Ancel VD700: The Best OBD II Scanner For Volkswagen

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    If you own a VW car and are looking for a simple VW obd2 scanner, then the Ancel VD700 is the one for you. This advanced diagnostic tool easily diagnoses 12V cars and non-electric light trucks built after 1996.

    You can also diagnose the engine system of any vehicle as long as it is OBD II compliant and follows the 16-pin OBD II protocol. Say goodbye to the hassle of deciphering complex codes and costly automaker visits with the Ancel VD700.

    This article will explain why Ancel VD700 is the best obd2 scanner for vw for VW and other VAG vehicles. We'll discuss all the major and special features it offers VW owners.

    So let's get into it!

    A Quick Overview Of Ancel VD700

    Ancel VD700 is an upgraded version of the Ancel VD500 OBD II scanner, designed to cater to the needs of Volkswagen Group vehicle owners (VW / AUDI / SKODA / SEAT). Its extensive system diagnostic capabilities cover ABS, Transmission, SAS, SRS, ESP, TPMS, and more.

    Not only that, but scanner para Volkswagen also offers a range of special functions, including throttle position adaption, brake pad reset, TPMS reset, steering angle learning, and much more, which we will discuss here in detail.


    • Read/clear, display fault code definitions
    • Retrieve VIN information
    • Can make the all system diagnosis
    • Read data streams
    • Good value for money
    • Free software update for a lifetime
    • 11 display languages
    • No charging is required; direct cord connection


    • It doesn't support Mac laptops
    • Fewer diagnostic functions for non-VAG vehicles

    Main Features

    Following are some main features you will find in Ancel VD700.

    1. User-Friendly Design

    The VD700 stands out with its user-friendly design, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for users of all levels. The improved display shows clear visuals and easy-to-read information, which helps you navigate functions effortlessly.

    Whether you're accessing system diagnostics or performing special functions, the interface guides you with clarity, eliminating any confusion or guesswork.

    Furthermore, the ergonomic design and comfortable grip of the scanner Volkswagen ensure it fits perfectly in your hand. Its compact size enhances portability, allowing you to carry it wherever you need to go.

    2. All-System Diagnosis

    The VD700 excels in all-system diagnosis, leaving no aspect unchecked. It covers a wide range of vital systems, including engine, SRS (Airbag), TPMS, ABS, SAS, transmission, ESP, and battery. With its advanced capabilities, it ensures a comprehensive examination of your vehicle's health.

    Volkswagen scanner's powerful diagnostic features and intuitive interface provide a seamless experience, enabling you to identify and address any issues with ease. With this exceptional tool, you can confidently tackle diagnostic challenges and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

    3. VW-Specific Functions

    The VD700 offers VW-specific functions tailored to meet the unique needs of Volkswagen vehicles. It provides comprehensive diagnostics for VW models, including engine systems, SRS (Airbag), Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Anti-lock Braking systems, SAS, transmission systems, ESP systems, battery systems, and more.

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    4. OBD II Compatibility

    This VCDS scanner Volkswagen boasts OBD II compatibility that provides seamless integration with a wide range of vehicles. It supports 12V cars and light trucks manufactured from 1996 onwards, ensuring compatibility with OBD II protocols and 16-pin interfaces.

    With its advanced capabilities, the VD700 enables efficient diagnostics and functionality for engine systems and OBD 6 modes. Whether you're a seasoned mechanic or a car enthusiast, the VD700's OBD II compatibility ensures a reliable and effective diagnostic experience.

    5. Extensive Vehicle Coverage

    Scanner Volkswagen boasts extensive vehicle coverage, catering to various makes and models. It supports Volkswagen Group vehicles (VW / AUDI / SKODA / SEAT), providing comprehensive diagnostics for multiple systems like engines, SRS, TPMS, ABS, SAS, transmission, ESP, and more.

    Additionally, this VAG scanner Volkswagen offers extra functions such as steering angle sensor calibration, TPA, injector learning, EPB reset, oil service reset, battery registration, and DPF regeneration.

    Special Features

    This Volkswagen code scanner also supports some special features for VW, such as:

    1. Throttle Position Adaption

    Adaptive throttle position is a key feature of the VD700 designed to precisely optimize engine performance. Through a simple process, this advanced scanner para Volkswagen allows you to effortlessly recalibrate and synchronize the throttle position sensor.

    By resetting the sensor's reference point, the VD700 ensures accurate readings of throttle position, resulting in improved fuel delivery, optimized air intake, and enhanced engine responsiveness.

    2. Electrical Park Brake (EPB) Reset

    The Electrical Park Brake (EPB) Reset feature of the VD700 provides unmatched convenience and control over your vehicle's braking system.

    With a few simple steps, this advanced diagnostic tool allows you to reset and recalibrate the electrical park brake effortlessly. Whether you're replacing brake pads or conducting maintenance, the EPB Reset feature ensures optimal brake performance and safety.

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    3. TPMS Reset

    TPMS Reset is a crucial function offered by the VD700, providing peace of mind when it comes to tire pressure maintenance.

    With a simple yet powerful process, this advanced diagnostic tool allows you to reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System with ease. By resetting the system, the VD700 ensures accurate monitoring and alerts for optimal tire pressure.

    4. Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

    This essential feature allows you to calibrate the steering angle sensor, ensuring accurate readings and optimal functionality. By aligning the sensor with the correct reference point, the VD700 guarantees that your steering commands are translated flawlessly, resulting in smooth and responsive maneuverability.

    5. Oil Service Reset and Injector Learning

    With the Oil Service Reset function, this advanced diagnostic tool enables you to reset the oil change interval and ensure timely maintenance.

    Additionally, the VD700's Injector Learning feature allows for precise calibration and synchronization of fuel injectors. This ensures optimal fuel output, maximizing engine efficiency and power.

    Bottom Line

    If you've read this far, you'll undoubtedly recognize the Ancel VD700 as the best OBD2 scanner for Volkswagen. With advanced features, an intuitive interface, and the capacity to perform extensive diagnostics and special functions, the VD700 empowers you to confidently diagnose and maintain your vehicles effortlessly, all without breaking the bank!

    If you are interested in this scanner, then click here to open the Ancel website to have a look!


    What are some of the main features of the Ancel VD700 OBD2 scanner?

    The Ancel VD700 OBD2 scanner offers a user-friendly design, comprehensive all-system diagnosis, VW-specific functions, OBD II compatibility, and extensive vehicle coverage.

    What special features does the Ancel VD700 provide for Volkswagen vehicles?

    The Ancel VD700 provides special features for Volkswagen vehicles, including throttle position adaption, electrical park brake (EPB) reset, TPMS reset, steering angle sensor calibration, oil service reset, and injector learning.

    Why is the Ancel VD700 considered the best OBD2 scanner for Volkswagen?

    The Ancel VD700 is considered the best OBD2 scanner for Volkswagen due to its advanced features, intuitive interface, ability to perform extensive diagnostics and special functions, and affordability.

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