Ancel BM700: OBD2 Scanner for BMW, Rolls-Royce, Mini

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    Ancel has dozens of code readers that you can use on all car models but if you are looking for bmw obd scanner for all bmw cars Ancel BM700 is the best bmw scanner tool. How does the BM700 differ from many other scanners on the market?

    The Ancel BM700 is a stylish and sleek scanner that settles comfortably on the hand. It features an attractive blue finish and works quite fast on displaying the readings. The BM700 is indeed a worthy partner. Let’s find out how in this review.

    Out of the Box

    It’s such a good feeling when you finally receive your package. After you get your Ancel BM700 for our BMW, you’ll be anxious about what is inside the box. Inside the box, you’ll find the device with an attached cable and a USB cable. The scanner has a 2.8” TFT true color LCD screen which displays the codes and readings well even under direct light.

    It also has a silicone keypad with various keys, including the four navigation keys, up, down, right, and left. Other buttons include the “OK,” “ESC,” dedicated “I/M” button, and a dedicated “READ DTC” button. The menu layout is straightforward to understand. It also features a drop-proof case to protect the tool from shock if it hits the floor.

    The scanner is small, and you can place it under the steering wheel when looking at your vehicle’s computer. Most Ancel scanners have orange as their primary color, but the BM700 has a colorful blue face, making it stand out. However, it’s not just the good looks that make the bmw scanner tool terrific. The fast scanning speeds, and ease of use, make it quite an impressive tool.


    Among the privileges of owning the Ancel BM700 is the extended functionality. You can connect the scanner to the PC via the USB cable and use it for further diagnostic tests. You can still use the standard buttons of the BM700 to control the scanner while still connected to the PC. Here are the controls available:

    • Engine starting brakes
    • Battery status
    • The audio system
    • Power train manual transmission
    • Power supply

    One of the controls, the battery status control, helps determine whether the battery is charging, fully charged, or discharged. This enables you to know whether you have the power to start the engine and drive to the mechanic. The same function tells you if your engine is on or on. If on, that signals you can start the car.

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    What about the Functionality?

    The Ancel BM700 comes with an SD card to save info for future reference. The scanner scans your car’s computer through three parameters: temperature, voltage, and current. The tool boasts over ten diagnostic scanning types, which you can save on your SD card and use later for troubleshooting.

    The LCD screen can show the results of the testing in real-time. The scanner can scan the codes and display them right there, depending on the model of your vehicle. It also supports many functions. Some can be used on other car models despite the tool being for the BMW group of cars.

    What Makes it Stand Out?

    The Ancel BM700 may look like any other scanner to the naked eye, but what makes it unique and convenient to buy? Let’s find out.

    Wide Coverage

    When you hear the term “wide coverage,” you expect the scanner to cover many European, Asian, and American vehicle models. For the Ancel BM700, it’s BMW-specific. It covers all the BMW Group cars, which can be in their hundreds. All the BMWs, Rolls Royce, and MINI manufactured after 2000 are covered. Also, all non-electric light trucks using BMW engines and systems are covered.

    It can Read and Clear Fault Codes

    Every scanner can read codes as its base function, but not all can clear fault codes. The Ancel BM500 is one of the few scanners that can do both. It can pull codes from your vehicle’s systems, such as headlights, transmission, HVAC, or audio systems. Once you record the trouble codes, you can use the same scanner to clear them. The scanner also has a bi-directional feature which allows the mechanic to turn some aspects of the ABS/SRS system on and off.

    Other Functions

    The BM700 can read codes for all OBD2 cars, including those in the BMW group. All other functions are classified and specified for BMW, Rolls Royce, and MINI cars. The scanner can perform an oil service reset, a CBS reset, and CBS correct on the spark plugs, engine oil, coolant, all brakes, brake fluid, and more.

    It also performs battery management, resets the EPB Electronic parking brake, and performs special functions of the ABS, ASC, and DSC, like adjusting the steering angle sensor and bleeding routine. It also conducts a fuel pump reset, airbag ECU reset, and more.

    Bmw Diagnostic Scanner

    Software Updates

    The BM700 scanner is ready to use immediately, but you might want to check for updates and download them. The updates are free for life, and you can get them from the Ancel website. They are rolled out after every six months or a year. You must have a PC and the cable with the code reader to get the updates. Also, you must have a stable internet connection to sign up on the official Ancel website and download all the updates before installing them.


    No warranty comes with the scanner. However, you can file a complaint and return the device to the seller if it fails to work after unboxing. However, the lifetime software upgrades and client assistance are the packs you get after buying the BM700. You also get a printed user guide in the box.


    The Ancel BM700 is the man-toy to have if you drive a sleek BMW, Rolls Royce, or a Mini. Other Ancel scanners are compatible with the BMW group, but the BM700 is more specific to the model with tailored functions. If you want to buy a code reader for your car and it belongs to the BMW group, the BM700 is your best bet. Order one online!

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