Autopar - Curitiba Brazil 2024

Autopar - Curitiba Brazil 2024

Autopar officially kicked off on May 8, 2024, in Curitiba, Brazil. One of the standout brands at the exhibition, ANCEL, made its debut in Brazil, showcasing a variety of products and equipment. The aim was to engage with customers and foster future business partnerships.

ANCEL At Autopar Curitiba 2024

All automotive professionals are attending this exhibition. with its products being the main attraction, The ANCEL booth drew significant attention from visitors and dealers. Those visitors couldn’t help but admire what they saw.

ANCEL At Autopar Curitiba 2024

Customers were fascinated by the design of ANCEL's products and took the time to listen to staff's explanations. There was a keen interest in the features and performance of the Ancle's products. The ANCEL team engaged in conversations with customers. Discussions on potential collaborations were lively and filled with laughter. This year most visitorscame from various countries across North and South America.

ANCEL At Autopar Curitiba 2024

ANCEL is dedicated to supporting the automotive aftermarket sector by offering top-notch products and innovative concepts. We aim to play a significant role in shaping the future of the automotive aftermarket industry.

Each customer inquiry at our booth validates our achievements and fuels our motivation. Our commitment remains steadfast as we strive to advance and enhance the industry's growth and progress.