Which Ancel Scanner is Bidirectional

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Ancel is a trusted brand that makes a wide variety of high-quality products at various price ranges. So if you’re already thinking that you will go with one of Ancel’s products, you’re making a good choice.

But which Ancel scanners are bidirectional? And why is that important? This article will tell you all you need to know.

What is a bidirectional OBD scan tool?

A bidirectional scanner does what its name suggests. It allows for two-way communication between the handheld device and the car’s OBD system.

With a bidirectional scanning tool, the user can actually send commands to the OBD system of the car and adjust settings or information. This is unlike a normal OBD2 code reader that can only read information coming from the OBD system, not write or change anything per se. Although many OBD scanners that are not bidirectional can erase DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes).

Bidirectional scanners offer a lot of power in terms of what you can do with them, plus they can do everything that a normal scanner can do. They’re capable of performing comprehensive system scans, communicating with the engine control module, and more.

With these types of features you can do pretty much anything you need, including programing a new car key.

How to use a bidirectional OBDII scan tool

First, make sure you read the user manual for your Ancel device. Then, activate it with your email address. You must connect to wifi first. Then, you can check for and install any updates that may be available. This is important because your device may have been given some significant updates since its date of manufacture.

Once you've got your OBD 2 scan tool setup, connect it to your vehicle. This is done by plugging the cable into the OBDII port, which is usually located near the driver's side of the dashboard.

Once the scan tool is connected, you're ready to begin the diagnostic process. Start by turning on the engine and then select the 'Diagnose' option on the device. This will allow the reader to scan your vehicle's system and identify any potential issues. Once the scan is complete, the reader will display a list of codes that indicate which components of your vehicle's system may be malfunctioning.

The next step is to review the codes and determine what needs to be done. The bidirectional OBDII code reader can then be used to diagnose the issue further. For example, if the code indicates a faulty fuel injector, the reader can be used to verify the injector's performance and then determine how to repair it. The reader can also be used to reset the system if necessary.

Once the repairs are complete, you can use the bidirectional OBDII code reader to run a thorough system check. This is a great way to make sure everything is running properly and your vehicle is operating at peak performance.

You can also perform advanced function like reset the EVAP system or even deactivate certain modules or cylinders.

And as an alternative way to connect, you can connect through Bluetooth, which allows you to plug in the Bluetooth connecter and pair it with the device. This is a simple and convenient way to connect.

Which bidirectional OBD2 scan tool should I buy?

Ancel has a wide range of great OBD 2 code readers in their web store. However, the most popular bidirectional option is the Ancel V6 Pro+ Bidirectional Scan Tool. This device has all of the features you might want in a scan tool, and even have the option to choose between either Bluetooth connectivity or corded connection through a physical adapter cable.

It provides a live data graph that is great for when you need to demonstrate information to a customer whose car you’re working on. Or if you only plan to use this device to work on your vehicles and those of your loved ones, you’ll have detailed data to refer to long-term and keep track of as the months and years go on.

You can check things like injector coding, TPMS reset and relearn, and many other advanced functions that a car mechanic would want to have.

The Ancel V6 Pro+ is a solid device that with regular use should last you at least several years. It includes a two-year warranty with free updates throughout that duration.

Is it better to connect your Ancel V6 Pro+ with Bluetooth or adapter cable?

You can, of course, use the adapter cable anytime you want to connect your V6 Pro+ device to the vehicle you’re using it on. This method is obviously what mechanics have been doing to connect to OBD systems for years and years. But connecting with Bluetooth will provide you with a lot of modern convenience that will improve the whole experience.

If you connect with Bluetooth, you can actually walk over to your customer and show them what’s happening in real-time on the device’s display. They don’t need to bend over and squeeze into an uncomfortable position like they would with a corded option. This makes the device so much more convenient to use, and is highly recommended.

Plus, Bluetooth connectivity allows for easier sending of information to other devices. You can even print out the results remotely, which is a nice time saver.

Is the Ancel V6 Pro+ a good deal for the price?

There are other bidirectional scan tools out there for lower prices, but to be honest, you tend to get what you pay for these days. A cheaply made product is only going to be as good as its manufacturers can afford to make it, so if you intend to cut corners, it will most likely show in the product’s performance over time.

If you really need a lower budget option, the Ancel AD610+ is a great choice.

The Ancel V6 Pro+ is definitely a good value for the price, and has a very wide range of features. The only things it is missing unfortunately is support for OBD1 vehicles and ECU coding functionality.

If you don’t plan on using this device on older vehicles and don’t really need to do ECU coding or already have another device that offers that, then this device is an excellent choice.

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