehicles.

Accuracy: A scanner only helps if its results are accurate. An OBD2 scanner is only as good as the information it provides.

Size and weight: A vast and heavy scanner is likely to remain in the garage. Get a portable scanner that will fit in your toolbox. You be able to diagnose your car's issues whenever they occur.


Best OBD-II Scanners to Consider on your Sleeve

Here’s a list of the best scanners you can find, especially from the leading manufacturer, Ancel.

Ancel Model BD310

If you want an OBD2 under $100, Ancel Model BD310 will be your best shot. This budget, however, comes with compromises. Ancel Model BD310 is, however, a high-quality basic handheld scanner for car consumers. The model helps check and clear error codes.

Ancel Model BD310 is on our list of best scanners since it also has Bluetooth connectivity. You can therefore use your phone or tablet to diagnose error codes, which gives you additional features and ease of research.

Most Bluetooth OBD2 scanners detect voltage but lack battery detection abilities. Unlike its counterparts, Ancel Model BD310 can see the battery's maximum and minimum flameout voltage while monitoring its operation status. The tool further supports vehicle acceleration and braking distance.

Another perk of getting the Ancel Model BD310 on your sleeve is its ability to provide real-time monitoring and trip analysis. Most Bluetooth scanners under $100 do not offer this feature. The tool further records driving time and distance and typically analyzes driving habits. It is a great tool to help drivers improve driving safety.

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Ancel FX200

Ancel FX series of scanners are made for home mechanics. They feature advanced features that allow you to conduct DIY diagnostics. Ancel FX200 can read and clear DTC codes as trimmed from the ABS. the tool handles bi-directional tests to diagnose problems accurately.

Where the car issues persist and you experience flashing CEL on the dashboard, the tool can read data and show you options to fix it. Ancel FX200 offers full OBD-level diagnostics, which quickly determines the cause of your engine system faults. The scanner reads advanced data like fuel and manufacturer metrics while giving live data.

With Ancel’s FX200 on your sleeve, you can view live car data from the vehicle's sensors through graphical representations. The scanner generates an ECU report and real-time data streams from engine transmission sensors. It allows you to determine the actual condition of your car.

Ancel AD310

The Ancel AD series offers various handheld scanners ranging from code readers and full OBD2 scanners like the AD310 model to its 4-system scan tools.

AD310 is one of the best OBD2 scanners in the market and has received a worldwide recommendation from popular mechanics and car owners. With this tool on your sleeve, you quickly determine the cause of your CEL. The scanner gives you options for determining whether you can perform a DIY fix before paying hefty mechanic fees.

AD310 model provides an accurate, fast, and easy-to-use scanner that allows you to read and clear engine codes in seconds. It comes with OBD compatibility, which makes it outstanding for its budget.

Features of an Ideal OBD2 Scanner

  • The tool should have a reasonable storage capacity for future data reference
  • The database should be upgradeable
  • It should have a large and vibrant display screen with excellent readability
  • The system ought to have an alternative power source
  • A good scanner should have wireless connectivity with modern appliances
  • The scanner should come with a reasonable warranty


Choosing an OBD2 scanner is a daunting task that needs in-depth research. Different products in the market are advantageous; however, select a tool that gives you the best value. Visit the Ancel website to buy the best OBD2 scanners that make you feel safe throughout your drives.

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