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    You are most likely looking for a versatile, all-rounded scanner for car codes to assist with your code reading. One of the best options is the Ancel AD310. The AD310 is one of the highest-rated scanners on the market, thanks to Ancel, one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

    The AD310 will take away your worries by letting you know the reason behind the check engine light. You can then book an appointment with your mechanic to fix the issues in your car. In this article, we’ll discover why the AD310 is an incredible tool for your DIY.

    The First Look

    You’ll be impressed when you get that Ancel AD310 out of the box. It looks like a work of art, pretty and comfortable on the hand, and you are just minutes away from a mind-blowing experience of what it can do. It feels lightweight, and boy, it’s affordable, but it doesn’t mean it’s useless. Facing is a clear LCD screen, and below it, a few rubber buttons.

    Moreover, Ancel is aware of the working surroundings and conditions the AD310 is likely to be subjected to. The garage is not an amusement park, so the tool must be tough. The body shape of the scanner is curved to prevent slippage from your hand. In case it fell from your hand, nothing would happen to it. The cables are thick insulated, sturdy and feel durable.

    What are the Capabilities of the AD310?

    Now here’s the other fun part. What other reason would make you buy the AD310? You need to know what it can do. The OBD2 code reader features excellent coverage for data codes and car scanning support. The lightweight tool is perfectly convenient and boasts impressive vehicle coverage. It allows you to diagnose engine problems, and even your mechanic will tell you it’s quite a remarkable tool.

    With the AD310 in your hand, you can also check vehicle information like the VIN and model details. That means you won’t need to enter the info manually, thus saving you time. The beginner-friendly tool lets you quickly access the live data stream, retrieve generic codes, check freeze frame data, and several more features. Moreover, it won’t require a battery. It uses your vehicle’s power through the data link connector.

    Talking of the cable you’ll use to connect to the OBD2 port, it’s long enough to offer you the comfort of flexibility. When it comes to compliance, the scanner is the star. All American, Asian, and European makes and models manufactured after 1996 are compatible with the tool. With a simple-to-use interface, the AD310 will help you resolve the CEL effortlessly. Imagine driving your car without knowing what might have gone wrong and turning on the CEL. Once you get the AD310, you will not only understand the problem but also the seriousness of it.

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    The Functions of the AD310

    Being a code reader, the AD310 can perform many functions.

    • Diagnose system issues by reading the DTCs.
    • Collect your vehicle’s info.
    • Can conduct I/M readiness test.
    • View freeze frame data.
    • Read and display real-time data stream.
    • Perform emissions tests.
    • Perform a variety of test modes and display them on the screen.

    It offers non-complicated diagnostic functions, all in a single compact device that you won’t need to link to your phone.

    Is it Worth it or Not?

    The AD310 is incredibly affordable. A mechanic would likely charge you around $100 for a professional code reading session. The AD310, on the other hand, goes for $40. It can do the basic things, most of what professional scanners do. If you are looking for a scanner that can read and view codes, then the Ancel AD310 is the perfect tool. Besides, it also offers live data, vehicle data, EVAP leak testing, and many more. You wouldn’t be surprised to find your mechanic using the same tool in your car because of its impressive and wide range of functions.

    Obviously, there are other affordable scanners on the market, but they don't have most of the features of the AD310. The scanner works impressively, there's no chance of disappointing you, there's no extra cost, and once you hit the $40, that's the last thing you'll spend on the scanner. Scanner updates are free for life, and you don't have to pay for a subscription like other scanners. With a versatile scope of functions at an affordable rate, the Ancel AD310 is quite the deal for every car owner.

    The Advantages of the AD310

    • Has Fewer Buttons: There are only four buttons, up, down, enter, and exit. The up and down buttons are for scrolling the menu. The Enter and Exit buttons help navigate in and out of the menu. The fewer buttons make it easier to run diagnostics.
    • Broader Language Support: The tool supports major languages, including German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Russian, French, and Portuguese.
    • Extra Features: The scanner does not have a dedicated I/M readiness button but has the function. You can find it by browsing the menu.
    • The AD310 is lightweight because it doesn’t have a battery. The lightness makes it portable.
    • Tough Quality: The scanner is tough, and the cable is strong and flexible. It can hardly damage due to the conditions subjected to it.
    Car Scan Code Reader

    Why You Should Buy the Ancel AD310

    All scanners have their capabilities. If you are a DIYer looking for an impressive scanner, the AD310 will blow your mind away. It all trickles down to performance. When choosing a scanner, you consider what it can do for you. You can compare all scanners not exceeding your budget and choose the one with the most capabilities.

    If you compare them all with the Ancel AD310, the latter will be the best tool under $40. Other scanners within that budget have limited functions, and some require paid subscriptions to function. You should buy the Ancel AD310 if you want a scanner that will not blow off your bank account but will help maintain your car.

    Final Remarks

    Your car is one of your valuable assets, and you also need another valuable asset, which is the OBD2 code reader. The Ancel AD310 is definitely the right one for you. What’s more, you can have the scanner delivered to your doorstep. Order one from the Ancel website right away.

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