AD310 vs. AD410: Which One is Better?

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    Ancel has built a good reputation for producing some of the best and most affordable diagnostic scanner tool. The Ancel AD310 and AD410 are probably the market's most effective and useful low-budget code readers. In fact, the AD310 was the most popular scanner of 2021.

    The AD310 and AD410 are all incredible tools, but you could be wondering which is better. Well, it depends. There are factors to consider before determining which scanner is best for your needs. Here’s everything worth knowing about the two OBD2 scanners.

    Key Similarities Between Ancel AD310 and AD410

    The ancel ad310 and ad410 are easy to use. It wouldn’t require a crash course to learn using one of them. You’ll only have to read the manual when using either of the tools for the first time, and the next time doing it will be effortless. Therefore, you don’t need a mechanical background to use the scanners.

    These reliable and robust scanners feature a compact design with a sizeable screen to view and read everything easily. They are also portable and have cables you can connect to your OBD2 port. They all have a similar basic design that makes them comfortable on your hand, lightweight, and ideal for diagnostics in your garage or on the road.

    Another similarity between the Ancel AD310 and Ancel AD410 is that none comes with a battery. They all rely on your vehicle to power up and pull trouble codes from your ECU. The cable helps them transmit info quicker than Bluetooth scanners. When it comes to functions, they all start with reading and clearing codes. They can also help identify the source of the problem.

    Both scanners will help you look for trouble codes and save money. Your mechanic will charge at least $100 for diagnostics. Each of these scanners goes for less than a hundred bucks. Despite being so affordable, the AD310 and AD410 perform perfectly and can also retrieve the VIN number and turn off the check engine light.

    By now, you could be wondering which cars they work with. All post-1996 cars in the USA, post-2000 EU vehicles, and all Asian cars manufactured after 2005. If your car is in either cluster, you can use an Ancel AD410 or Ancel AD310 to scan it. Other common functionalities the two incredible tools share include reading freeze frame data and data streaming. Now let’s look at the differences.

    The Difference Between Ancel AD310 and Ancel AD410

    As you probably expected, there’s a difference between these two models, making each one unique. The first notable difference is the screen. While the AD310 uses an LCD, the AD410 uses a QVGA display. The latter’s display is full-color, has a better definition, and displays better under direct light, which makes it better than the AD310’s LCD screen.

    When it comes to design, the AD310 has the simpler one than that of the AD410. The former has a fantastic streamlined interface of four buttons under the screen, making navigating simpler and easier. The AD410, on the other hand, is more robust than the AD310 but with a button interface that includes an I/M readiness test hotkey that the AD310 can only wish to have.

    Now let’s go to functionality. The ancel ad410 beats the ancel ad310 when it comes to the number of functions. The ancel ad410 has the DTC lookup and onboard monitoring, and it can also read live data, but the ancel ad310 cannot perform those functions. The ancel ad410 can perform all the functions of the ancel ad310, something worth remembering when making a buying decision.

    The AD310 does not have the built-in DTC lookup like the AD410. Even though both scanners can read and clear codes, including manufacturer’s and generic ones and pending codes, their difference is like day and night. The more advanced AD410 can support the EVAP system monitoring test, which checks issues about fuel efficiency.

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    The AD410 even provides repair suggestions after connecting it to the Ancel database, a function the AD310 cannot do. The AD410 is also faster when it comes to processing the codes and displaying them. Going by the added functions on the AD410, you expect it to be more expensive than the AD310. That’s the last difference between these incredible tools.

    Software Updates

    Users can update their Ancel OBD2 scanners with the latest software from Ancel. Both the AD310 and AD410 get an annual update to enhance their functions and ensure they serve the needs of car owners with the latest car models on the market. Any updates released will be automatically installed on your scanner, regardless of which one you are using. To update your scanner, you must connect it to your computer.

    Obd2 Scanner Bluetooth

    Similarities and Differences Between AD310 and AD410 Summary


    • They are both entry-level scanners, meaning they are affordable and can perform essential functions.
    • They read and clear trouble codes, find the VIN of your vehicle and display freeze frame data.
    • Booth can’t read ABS and SRS codes.
    • They don’t have batteries, and you must connect them to your OBD2 port to power them up.
    • They have a DTC lookup library to help the user under the trouble codes.
    • They all come with lifetime updates you’ll not be asked to pay for.


    • The AD410 has a better, bigger, and clearer screen than the AD310.
    • The AD410 also has an I/M readiness hotkey, which is unavailable on the AD310.
    • The AD410 supports review and print reports and suggests solutions, which the AD310 is incapable of.
    • The AD310 is the simplest to use with a few buttons under the screen than the AD410.

    Final Remarks

    Now that you know the difference between the Ancel AD310 and Ancel AD410, you might be wondering which one to buy. The AD310 remains one of the most popular choices. It's the most affordable, and when it comes to it, cheap isn't expensive. It does its job. However, you can buy the AD410 and get additional features for extra money. Let your budget decide which scanner best suits your needs. You can order from the Ancel website.


    What are the key similarities between the Ancel AD310 and AD410 scanners?

    Both scanners are easy to use, portable, and can read and clear trouble codes.

    What are the main differences between the Ancel AD310 and AD410 scanners?

    The AD410 has a better screen, more functions, and can support the EVAP system monitoring test.

    Can the Ancel AD310 and AD410 scanners receive software updates?

    Yes, both scanners can receive automatic software updates when connected to a computer.

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