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    Do you want to diagnose all your car problems through a tool but need clarification on buying the most compatible BMW OBD scanner? Well, with Ancel BM700, detecting your car's problem is no longer a hassle since it will help you maintain your car's longevity with its enhanced fault code reader.

    This BMW scanner tool is packed with impressive characteristics like accurate results, reading and erasing trouble data, retrieving vehicle information, etc., resulting in the relaxation of car owners.

    In this article, we will reveal some of this diagnostic tool's basic and advanced features, so get ready to learn some fantastic features that make Ancel BM700 stand out.

    Overview of the Ancel BM700

    The Ancel BM700 BMW obd2 scanner is highly functional and built with quality construction. Moreover, it undergoes a 48-hour aging test before leaving the factory to save the product from unnecessary damage during shipping.

    Besides that, it has reliable hardware which can easily detect the cause of the check engine light turning on and read trouble codes while displaying a complete description of the problem.

    Hence, Ancel BM700 saves you from rising credit card bills and frustrating mechanic visits.

    With a large display of 1.4 inches and clearly labeled buttons, the menu options become easily accessible. In addition, it reads complex memory data, views freeze frames, and checks I/M readiness, making it a must-have in your toolbox.

    What we love

    • It is very quickto Connect
    • Perfect for a first-time user
    • Provided with a well-made and clear manual
    • It covers various car brands


    • Slightly slow to scroll
    • Very basic, with a Mini-B USB port

    What Makes Ancel BM700 Worth Buying

    The Ancel BM700 is not bombarded with complex capabilities, so the diagnostic tool focuses on reading, viewing, and deleting codes.

    Consequently, it makes the tool user-friendly without any prior diagnostic knowledge. Now you don't have to worry about researching difficult codes before buying a bmw scanner tool.

    However, the traits which make this bmw diagnostic tool stand out from other gadgets are mentioned as follows:

    Made with A Compact Design

    The compressed and well-built design and it's lightweight (only 300g) make it convenient to use with stress-free transport.

    The hard plastic shell with some texture in the body is the ultimate protection from slippage while working in a car.

    It also has a 2.5-foot cable made of thick insulated material, giving durability and firmness.

    The entire construction is just four rubber buttons with simple navigation, and a circuit board within the device, making it free from the complicated interface.

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    Improved and Wider Compatibility

    The AD310 supports all OBDII protocols, including KWP2000, J1850 PWM, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, and CAN.

    The product works on most automobiles sold in the US (the year 1996 or newer), EU-based (the year 2000), and Asian-based (the year 2005) light trucks, SUVs, and newer OBDII and CAN vehicles.

    You can run diagnostics on unfamiliar cars as it works on various models. However, before purchasing the tool, make sure to check its compatibility with your vehicle to avoid any inconvenience.

    Cheap and Affordable

    The BMW diagnostic cost leaves owners spending dollars at a local repair shop. Therefore, to save yourself from such situations, you can do some essential maintenance of your car by buying the right tool like Ancel BM700.

    The product is reasonably priced and comes under a one-year warranty, so that the company will be responsible for any defect before use if the product meets given conditions.

    Surely, you can't get something this good, which is both cost-effective and beneficial, from a renowned company.

    No Need for a Battery

    The Ancel BM700 is not one of those scanners that drain your car’s battery while you leave it connected because it functions without a battery or even a charger.

    Thus, you can connect it to your vehicle's OBDII data link connector, turn on the ignition, and you are good to go.

    The car's engine power is responsible for providing the tool with the required power and making it work effortlessly.

    Bmw Scan Tools

    Allow Live Data Access

    In order to directly determine the root cause of the problem, the Ancel BM700 displays live data from several car functions.

    Hence, this attribute will enlighten you about your vehicle's performance during different periods.

    You have to input the vehicle's function and observe the displayed data on screen as it gives a complete list of code definitions efficiently. These include oxygen sensors, vehicle speed sensors, load percentages, throttle positions, etc.

    Fast and Easy to Use

    Apart from resolving your check engine light issues, the versatile tool is highly functional and automatically scans for codes.

    Furthermore, it determines your car's condition and provides accurate and fast results, making it an excellent choice for any car owner.

    The scanner reads and clears fault codes within seconds. Moreover, thorough data coverage offers impressive functionality and affordable prices.

    Wrapping Up

    Overall, the Ancel BM700 is an ideal gadget with its accessible car checkup technology, including SMOG emission check and EVAP.

    Hopefully, now you are well aware of this top-tier multifunctional tool, one of the best OBDII scanners in the market.

    Ancel BM700 is ideal for novices as well as professionals. Hence you can now say goodbye to multiple tools by purchasing them. Order your piece now to enjoy safe car rides.


    Does Ancel BM700 have Multiple Languages?

    The extensive language support makes it universal and allows you to look at codes in different languages, including German, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, French, and English.

    Is Ancel BM700 a handy tool?

    Due to its less weight and compact design, you can easily put it in your backpack while heading towards the garage. Moreover, the 12-ounce tool fits perfectly in hand as it is designed with hand grooves, providing easy carry.

    Is Ancel BM700 Legally Registered?

    All products that belong to ANCEL have separate patents and intellectual property rights; the products also align with FCC, CE, and other relevant certifications.

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