How to Check Fuel Injectors with OBD2 Scanner

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    OBDII scanners are very useful for basic automobile diagnostics, but what about when you need them to examine a specific area of your car—namely, the fuel injectors?

    If you’re currently trying to analyze your fuel injectors with a car diagnostic scanner, here’s how you can do it with an OBD2 scanner.

    What do Fuel Injectors Do

    Fuel injectors are an important part of any major modern vehicle. They are responsible for an important process that involves internal combustion. This process is made out of two primary components: fuel and oxygen.

    First, oxygen is injected into an air intake system. This causes the fuel injection system to appropriately adjust the amount of gasoline burned by the engine of the car as you drive.

    The fuel injection system essentially keeps a delicate but important balance between the consumption of gasoline fuel and the intake of oxygen to maximize the efficiency and performance of your car.

    What are the Signs of Fuel Injector Problems

    Typically, when your car is having issues with its fuel injectors, you’ll notice that your car’s power and acceleration are not up to par even though you’re still operating it no differently. This can include a drop in mileage as well.

    A more reliable sign that fuel injectors are in dire straits is when the Check Engine Light comes on your dashboard.

    What are Common Fuel Injector Issues

    One of the most common issues with the fuel injectors are clogged pipes or cylinders. The injector cylinders can get clogged if the gas that’s being used wasn’t refined optimally. This can cause tiny particles to build up into rust that will eventually gunk up your car’s inner pipes.

    Another common issue related to this is the fuel injectors becoming dirty. This is a problem that is consistent with off engine idling, bad throttle response or decreased engine power.

    Fuel injectors can become dirty naturally over time. This is caused by the ongoing friction inside the cylinders that can create a crusty residue on the injector itself.

    The last common issue related to fuel injectors not working properly is the failure of the injector to open or close properly.

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    If the fuel injector isn’t opening up properly due to rust or damaged parts, it will be unable to deliver gasoline properly through the proper valves. This can result in engine misfires.

    If the fuel injector isn’t closing properly, it can cause a gasoline leak. The most obvious symptoms of this are reduced gas mileage or the strong smell of gasoline whenever your car’s ignition is activated.

    Like many car problems, fuel injector issues can only be dealt with by repair or by complete replacement.

    Using an OBD II Device to Examine Fuel Injectors

    The easiest way to examine the status of your fuel injectors is to use a dedicated car scanning tool, such as an OBD II device. OBD II devices are the most modern in automobile diagnostics, for fuel injectors and many other components of your car.

    Keep in mind that different car models will have different compatibility issues, so not all cars will work with all OBDII scanners. In fact, some cars are too old to have their on-board computers be capable of monitoring fuel injectors, so there is a chance that you will have to rely on manual car mechanic check-ups for this problem if you have an older vehicle.

    With that said, an OBD II scanner is still the easiest way to monitor the condition of your car’s fuel injectors. The best OBD II scanners will give you real-time data on the status of these parts.Step by step guide on using OBD II scanners.

    To use an OBD II scanner, all you have to do is plug it into your car’s DLC port located near your car dashboard. Once plugged in, the car scanner will perform an automatic scan of all your car’s systems by checking the data memory. If it detects any issues, it will end the scan by providing a list of error codes.

    These error codes appear as a series of letters and numbers. These codes are the key to figuring out if your fuel injectors are in bad shape.

    Error codes come accompanied by one of four letters that begin each code. B stands for Body, C stands for Chassis and U stands for Undefined, but the letter you want to watch out for is P which stands for Powertrain. This is the category which governs issues related to fuel, including ignition, fuel pressure, the fuel pumps and the fuel injectors.

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    Look up the P error code online to find out what exactly is wrong with your car. It could be a problem related to cylinder misfires, inconsistent pressure readings or a variety of issues related to fuel trimming and fuel injection. Once you know the exact problem, you can fix it yourself DIY style or take your car into the shop for repairs or replacement.

    Ancel Scanners for Fuel Injector Issues

    If you are looking for a good quality OBDII scanner to deal with your fuel injector issues, Ancel is the company you should be looking at. Their car diagnostic scanners are the perfect tools to detect fuel injector issues as early as possible, especially if you are the DIY type who likes to stay on top of their car’s condition at all times.

    One of the best tools to get is the Ancel X7. It’s affordable, easy to use and has tons of analytic and diagnostic functions.

    With this one OBDII tool you can read error codes, erase the data memory to reset your Check Engine Light, check the O2 sensors, view freeze frame data and check fuel emissions data and examine fuel injector status. How Much Does An OBDII Scanner Cost?


    Checking your fuel injectors can be easy if you have the right equipment. With a capable OBD 2 scan tool like the Ancel X7, you can thoroughly check your fuel injectors to make sure they’re working properly, plus check other systems to be sure that your vehicle is functioning the way it’s supposed to.

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