Ancel X6 Vs. V6: War of the Tablet OBD2 Scanners

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    Ancel has been on the frontline, releasing incredible and affordable obd2 code scanner since the company launched. Nothing seems to stop the brand from trying different designs. Most users are familiar with handheld gadgets, while a good number have experienced the power of running troubleshooting vehicle issues on a tablet.

    The Ancel X6 and the V6 are some of the most popular tablet OBD2 scanners. They use WiFi and Bluetooth technology to connect to a module plugged into your OBD2 port. The reason they have different model numbers is because they are different. What sets them apart? We are about to find out.

    Similarities between the Ancel X6 and the Ancel V6

    I hate to ruin the party by not starting with the differences, but there are a lot of interesting similarities between the two incredible scanners. To begin with, the X6 and the V6 are tablet-style vehicle diagnostic tools with large screens running on Android. One of their outstanding features is the wireless feature that allows connecting with your automobile via Bluetooth. That means there are no pieces of wire lying around, and you can connect from as far as 32 feet away.

    All Ancel scanners can read and clear codes. That includes the X6 and the V6. They both carry the capability to read and clear fault codes. They run complete system diagnosis on a car and can detect any problem your vehicle might have. You can use either to find every error code that triggered the CEL to turn on.

    The X6 and the V6 also diagnose and read error codes related to your Anti Lock Braking System and provide you with the data to pinpoint where the issue could be and help you resolve it. They also run SRS (airbag), transmission, engine, and brake system diagnostics in a snap of a finger.

    The V6 provides live data from multiple sensors displayed in a graph and text form, which the X6 can also do. Live data allows you to access information about your vehicle's inner systems. Issues with the ignition switch, airflow sensor, and fuel trim information are displayed on live data.

    Both scanners also provide broad compatibility. They can all work with vehicles released after 1996. They offer extensive coverage of over 85 different brands. They can scan the vehicle's VIN, and you won't need to manually add that info, saving you time and making the tool more efficient.

    What are the Differences?

    It can be impossible to tell from the website, but when you have them both in your hands, you'll notice that the Ancel X6 has a slightly larger screen than the Ancel V6. The X6 features a 10.1-inch screen, while the V6 has an 8-inch screen. The difference is not significant, and they both have clear displays. Another difference is that the Ancel X6 is a professional scanner designed for a workshop. The V6 is a bidirectional scanner with almost the same capabilities as the Ancel X6.

    One of the features that sets them apart is the key programmer feature. The V6 has this feature that allows the tool to program new vehicle keys, making it convenient for locksmiths and mechanics. The Ancel X6, on the other hand, has a different feature, the anti-theft that resets your key in case your key gets stolen to prevent your car from ending up in the wrong hands.

    When it comes to battery, the X6 features a 6000mAh battery, which is not as massive as the V6's8000mAh. Considering that the V6 has a bigger battery and smaller screen than the X6, you'd expect the X6 to run out of juice sooner than the V6 would. The V6 can perform a battery reset for your car battery and nothing more! The X6, on the other hand, can help you understand the status of your battery and advice you on the right time to replace your battery.

    The Ancel V6 uses the Android 10.0 operating system and comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal space with a powerful quad-core processor. It can outdo basic tablets. The X6, on the other hand, comes with Android 7.0 and is packed with 2 GB RAM and 16GB of internal space. The V6 is better regarding the software and has a bigger space.

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    Software Updates

    Ancel provides software updates for all their scanners. Both the X6 and the V6 receive them for their users. The Ancel X6 provides lifetime updates. The updates include bug fixes for previous issues and new features for the newer car models. The Ancel V6 only gets free updates for two years, which is a shortcoming. To update either tool, download the update from the Ancel website and install it.

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    A Summary of the Similarities and Differences of the Ancel X6 and X6


    • Both are tablet-style OBD2 scanners with large screens capable of reading and clearing DTCs and turning off the CEL.
    • They both can run ABS and SRS scans and advise you on resolving the issues.
    • The X6 and the V6 provide live data graphs to help DIYers and mechanics access critical information about ignition switch, air flow issues, etc.
    • The scanners cover many models and languages and can read a vehicle's VIN.


    • They use different software. The V6 uses Android 10.0, while the X6 uses an older Android version of 7.0.
    • The X6 receives free lifetime updates, while the V6 only gets free updates for the first two years.
    • The Ancel X6 has an anti-theft feature to erase your lost key from the system, while the V6 allows you to program new keys.
    • The X6 has a smaller battery capacity and a larger screen than the V6.

    Final Remarks

    It can be hard to compare the Ancel X6 and the V6 because they share some features, and one has other features that others don't. For that reason, you need to choose carefully. However, the Ancel X6 is much better because of the lifetime free updates, even though it runs on an older version of Android. It was also designed for professionals, meaning it has many more features. However, the V6 is as good, and you can purchase it if it meets your needs. Check them out on the official Ancel website.

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