How to Update the Ancel X7

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    A code reader can perform a myriad of functions. A bi-directional scanner, however, is on another level. It can do everything a scanner can do and much more. Probably the most popular car diagnostic scanner on the market is the Ancel X7. Despite its excellent capability, it’s pretty affordable and worth every penny.

    However, the X7 gets constant updates that you must install yourself. The software might be outdated occasionally because new cars are released every while and come with more advanced systems. We’ll show you how to update your Ancel X7.

    What You Need

    To update your Ancel X7, you need to have a few things. The scanner is a must. It comes with a USB cable, just like any other scanner. Also, install the PC app AncelAssist. You must have a laptop or desktop and an internet connection.

    However, you are probably aware that the tablet uses Android. Therefore, it can get software updates by itself and install it by itself. It’s actually a more straightforward way to update the software. It comes with Android 10, but it will get Android 12.2 or later upon updating it.

    Steps for Updating

    Step 1: Create an ANCEL ID

    If your Ancel X7 is new and your first Ancel product, you must sign up on the official Ancel website to create your own ID. If you signed up, use the ID in the simple registration process. Check into, and click on Register. You can also sign up on the Ancel app on your X7 tablet.

    After creating an ID, you can sign in on either the website or the app using your Ancel ID and password. After signing on, visit the “Profile Center” and edit your profile. You can change your information and password.

    Step 2: Register with AncelAssist

    AncelAssist is a software that helps to update your tool. Visit  and go to the “Download” page. On that page, find the Ancel X7 and view its profile. Click the application file and install the application and driver to your PC. The application will launch after installation. If it fails, click on the icon on your PC screen.

    Step 3: Register Your Scanner

    You can register your Ancel X7 on, or once you connect it to AncelAssist via the USB, it will get detected automatically. You can find the X7’s serial number on Android's settings. You can also find the scanner's serial number on the package manual in the box or outside the box.

    To register the scanner, click “Support” on the website, type your scanner's serial number in the box, and click “Submit.” You’ll get notified that your Ancel X7 has been registered successfully.

    Step 4: Update the Scanner

    With the tablet connected to your computer, visit the AncelAssist app and click on the check boxes for the software you want to update. Click the “Update” button on the software to initiate the downloads. You’ll be able to check the status of the downloads. Don’t close the application.

    If the updates fail to download, you’ll get notified with “Update Failed,” which will require your attention. Check your network connection. It could be your WiFi. If not, contact the support for assistance.

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    Why You Should Update Your X7 Scanner

    You need to update your code reader for various reasons, but we will mention the main ones. Here’s why you need to update your Ancel X7.

    Something Could be Wrong With Your Scanner

    Before diagnosing your vehicle with the Ancel X7, you need to be sure it will work as required. Otherwise, it might give you the wrong diagnostics. There are two ways to fix the issue if it shows inaccurate readings. You might ask for a swap if it’s new or update the software to remove the possible bugs.

    One way to tell that your X7 is not working correctly is when your mechanic gets different diagnostic codes or the issues it’s pointing out are nonexistent. However, the problem is rare with Ancel products and can easily be fixed through updates.

    You Bought a New Car

    You might need to update your X7 because you are working with multiple cars which are new, meaning they have new systems. European and Asian makes may require an updated scanner because they have more complex systems than the older models.

    Updating your X7 makes it more capable of working with every system of every new car, and also, every update extends the coverage of the scanner. That will also help scan your and your friends’ vehicles if they ask for assistance.

    What to Know About Software Updates

    The obd2 code scanner now gets updates regularly. Some Ancel scanners get lifetime updates. However, for the X7, it only gets 2 years of free updates. That means you get two years of free updates to your X7. Afterwards, you will be charged for updates. However, the X7 will still work fine without the update. However, if the update is a year or so late and you get a new car, it's worth paying a small fee for the update.

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    One update can add over 30,000 new fault codes. It can also add over a thousand new function tests that were not available before. You might think you don’t need an update until a problem requires an updated scan tool. If you resolve all the issues and the CEL remains on, that would mean there’s a trouble code your scanner cannot pull.

    Software updates will be available maybe after three or six months, sometimes after a year. You’ll not get a notification of the updates, and you have to check whether there are any from time to time. The Ancel support team will help you with any issue when updating your Ancel 7.

    Wrapping Up

    X7 is an obd2 scanner with live data. This is used by professionals and they have positive reviews about it. Some DIYers who want to take it a step further prefer the Ancel X7 because it's excellent and has far more features than regular scanners, including bi-directional capabilities. To get this scanner, please view and order online at Ancel website.

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