AAPEX - Las Vegas USA 2023

Unveiling ANCEL at the 2023 APEX SHOW

Welcome to the exciting review of ANCEL brand at APEX SHOW 2023. Here you will find ANCEL's presentations and achievements at the International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Show in Las Vegas, USA.

Unveiling ANCEL at the 2023 APEX SHOW

Highlights of the Show

Booth Layout and Design

ANCEL's booth at APEX SHOW 2023 was designed to highlight the brand image and product features. The booth had a modern look, showcasing the brand's signature colors and attracting the attention of a lot of visitors. The booth layout was well-designed with a product display area presenting the latest automotive diagnostic tools and innovations. In addition to the product display, a comfortable communication area and an interactive experience area were set up to allow visitors to visit freely, learn more about the products and experience the innovative spirit of the ANCEL brand.

Unveiling ANCEL at the 2023 APEX SHOW

Product and Technology Showcase

At the exhibition, ANCEL displayed a series of compelling diagnostic toolS, including BST600, BM700, DS600, X7 HD and FX 2000. These products fully demonstrate the latest technology and R&D achievements of ANCEL brand in the field of automotive diagnostic tools.

BST600 is a professional battery testing instrument that can accurately test vehicle batteries and provide detailed reports on battery health status. Audience at the show highly appreciated its accuracy and convenience.

BM700 is two full-system diagnostic tools, with powerful diagnostic functions and wide model coverage. This tool demonstrated comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, presenting to the audience the professional standard of ANCEL brand in the field of automotive electronic system diagnosis.a

Plus, DS600 and X7 HD also get much attention: DS600 is a professional sensor simulator that can simulate the working state of vehicle sensors and help technicians implement system diagnosis, while X7 HD is a full-system vehicle diagnostic tool that provides comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance functions and catch much attention.


Unveiling ANCEL at the 2023 APEX SHOW
Unveiling ANCEL at the 2023 APEX SHOW

Business Achievements and Market Reactions

Interaction with customers and feedback

ANCEL not only displayed innovative products at the exhibition, but organized professional product demonstrations and lectures, which attracted the attention of many visitors. Interactive experience activities were also arranged for visitors to experience the product functions first-hand. Brand representatives interacted with visitors and provided personalized services, which enhanced the connection and trust between brands and customers. The exhibition atmosphere was pleasant and provided visitors with opportunities to interact with ANCEL.

Business results and show takeaways

ANCEL achieved significant business results at APEX SHOW 2023. Although we are unable to disclose specific sales figures here, we had in-depth exchanges and negotiations with many potential customers during the show. These exchanges not only improved our understanding of market needs and trends, but laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Unveiling ANCEL at the 2023 APEX SHOW
Unveiling ANCEL at the 2023 APEX SHOW

The exchanges with various potential partners were exciting. We explored a variety of opportunities for cooperation in the areas of product collaboration, technology exchange and market expansion. We are confident in the future cooperation with these partners and look forward to building strong and beneficial relationships.



ANCEL is committed to becoming a leading brand in the field of automotive diagnostic tools and expanding its global market coverage. We will continue to work on technological innovation and brand promotion to strengthen our market presence. We sincerely thank all on-site participants and supporters, and look forward to working with you in the future to create a better tomorrow.

We ANCEL team would like to thank all the participants, supporters and partners who cooperated with us in this exhibition! Thank you for your enthusiastic participation and support, which made this exhibition even more wonderful and successful.