What is a Bidirectional Scan Tool

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Have you been to a mechanic with your car after the check engine light shows on your dash? You probably saw them insert a cable somewhere in your car, most likely under your steering wheel, while holding a device in their hand. The device was an automotive tool, and what they saw on the screen was information about what was ailing your car.

The tool must have been a bidirectional scan tool that helps diagnose and repair modern vehicles. What’s the purpose of the scanner, and how does it work? You are about to learn everything you need to know about this fantastic tool.

What is a Bidirectional Scanner?

You probably didn’t know that your car runs on a computer. That was one of the most incredible additions to the automotive industry. Your vehicle has an ODB chip, which, if used with ODB scanners, can detect all the issues in your car.
The onboard computer helps with many different functions. It is equipped with sensors that monitor your engine status and communicates with various sensors to keep your car in check and indicate on your dash when something is not right.
A bidirectional scanner is a handheld device. It can be as small as a phone or as large as a tablet. The Ancel V6 pro is a tablet-like bidirectional scanner that you use to check your car with a few taps on the screen.

It’s one of the few touchscreen scanners you can ever find in the market. Most come with cables connected to the ODB port under the steering wheel. The V6 has a module that you connect to the ODB port then you can run diagnostics not more than 10 meters from the car.

What Makes a Bidirectional Scanner Unique?

There are many scanners in the market, but the bidirectional version is new. The Ancel V6 was launched in the summer of 2022, and you could be wondering what it can do other scanners can’t. Well, the scanner has exceptional capabilities. The most noticeable function is that it can take information, just like other scanners, and input it as well, which other scanners can’t!
In other words, the scanner can give commands to the vehicle that it should follow. Why is it necessary when the car has a technical issue? Instead of going under the vehicle or asking someone else to check the car, you can fully command the same through the scanner. The bidirectional creates an interaction between your vehicle and the mechanic.

What’s the Purpose of the Bidirectional Scan Tool?

As mentioned, the bidirectional scanner has the upper hand over the standard one in terms of capability. It doesn’t only read the ODB inputs but also outputs into the ODB. Some of the modules the tool can diagnose are:

  • Engine function
  • Brakes and ABS
  • Door lock system
  • Transmission function
  • Battery health
  • Oxygen, air pressure, and temperature sensors

The Ancel V6 is a new bidirectional scan tool with features you won’t find in older models. While most of them can present you with error codes or indicate no problems, the V6 will do all that and notify you that some modules will fail soon and require replacement. With such a powerful tool in your hands, you can be sure your car will get the best care because you’ll be able to resolve the issues much faster.

However, if you have a good hand with your car's functions and rarely go to the mech because you can replace some worn-out parts on your own, then you’ll want to get a bidirectional scan. Before you get all oily and dusty, you could use the tool to find out why the engine won’t start by running the bidirectional scan tool.

Is it Worth Buying?

You are probably don’t see why you would need a bidirectional scanner that will cost you ten times what you would pay for a standard scanner. Your budget will determine a lot of whether you need the tool. If it’s within your budget, think about what it can do and invest in one.

If you run an auto repair shop or dealership, a bidirectional scanner is a worthy investment, especially if you work alone. As technology advances, scanners are becoming more available, and almost every repair shop has one.

The V6 bidirectional scanner has excellent features, such as charts and colorful displays, and are easy to view. You can also connect the Ancel V6 to your laptop and download some diagnostics conveniently. Considering the convenience and added functions, buying a bidirectional scanner will save you a lot of headaches.

Why Do We Recommend the Ancel V6?

There are two Ancel V6 types. The Ancel V6 Pro, which you must connect to your car ODB port via a cable, and the Ancel V6 Plus, which has a Bluetooth module. The latter allows you to work on your car wirelessly, and you can scan your vehicle from as far as 10 meters. It’s a favorite among DIYers and car mechanics.

Ancel has many scanners with the V6 topping their line of products. It’s one of the most talked about scanners despite being availed less than a year ago. While most bidirectional scanners look like standard scanners, the V6 is a tablet running Android 10. Sliding your fingers on the screen will take you through the scanning app and diagnose all the systems in your car.

The 8-inch tablet supports all the essential Android apps like a calculator, calendar, clock, photo, gallery, browser, and social media apps. The TeamViewer Quick Support is one of th most essential apps, allowing you to access Ancel support. The Ancel support will help resolve your issues remotely.
As you can see, the Ancel V6 is more advanced since it can access the internet. However, the TeamViewer and Ancel apps come pre-installed. The device does not have Google Playstore, but as a professional tool, you don’t expect it to come with PUBG. It does screenshots too, and you can share them with another device.

The Ancel V6 is a fantastic car reader, hands down. A fully charged battery will serve you the whole day. Alongside the HD tablet, you get a Bluetooth VCI dongle. Regarding signal changes, the V6 displays the data relatively quickly. The gadget makes everything super easy, and your workshop is incomplete without it.

Final Remarks

A bidirectional scan tool will come in handy in your diagnostics. If you can afford it, it’s advisable to go for it. The Ancel V6 is the one my mechanic uses, and he says that it has simplified things and he got more customers through referrals. You will never get disappointed by the V6.

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