ANCEL DS300 Bidirectional OBD2 All System Scan Tool with 28+ Resets / FCA Autoauth

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    7.0" Touchscreen

    Legible and Responsive Tablet

    Quick Physical Button

    Physical Button, One Button Fast Operation

    Android 10.0 OS

    With a High-end Processor for Fast Operation

    VCI Box

    Wireless VCI or Lined USB Connection

    6300mAh Battery

    Built-in large capacity battery for longer lasting use

    Equipped with Holder

    It can be hung and stood to free your hands



    Automatically reads the vehicle's VIN code and parses it to obtain the model, year and manufacturer, and supports quick entry into the vehicle model diagnostic software.


    Select the vehicle brand and model, and then enter the corresponding diagnostic software to perform vehicle diagnosis.

    Includes three major functional modules:
    OBD&IM: 9 Emission-related module diagnosis.
    Demo: Experience the diagnostic process through demo.
    History: Diagnosis records.


    Read engine-related data from the ECU, supporting the standard OBDII & EOBD protocol after 1996

    Supported Protocols:
    ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000)
    ISO 15765-4 (CAN)
    ISO 9141-2 (ISO)
    ISO 14229 (UDS)
    SAEJ 1850 (VPW&PWM)


    With 28+ service functions for 150+ makes, this device offers complete car maintenance, including ABS bleeding, Airbag Reset, Oil Reset, EPB reset, BMS reset, DPF Regeneration, Injector Coding, Crank Relearn, Throttle, Seats, Headlamp, Transport Mode and more. However, please check compatibility before purchasing.


    Used to create files for diagnosing vehicles. These files are created based on the vehicle VIN and inspection time and include all diagnostic-related data such as diagnostic reports, data flow records and screenshots.


    Including offline OBD fault code query, vehicle model coverage query, teaching video, electronic manual and other related tools.


    Users store and query diagnostic data uploaded by users during the diagnosis process. Customer service personnel can assist in fault analysis through the feedback data uploaded by users.


    Free upgrade the software within 3 years from activation. When we release diagnostic software and services, you can also update your device to the latest version here.

    Extensive Coverage of The Latest Vehicle

    150+ Main Brands; 99% Vehicle Coverage; 50000+ Latest Models; Regular Updates for More...

    Support 20 Languages

    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Arabic, Greek, Slovak, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian

    What's in the box?

    DS300 Scanner x 1
    VCI Adaptor x 1

    Type-C Cable x 1
    User Manual x 1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Peter Cunningham
    A Mechanic in Your Toolbox

    The ANCEL DS300 Bidirectional Scan Tool is a powerful and versatile diagnostic tool that has quickly become my go-to for all things car repair. As a DIY mechanic, having a scanner that can tackle everything from reading fault codes to performing active tests is a game-changer.

    Here's what impressed me the most:

    Wide Range of Diagnostics: This scanner goes beyond just basic OBD2 functions. It can diagnose faults across all a vehicle's systems, including engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and more. This gives you a complete picture of what's going on with your car, allowing you to pinpoint problems quickly and efficiently.

    Bi-Directional Control: This is where the DS300 really shines. With bi-directional control, you can send commands to various vehicle components to test their functionality. This is incredibly helpful for troubleshooting electrical issues or verifying repairs.

    28+ Reset Functions: The DS300 can perform a variety of service resets, such as oil light reset, TPMS reset, and SAS calibration. This eliminates the need for expensive trips to the dealer for routine maintenance procedures.

    User-Friendly Interface: The DS300 runs on Android 10.0, which provides a familiar and intuitive interface. The touchscreen display is responsive and easy to navigate, even with greasy fingers. Plus, the scanner comes with an online customer service team that can answer any questions you may have.

    Great Value: While not the cheapest scanner on the market, the DS300 offers exceptional value for its feature set. The 3-year free software updates ensure you'll have access to the latest diagnostic information for years to come.

    Overall, the ANCEL DS300 Bidirectional Scan Tool is a powerful and user-friendly tool that empowers DIY mechanics to diagnose and repair their vehicles with confidence. If you're serious about taking control of your car's maintenance, the DS300 is a worthwhile investment.

    Absoutely Fabulous! Automatically downloaded updates too!

    When you first set this up, it needs to connect to the internet to register it and download general software updates.

    Once that's completed you can connect the remote OBD2 dongle to a vehicle for diagnostics. It does a scan of the information available, including make, modle, VIN, Engine, etc. and then downloads any updates for the vehicle.

    This does lot more than diagnostics including live data display, adjusting parameters, detailed inventory of all the systems in the vehicle.

    It not only checked the normal systems, but systems no other diagnostic system had access to. This isn't a "dealer" diagnostic, but it has all the capabilities of a dealer diagnostic, except for all makes!

    I cannot recommend this tool enough!

    Scott Trindl
    Great performance and full featured OBDII vehicle diagnostic scanner

    I'm certainly no professional mechanic, but having a diagnostic tool like this ANCEL DS300 Bidirectional Scan Tool, goes a long way in helping maintain my vehicle. I have a 2004 Lexus GX 470 that I bought new, so it's approaching twenty years old. This scanner works great with my Lexus.

    I've tried several other scan tools over the last couple years, so I can compare the performance of this one to a couple others. Things I like about it....the dongle that hooks to the obd2 port uses bluetooth to connect with the scan tool. No wires needed. Next is the speed with which this scan tool communicates with the vehicle. This one is faster than the other two. That's a good thing.

    My vehicle is a 2004, so the obd2 port does not have the ability to be scanned for the VIN number. That became standard on the ports in the 2005 model year. I put in my VIN number manually and the scanner then knew all about what model and year my vehicle was. It remembers that the next time I turned it on as well. Another good thing.

    You can check the video and photos I uploaded to see the scanner in action. It offers two way communication with the vehicle. I can choose to do a full diagnostic scan on all the sections of the vehicle at the same time. That completes in less than two minutes and lets you know if there are any fault codes in any section. If you find a fault code, you can have the scanner delete it. It could have been left over from a previous service job where the mechanic fixed the problem but never cleared the code. If you clear it and drive the vehicle and the fault code doesn't return, you're good.

    I have one minor quibble with this scanner, not enough to take away a star though. The dongle that hooks to the obd2 port does not have a place to store it. One of my other scanners has a slot in the scanner body that the dongle snaps into when not in use. It pops right back out when you need it again. That's a nice feature. This one could be misplaced pretty easily.

    All in all it's a very good scanner and is useful for any vehicle owner who is interested in making sure their vehicle is operating correctly. It's worthy of a 5 star rating.

    Amazing equipment that I've needed most of my life.

    This isn't a question of "unbelievably cheap"; it's a matter of having in your hands the piece of equipment you've always dreamed of if you work on cars. I still dreamed of the AMSCO machines until I got this thing. Handheld. Plug in the remote hookup onto the OBD port. Machine and hookup already know how to communicate with no effort on your part. All without wires. Enter wifi info (I used my phone as the hotspot for this portable genius), and this machine automatically updates its databases on maintenance and thousands of different automobiles. It will read your VIN and automatically knows what equipment you have installed. It tells you what updates are available. It tells you what is likely wrong with your vehicle, and "bam!" it googles the problem to produce links to repair advice. I love it, love it, love it. My new best friend! If you're going to continue to work on your own cars, get this machine and feel the power of technology in the best way.

    Glenn King
    Great addition to any garage

    The ANCEL DS300 Bidirectional Scan Tool, Wireless OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool with FCA Autoauth/Active Test/All System Diagnose/28+ Resets/3-Year Update/Online Customer Service/Android 10.0 is a great addition to any garage. This scanner is top of the line for the home garage mechanic and would be a nice portable scan tool for any professional garage. I set it up on my home WiFi and downloaded all the updates before I plugged the Bluetooth dongle into my trucks OBDII port for a test run. I used the automatic protocol and Vin searches to connect to the main ECU, then let the scanner check and verify all the modules (ABS, 4WD, trans, etc.) checking for faults. My truck is in good running condition without any stored faults. This scanner digs deeper than the cheaper handheld units and is a fantastic addition to my toolbox.